Top 10 Famous Best Cricket Bat Brands


bat brand This article is very attractive to all people as Cricket is a famous game in the world. This game is liked and watched by every age of individuals. The audience is crazy for their team’s success; even it is seen that it is a matter of their death and life. Especially young generation have kept much passion for cricket. In the professional game, many things are counted in a player success as in cricket Ball and bat is the key component. Along with fitness and regular practice, basic things also effect on player performance. Today we will discuss cricket bats; good batsman rises their bats to show their success to the world. Many cricket bat brands are in the world, but they all are not made the finest quality material. Only a few of them who know the importance of cricket bats for the player. They designed bats according to their demands which give more strength to them for well played. Here is a list of top 10 most famous best bat brands in the world 2016. Also check out other brands list that are popular in all over the world.

10. Spartan CG Authority

Cricket Bat BrandsSpartan GC is at No.10 on this list. Bats of this company are used in the whole world due to their best quality.These bats are made in an excellent manner according to demands of modern cricket and for big shots as well. Spartan GC also faces fastballs very well. Rubber handle enhanced grip on the bat. The face of the bat is the curve, and its edges are thick which increase its strength.


Made of: Super Grade I English willow
Profile: Mid-profile with a full spine and side profiling for destructive precision. Maximum edge thickness.
Weight: 2 lb 10 oz to 3 lb (1200gms to 1350gms)
Handle: Round handle with nine pieces of cane and rubber to deliver the optimum grip.
Face: Flat face with a slight curvature.
Bow: Slight bow which provides perfectly balanced pickup
Toe: Slightly square in shape to increase hitting area and lower the center of gravity of the bat that promotes greater swing weight and power distribution.
Size: SH

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Chris Gayle
Matt Prior
Michael Clarke

9. Kookaburra Angry Bird

9 Kookaburra Angry BirdIt is well-known in all over the world. And it occupies a place in top 10 best cricket bat brands. World famous Kookaburra company manufactures it. These bats are made of such type of willow which is naturally air dried after harvesting.Bat designed to provide optimum power to the batsman. The Amazing thing is that it has light pick up on a huge profile. The Beast comes with a dynamic power shaped face which can deliver explosive stroke-play.


Grade One hand Selected Unbleached English Willow.
HANDLE: 12 Piece Sarawak cane.
GRIP: Red Snake grip.
WEIGHT: 2 lb 8oz to 2 lb 12oz ( 1150 gms to 1250gms)
SWEET SPOT: Mid Blade. EDGE PROFILE:‘Big Edge’ Square.
SCALLOP: Slight Concave.
BOW: Mid / Low Blade.
SIZE: SH and LB sizes are available

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Brad Hodge
Matthew Wade
Simon Katich

8. Reebok Blast

8 Reebok BlastIt is one of the best cricket bats in Reebok’s Premium Cricket bats collection. Reebok Blast got the services of the expert designer and used the latest technology. The bat Grade I English willow is used in this bat which is the best quality in this business. It is one of the desirable bats among the batsmen. The design of the bat is meticulously crafted. Hence, it is light weighted with a great pick up. Reebok Blast is regarded as one of the excellent cricket bats by many famous cricketers.


Weight: 2 lb 9 oz (1150 gms) to 2 lb 13 oz (1275 gms)
Sweet spot: Lower mid blade
Edge: Thick edge.
Toe: Embossed Toe protector for better durability
Blade: Curved
Size: SH

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MS Dhoni
Gautam Gambhir
Yuvraj Singh
Sanath Jayasuriya

7. SS Tone Gladiator

7 SS Tone GladiatorOne of the oldest sports brands in India that made cricket bats. The bat is popular among the domestic cricketers, however, international cricketers to seek to use it. The SS Ton Gladiator is quite a sought-after bat as it provides high power, impact and balance to the batsman. The edges of SS bats are designed rounded especially for the aggressive and hard hitter batsman. These are durable, and most batsmen like it because it is handy.


Made of: Finest Grade I English willow
Grains: 11-13 straight grains with super rebound quality
Grip: Special Scale Grip – for better control and comfort
Handle: made of 12 pieces of Sarawak cane handle for powerful shots and shock absorption
Weight: 2 lb 9 oz to 2 lb 12 oz (1160gms to 1230gms)
Size: SH and LB

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Dinesh Karthik
Kumar Sangakkara
Kieron Pollard
Shikhar Dhawan

6. Puma

6 PumaPuma is well-known sports brand in all over the world. They also have other sports equipment along with cricket bats. Puma bats produced with finest unbleached Super Grade I English willow. Their bats designed for big and fast hits. The unique thing about their bats is that the wood is picked as per its weight, gain best structure and performance.Puma cricket bats are mostly liked by players because their powerful and higher swell enhancing high speed hitting power with the best control and improved balance.You can say it is dream bats for the batsman. Puma Ballistic is the perfect weapon for any batsman in the new era of T20 cricket.


Handle: PUMA-specific cane handle for maximum comfort and a highly responsive feel.
Grip: Unique multi-textured PUMA grip with new cosmetics ensures the best possible touch and control.
Weight: 2 lb 6oz to 2 lb 12oz( 1075gms to 1250gms)
Blade: Sophisticated blade profiling removes weight from the blade and ensures contoured edges remain as thick as possible.
Toe: Molded PUMA toe protector fitted as standard increases durability and reduces toe swell from moisture uptake.
Size: SH

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Yuvraj Singh
Brendan McCullum.
Adam Gilchrist
Marlon Samuels.

