10 Countries With Most Beautiful Women Armed Forces


Most Beautiful Women Armed Forces Nowadays women are working equally to men in every field. Women are active and more conscious about their future. So female also takes part in Military and play the vital role as commandos, fighters, and soldiers. The history of women in Military extends over 400 years ago. Women have performed in World War I and II. Israel, Russia, and the United States pay particular importance to women in this field, and they actively participate in different combat operations. Romania female Armed Forces are the number one in most beautiful female armed forces in the world.

Here I will enlist 10 Countries With Most Beautiful Women Armed Forces and according to my point of view these women are not only beautiful but they are talented and can win any battle for their country.

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10. American Women Armed Force

american-women-armedAmerica is one of most developed country in the world. America has one of strongest army in the world as well as one of most beautiful female armed forces. In revolutionary war, the women in the USA of the American Armed forces but before 1948 the women was playing the role of nursing care, send soldiers clothing and help the men soldiers. In 2012, up to 14%, Women was part of the U.S. military. But now  165,000 women are included in the list and active in the armed forces with over 35,000 women serving as officers.

9. Czech Republic Army of Women

תרגיל גדודי קרקלCzech Republic Army is one of the most attractive female armed forces. In the past, the government of Czech banned women in the military and after world war II. After that, they got permission from military service. During the World War II, Czech women have fought as medical personnel, phone operators, and anti-aircraft gun crews. They worked with the British Women air force and in the Middle East.

8. Polish Women Army

polish-women-armyPoland also have some most beautiful Women in their Armed Forces. At this time almost 2500 women are performing their duties in Polish Armed Forces. The Poland Government gives same rights to women as men for serving Polish Army, Special Forces, and Navy, and Air Force. According to a law of 2004, Nursing and Veterinary are made compulsory for service registration. According to 2007 survey, 800 women are working in the Polish army of which 471 are officers, 308 are non-commissioned officers, and 21 belong to other ranks. These female are looking good in the battlefield as well as in normal life.

7. British Women Army

היום הסתיים קורס סמלים בכירים שהתקיים בבית הספר למכים וחיר של זרוע היבשה בצהל בקורס נכחו לראשונה מספר שיא של ארבע בנות שסיימו את הקורס יחדיו לראשונה ארבע הבנות יחזרו לשרת כמפקדות בכירות בפלוגות השונות בגדוד הקרקל ובחיל ההנדסה הקרביתBritish women are beautiful and bold as well as British female armed forces are one of the most attractive armed force in the world. These girls have been taking part since the 1990s. However, they always remain excluded from the combat units of Army, Royal Air Force Regiment, and Royal Marines. But now Government are thinking about it and maybe gave a role to women in the fighting operations.

6. Pakistan Women Army

pakistan-women-armyIn the list of Most attractive female armed forces, Pakistani female soldiers are at the 6th position. Pakistan is an only Islamic country where women are performing their military duties as well as Combat operations. After the establishment since 1947, women of Pakistan actively take part in Armed Forces. Currently, a significant number of women are paying services in Pakistan army. First time in 2006 a fighter pilots batch of women took part in the combat high mission command that related to PAF. They participate in combat missions, in sniper, airborne and infantry warfare. Only Pakistan Navy is not allowed to women involved in the combat mission.

5. Israel Women Army

12/12/06 בשבוע שעבר התקיים שבוע השדאות של קורס מדריכות חי"ר בביה"ס למ"כים וחי"ר. הבנות עברו תכנים של הישרדות, ישנו והתאמנו בשטח והתקרבו צעד נוסף לסיום הקורס היוקרתי. צילום:אביר סולטן, דובר צה"לIsrael is the only nation in the world where women are conscripted and assigned major operations in Armed forces. And these take them directly in the enemy fire line. About 31 % women are working in Israel Armed Forces, and they are brave as well as beautiful. The ratio of Israeli women Armed Forces is greater than the UK. So Israel has one of most entrancing armed forces in the world

4. Greek Women Military

greek-women-militaryGreek armed forces are also famous as Hellenic Armed Forces. Greece military has one of the most beautiful female militaries in the world. These women are well known for their divine beauty as well as literature. Recently Greece launched universal compulsory military service for males which above 18 years of age for nine months. Greece has a certain number of female armed forces in a military, and a government is not allowed them to nurse and communications, and combat operations. Women can serve in Greece military only on a voluntary basis.

3. Australian Women Military

Corporal Sarah Longshaw from Ballina checks the health of her colleague, Corporal Gina Bond who is also from Ballina. Both girls are part of the support staff for the Iraq army training team.The Female Australian Armed forces have been working in Australian Amy since 1899. But they were not allowed to participate in the Australian Army Nursing Service . in the year of 1941-1942, their role was expanded by the Australian defense ministry and established the female Royal Australian Navy, the royal Australian Air Force and in Australian Army. In the 970s and early 1980s women were separated into the services but now more opportunities are provided in which combat roles also included. Their different complexion made them different from others by the look.

2. Russian Women Army

russian-women-armyRussia is very famous due to its beauty all over the world, and this is very famous opinion that Russia has most beautiful and well-groomed girls with mysterious soul. Russian Female Armed Force played the huge role in the military history of the world. In the Great Patriotic Wars, they performed very well. Actually after defeat in the First World War in which millions of Russian soldiers killed the Alexander Kerensky ordered that Women Russian armed force created. So in 1917 women Military Battalion was founded.

Russia is also one of the countries which have strongest and largest military services. The Russian Female Armed force took part in World War II. The most interesting thing is that Russian Army works the Miss Russian Army beauty contests for a gorgeous women soldiers.

1. Romanian Women Army

romanian-women-armyRomanian female armed force is the most attractive and beautiful female armed forces in the world. These female are not only good looking, but they are also very hard working as well. They played a vital role during world War II in the Royal Romanian Air Force. These beautiful female officers are operating in Naval, Air, and Land Force of Romanian army. Romanian army has not an ability to boost the firepower of a furious power of the world, but they accept one abstruse weapon that called Apple beater the racist women.

List of Countries With Most Beautiful Women Armed Forces

Sr.No Beautiful Women Armed Forces
1 Romanian Army
2 Russian Army
3 Australian Military
4 Greek Military
5 Israel Army
6 Pakistan Army
7 British Army
8 Polish Army
9 Czech Republic Army
10 American Army


We conclude from this article female armed forces are working hard in all over the world. In history, a female has no rights in the military but now they take part in combat operations and wars.