10 Most Beautiful and Rarest Flowers That Bloom At Night


Beautiful and Rarest Flowers Top 10 Most Beautiful and Rarest Flowers That Bloom At Night in our list is Brahma Kamal. Flowers are a most beautiful thing in this world, and everyone loves the flowers and their scents. They used for decorative purposes, for weddings and many other events. You can say no event is complete without flowers. A lot of flowers found in the world with sweet fragrance but today we tell you the rarest and beautiful flowers which bloom only at night.

These night flowers found only in some areas of the world and have particular importance because of their medicinal purposes. Many people always in search of these flowers and collect them immediately when they bloom. When these flowers bloom in the presence of moonlight with a cool breeze and spread sweet fragrance ,this scene is most beautiful in the world.

Here is a list of Top 10 Most Beautiful and Rarest Flowers That Bloom At Night in the world.

10. Night Blooming Water Lilies

Family – Nymphaeaceae
Habitat – Tropical Climate

night-blooming-water-lillesThese night water lilies are also called the Ponds plants. You can frequently found these water lilies in ponds. It blossoms in evening twilight with Pink, purple or deep crimson red color. Flowers grow freely and about 7-10 inch in diameter, and each flower has 20 petals. When they flat on the water, they look very mysterious. Tropical lilies are more intense than hardy lilies. Red color flowers have the pungent smell and can produce seven blooms at a time. They bloom in early May and ends in October.

9. Night Scented Orchid

Botanical Name – Epidendrum nocturnum
Family – Orchidaceae
Habitat – South Florida

night-scented-orchidThis beautiful flower scented at night on the tree and in swamps in the countries of South Florida. It blooms from summer to fall, and best grows in warm to cool regions. Only 2 or 3 flowers are produced on a single plant and have long broad sepals and petals. It releases adamant smell and commonly known as Night scented Epidendrum. The plant of these flowers is listed as endangered due to the destruction of habitat and over collecting.

8. Night Blooming Jasmine

Botanical Name – Cestrum nocturnum
Family – Solanaceae
Habitat – West Indies and South Asia

night-blooming-jasmineMost people familiar with this flower because it is very typical night flowers found in many houses. It is a woody evergreen shrub and also called night blooming Cestrum. The plant reaches up to 6-13 feet height and grows best in the moist sandy soil. Mostly it blooms in warmer months and produces little green tubular shape white flowers which open only at night. Their smell spreads miles away. But its flowers and berries have some toxic elements so children should keep away from them.

7. Night Gladiolus

Botanical name – Gladiolus tristis
Family – Iridaceae
Habitat – South Africa, Asia, Tropical Africa, Europe

night-gladiolusIt is a combination of two names Night and Gladiolus. Gladiolus is Latin word means sword. This name was given to this flower due to its poisonous parts which cause severe skin irritation and allergic reactions. It can also fund near the sea and high elevations and about 36-48 inches in height. A creamy yellow color flower with fresh fragrance bloom in mid summer and late spring. Bees, Insects, and butterflies attract towards night gladiolus.

6. Nottingham Catchfly

Botanical Name – Silene nutans
Family – Caryophyllaceae
Habitat – Southern Finland

nottingham-catchflyThe first time it is found on Nottingham-place in England, and this name was given to it after the name of the place. In America, it is known as Eurasian Catchfly. Mainly it is found on rocky ridges and rocky banks in South Finland. A white wildflower with hairy leaves and pink tint bloom at night in months of July and June. The heavy fragrance of the flowers fills the evening air. Each flower produces five yellowish or white petals. Night flying insects and moths pollinate on these flowers and this bloom three consecutive nights. In the 19th century, these were destroyed during renovation works of the castle.

5. Four O’ Clocks

Botanical Name – Mirabilis jalapa
Family – Nyctaginaceae
Habitat – South America

four-o-clocksThis beautiful night flower requires the intense sun exposure to bloom, so it blooms at 4 pm and this name given to it. It is a most pleasant-smelling flower in the world and has a broad range of color from red, blue, pink, yellow and white. A lemony spice fragrance spread late afternoon and close in the morning. You can collect these flowers from tropical South America, and these grew best in warm regions.

4. Moon Flower

Botanical name – Vine Ipomoea alba
Family – Convolvulaceae
Habitat – Florida, North Argentina to Mexico

SONY DSCAs their name indicate these flowers, only bloom in the moonlight. These beautiful pink or white moonflowers open at dusk and close up early morning. The plant is 15 feet long and look like the moon when fully open and has diameter 2-43 inches. These are also called tropical white morning glory. If you want to grow these flowers, its seeds should plant when the moon is new or increasing, and they grow in warmer regions. Their smell produces overnight and keeps you fresh. Mostly they bloom in spring and summer.

3. Evening Primrose

Botanical Name – Oenothera biennis
Family – Onagraceae
Habitat – North America, New Zealand, Asia, Australia and Europe

evening-primroseEvening Primrose is 3 to 5 feet tall bright yellow, white of pink sweet smelling flower which blooms only at night. Its flowers are 0.78-2 inches. Your garden is full of this yellow flower smell in the evening. The seeds seeds oil, leaves, and roots used for medicinal purposes. It is also called Sundrops or Sunups. This sweet smelling night flower attracts the Hummingbirds, and Nocturnal Sphinx moth pollinate on these plants. If you want to grow this plant, should keep under control because it spreads at an alarming rate and takes over the entire area. It blossoms in July and August.

2. Night Blooming Cereus Flowers

Botanical Name – Selenicereus grandiflorus
Family – Cactaceae
Habitat – Mexico and South Arizona

night-blooming-cereus-flowerThis name was given to a large number of flowers Ceroid cacti that blooms at night. It is also called the Queen of the evening. It is a strange night plant which produces flowers only a single day in a year. These flowers spread fragrance all the night and close forever in the morning. Mostly they bloom in July and June. A White creamy color flower reaches 6 inches in diameter. Other types of the flower are peniocereus greggii, echinopsis pachanoi and hydro cereus undatus. Amazing this is that this one night blooming flower pollinates by Nectar-feeding bats and Sphinx moths. Other names of cacti that grown in that area are Dama de Noche, Christ in the Manger princess of the night.

1. Brahma Kamal

Botanical Name – Saussurea obvallata
Family – Asteraceae
Habitat – China, India, and Burma

barhma-kamalOne of the most beautiful nights blooming flowers is Brahma Kamal . This name is given to the plant after Hindu God Brahma. It is the rarest flower you can see only once in a year at night time. Mostly it grows in cold areas and mountains. The purple head of the flower enclosed in a boat shaped greenish yellow cover. It is useful for many medicinal purposes and collected immediately when it blooms only for a single day.

List of 10 Most Beautiful and Rarest Flowers That Bloom At Night

Sr. no Beautiful and Rarest Flowers Habitat
1 Brahma Kamal China, India, Burma
2 Night Blooming Cereus Mexico and South Arizona
3 Evening primrose North America , New Zealand, Asia , Australia and Europe
4 Moon Flower Florida, Argentina
5 Four O’ Clocks South America
6 Nottingham Catchfly Southern Finland
7 Night Gladiolus South Africa, Asia, Tropical Africa, Europe
8 Night Blooming Jasmine West Indies and South Asia
9 Night Scented Orchid South Florida
10 Night Blooming Water Lilies Temperate and tropical Climate areas


We conclude from this article if your garden has one of these nights blooming flower, It will make your night charming and beautiful. But special conditions are required to grow these flowers. If you want to see, these night blooming flowers you should note their blooming time because some of them only bloom for a single day in the whole year at night. I hope you enjoy this article.