5. Sanspareils Greenlands Cobra Select

5 Sanspareils Greenlands Cobra SelectSG is the brand of India. It is the world largest and No.1 cricketing gear manufacturing the brand of India. Sanspareils bats are used both by a domestic and international player. The handle of their bat is much comfortable and easy to grip.Shapes of SG bats is best for playing big shots. Their R& D team much applauded by first class and famous international cricketers. The gear also updated according to demands of players.


Made of: Grade I English willow
Shape: Traditional shape with maximum stability
Handle: made of Sarawak cane to deliver superior power and control.
Grip: New multi-color player grip
Sweet spot: Lower mid-blade
Edge: Thick edges and curved blade for better control and balance.
Toe: Toe protector for better durability. The protector also maintains the moisture level.
Size: SH

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Suresh Raina
Wasim Jaffer
VVS Laxman
Rahul Dravid

4. Gunn & Moore Icon

4 Gunn & Moore IconGM Cricket Bats are made from high-grade English willow and designed by their best craftsmen. It The most technologically advanced factory in the sports world. They have the ability to produce bats with the best performance. Gm bats have curved face and thick edges to play big shots. They always use the best material which makes bats light weight. Gunn and Moore have most advanced and comprehensive range of cricket products by using innovative and unrivaled design.


Iconic design
Structure: High swell position, concentrated power, surprisingly light pick-up
Edge: Massive edge of 38 mm
Face: Flatter
Size: SH and LB
Scallop: Super concave profiling with toe up

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Shane Watson
Alex Hales
Jonathan Trot
Ross Taylor

3. Gray-Nicolls Viper

3 Gray-Nicolls ViperGray-Nicolls was the first one who used colored cricket bat labels. They always manufacture bats of the highest standard and use the latest technology. They focus on innovation tradition in their cricket products. Gray Nicolls made best quality bats that perform on each level. Every piece of Gray-Nicolls bats is hand made and tested by experts. They gained the third position in top 10 because their splendid work.


Structure: World famous Gray-Nicolls scoops
Perfectly balanced bat with lightweight picks up
Sweet spot: Huge mid-blade
Edge profile: Thick
Spine profile: Steep

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Cameron White
David Warner
Alastair Cook
Shivnarine Chanderpaul

2. Adidas Incurza

Adidas does not need any introduction, they manufacture many sports items shoes, bags and sports jerseys. They also make finest quality cricket bats. Adidas Incurza is the most looking bat and most used by international players. This English Willow made bat is designed for an attacking game play. Incurza bat has best pick up and balance. It is designed for playing big shots with high power. This amazing, Stylish bat make a place at second number in top 10. Best cricket bat brands.


Structure: Sculptured shoulder, recommended every kind of shots
Sweet spot: Low powerful middle
Weight: 2 lb 7oz to 2 lb 12oz (1100gms to 1250gms)
Size: LB and SH

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Kevin Pietersen
Ravindra Jadeja
Suresh Raina
Sachin Tendulkar

1. Kookaburra Kahuna

1 Kookaburra KahunaKookaburra Kahuna is the king of cricket bats and topper in this list of 10. Kookaburra is the best bat manufacturing company in the world. They made a broad range of bats and no age limit for use of this bat. It is the very comfortable bats in Kookaburra bats and also very stylish in design. These bats have great power for big strokes. Some things which make it the best bat in the world is its clean hitting area and comfortable, natural balance. It designed for the stroke-makers with edge thickness, and neat square shaped face.


Made of: First Grade English Willow
Size: SH
Weight: 2 lb 7 oz to 3 lb 4 oz (1100gms to 1475gms)
Grip: ‘Max Trio’ Octopus Extreme
Edge Profile: Large corner square

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AB De Villiers.
Martin Guptill.
Ricky Ponting.

List of Top Ten Best Cricket Bat Brands

Rank Brand Name Advertised by
1. Kookaburra Kahuna AB De Villiers, Martin Guptill, Ricky Ponting
2. Adidas Incurza Kevin Pietersen, Ravindra Jadeja, Suresh Raina, Sachin Tendulkar
3. Gray-Nicolls Viper Cameron White, David Warner, Alastair Cook
Shivnarine Chanderpaul
4. Gunn & Moore Icon Shane Watson, Alex Hales, Jonathan Trot, Ross Taylor
5. Sanspareils Greenlands Cobra Select Suresh Raina, Wasim Jaffer, VVS Laxman, Rahul Dravid
6. Puma Yuvraj Singh, Brendan McCullum., Adam Gilchrist, Marlon Samuels
7. SS Tone Gladiator Dinesh Karthik, Kumar Sangakkara, Kieron Pollard, Shikhar Dhawan
8. Reebok Blast MS Dhoni, Gautam Gambhir, Yuvraj Singh, Sanath Jayasuriya
9. Kookaburra Angry Bird Brad Hodge, Matthew Wade, Simon Katich
10. Spartan CG Authority Chris Gayle, Matt Prior, Michael Clarke


We hope that  you guys have enjoy this article and will select best bat for your memorable moments in cricket. Cricket is love for people in the entire world, so everyone want best cricket equipment which makes him/her a star. All these brands use best quality material for their batsman and no compromise on their durability. Professional players use these bats. You can rely on this stuff and do not forget to give your valuable feedback.