Top 10 Best Bicycle Brands in the World


In best bicycle brands Giant Bicycle is at Number one. The bicycle is most widely used vehicle in the world because it is easy to handle and cheap as well. It is also used for exercise and keep individuals healthy. Everyone loves to ride on the bike except in Pakistan. It also reduces the environmental pollution where it replaces the place of automobiles. Nowadays many bicycle brands are available. Every bicycle brand has different designs and features. Bicycle companies introduced stylish bikes of various categories like mountain bikes, road bikes for young generation. Bicycles are available at different prices in the world, but it is an affordable ride for all classes.

10 Best Bicycle Brands That Can Run on Mountains

Today we will discuss Top 10 best bicycle brands in the world That can also run or climb on mountains. These are different in prices only due to brand name and design of bicycles otherwise every new bicycle has many new features. For More information you can also take a look on other famous brands of the year.

10. Kona Bicycle

10 Kona Bicycle Kona is North America based brand started in 1988. Dan Gerhard and Jacob started this famous bicycle brand. The first bicycle made by Kona is a complete range of Tube design mountain bikes. This brand introduced the latest range of bikes for girls with attractive colors and designs.This company has their offices nationwide especially in Washington, Geneva, and Vancouver.These bikes are famous for dealing extreme downhill terrain.

9. Merida Bicycle

9 Merida BicycleMerida is a Taiwan-based company; it is an industry which is called Media Industry Co. Merida is well-known for designing, making and selling expensive and stylish bikes.This brand started by a person Ike Tseng in 1972 who is an engineer and died in 2012 worked brilliantly in making mountain bikes in different varieties and colors.This company gets highest sale year by year since 1972. This global brand makes 2.2 million bikes every year. Bicycles of Merida brand available in 77 countries.

8. Scott Bicycle

8 Scott BicycleScott is a highly desirable brand in the world and famous for its sports bicycles. It is a Swiss company which is known for making different kinds of bikes, winter equipment, sports products and motorsports. This company was founded by Ed Scott in 1958 in Sun Valley. Bikes of Scott is reliable and different in their style. Scott makes Ski pole with Aluminum, which is a significant achievement for the company.

7. Specialized Bicycle

7 Specialized BicycleIt is called a brand of innovative ideas. Founder of specializes is Mike Sinyard. The official name of this brand is Specialized Bicycle Component, and it started its work in 1974. World best and famous bicycle brand are only making bicycles and products related to them, and they are successful in this thing. They also supply their products nationwide. It is the affordable brand for all people in the world. Specialized uses the technology FACT carbon to alloy technology which makes the ride better and makes them a trusted brand.

6. Cannondale Bicycle

6 Cannondale BicycleIt is Canada-based bicycle company started its journey in 1971 but unveiled its first touring bike in 1983. First, it initiated its work with cycle apparel and accessories and later presented outstanding bikes for riders. They brought a new era in bicycle world by their Aluminum frames cycles and continuously gained fame. New brands of this company coming in carbon fiber. It produces super efficient bikes, and the best the thing is that gear shifting in Cannondale is effortless which gives you a relax ride. Headquarter is in the USA, and it is manufacturing bicycles in Taiwan for their Asian market.

5. Trek Bicycle

5 Trek BicycleTrek Bicycle a leading bicycle brand in the world founded in 1976 by John Burke.It is more trusted brand in making highly rated mountain and hybrid bikes.Main Headquarter of this bike company is in Wisconsin.They distribute bicycles worldwide and have 1700 dealers across North America. They sell their bikes under different names like Electra Bicycle, Diamant Bicycle ,Gary Fisher. Amazing thing about Trek bike is that it is very durable and bear the weight of 300LBS easily. This bike company offer the solution of complicated problems for riders like urban congestion, climate changes and fitness issues.

4. Santa Cruz Bicycle

4 Santa Cruz BicycleWhen you want to buy high-class bicycle brand, Santa Cruz is the option for you. It is California-based bicycle company founded by Rob Roskopp and Rich Novak in 1993.Santa Cruz is the brand of manufacture High End Mountain bikes. They launched their first bike in 1994 with full suspension and 3-inch travel single pivot design. People like this brand due to their affordable prices and good performance s.It has good pedaling system which is less tiring in the mountain area.

3. Marin Bicycle

3 Marin BicycleIt is California based bicycle company which was founded by Bob Buckley.They were manufacturing and selling bikes since 1986.It is the best bike brand of the USA and most famous in the world. Marine bikes are available in many colors along with different accessories and products. Some bikes named on the name of the different location that is Marin County. They particularly manufacture mountains bikes, however also made other types too. Some bicycles of this brand is very expensive in the world.

2. GT Bicycle

2 GT BicycleIt is the most popular American brand founded in 1979 in Santa Ana , California by Gary Turner and Richard Long.GT bicycle brand sponsors many teams that making it a global brand. It is well known bike brands because of its expensive and high class BMX, mountain and road bikes. GT bicycles are available in many colors and bike looks very attractive and stylish. Actually this company was established by partition of the Dorel industries which is a company of Canada. Its “Triple Triangle” brand is very famous which took this brand to very high level. When you ride on this bicycle you feel you are flying due to its super smooth suspensions in the back and front.

1. Giant Bicycle

Best Bicycle BrandsGiant Manufacturer is a Taiwan-based bicycle company started started by King Liu in 1972. Bicycles of Giant company is the most demanded and most used in all over the world. Giant is also giant in their name, they have more than 12,000 retail shops in more than 50 countries and also manufacture in China and Netherlands.

It is supposed to be the best and top bicycle brand . They have bicycles off all ranges from mountains bike to kids.Giant bicycles are brilliant in design and features and have the ability to win championship. In 2012, they got a revenue of Billion dollar per year. Mostly they manufacture Mountain and hybrid bikes at reasonable prices. It is a brand for world champions.

List of Top Ten Best Bicycle Brands at a Glance


Best Bicycle Brands

1. Giant Bicycle Taiwan
2. GT Bicycle America
3. Marin Bicycle California
4. Santa Cruz Bicycle California
5. Trek Bicycle North America
6. Cannondale Bicycle Canada
7. Specialized Bicycle United States
8. Scott Bicycle Switzerland
9. Merida Bicycle Taiwan
10. Kona Bicycle North America


For riding, fun or transportation bicycle is the economic vehicle in the world. These bicycle brands kept attraction for sports and mountain riders. These bicycles have different designs and style, and you can choose according to their requirement. However, everyone in this world can enjoy the ride on the bike because companies make bicycles at various prices and for all classes.