Ten Best Hobbies for Women That Are Amazing To Do


best-hobbies-for-women-that-are-amazing-to-do Hobby is an activity that you like to do for leisure in your free time. There are a lot more things to do, to pass free time but hobbies are a few things which can refresh your mind and refill energy in you. In today’s modern era life has changed, life become more fast and furious and women have not much spare time to pass in different leisure activities. Mostly women are working in offices, making their name, fame, as men are. But to avoid mood swings, annoying fights with friends and family, every woman needs a mind diverting hobby in some easily availing moments. And for the housewives, it is of immense importance to have a useful hobby. Here are Ten Best Hobbies for Women That Are Amazing To Do.

What Are Ten Best Hobbies for Women ?

10. Gardening

gardeningGardening is a healthy activity. Many women like gardening and planting in their spare time. Plants keep environment clean. Staying close to plants delight one`s mind and the fresh air effects one`s health as well as their mood. Also, it is very useful activity as it rewards you with flowers, fruits, and vegetables. Also, it gives your house and veggie patch more beautiful and feminine look. The soil filled with minerals and nutrients. Keeping in touch with soil is excellent for psychological and physical health. It is also a cause for people’s admiration.

9. Painting

painting-sunset-sea-boat-hd-wallpapersSome women are more artistic than others. They like to paint when they have free time. Painting is also an excellent hobby. You have a whole wide world of imagination inside your head. Painting is the best source to put your interesting thoughts on paper. Though painting is a bit expensive hobby it is a more rewarding hobby too. You can sell your paintings, and they will give you an impressive amount in return.

8. Writing

writingWriting novels/short stories is an excellent hobby to express your feeling and thoughts. It gives contentment of heart, mind, and soul because everyone likes to have someone to listen and appreciate them. And writing gives you a chance to share your emotions with your audience. It is an attractive job either, as you can work by staying at your home. The Internet has made writing more accessible as you can become famous by writing on different websites. Also today it is not much difficult to get published. Blogging is also a kind of writing. And a very much enjoyable hobby which has been being taken up by new generation women.

7. Yoga

Young people meditating in a yoga classYoga is an exercise which is a combination of spiritual, physical, and mental practices developed and originated in ancient India. We are living in modern epoch, today`s women wish to look more young, and beautiful. Yoga is an excellent exercise that keeps a body fit and in perfect shape. Taking long breaths is necessary to provide more oxygen to our body cells. But we do not pay attention to it; yoga is also a good breath exercise. It is a healthy hobby of many modern women.

6. Collecting Things

collecting-thingsCollecting crafts, crystals, beautiful decoration pieces, coins, Hummel, business cards, books, fossils, music albums, antiques, guns, knives, and many other collectible things is a favorite pass time hobby of women. It can be an expensive as well as a cheap hobby. It is up to your collection, as some women like to collect stamps, postcards, pieces of rock, handbags, clothes, while others like to collect gold, gemstones, diamonds.

5. Photography

photographyIf we take a look at last few centuries, we will figure out that taking pictures considered as a men`s job. But in 21st-century  women has rejected that theory. Capturing beautiful scenes and happy moment in camera is adopted as a hobby by some brave type women. Nowadays, almost everyone has a good quality camera on a smartphone, in which you can shot your most memorable moments. You do not need a particular digital camera if you are taking it as a hobby.

4. Reading

Dad's the bestBooks are the best source of information. It is a very useful pass time hobby. You can travel through time and learn about the circumstances of a particular era by reading a history book. You can also broaden your mind by studying a fiction. There is an endless asset of books in the world, which a single man can never read in life. So you could never run out of choice. Reading and writing is more a feminine activity as they have much spare time at home, so they can easily maintain this hobby. Without burning a hole in the pocket, you can easily comfort your bookworm instincts by getting your favorite book from library or eBay. The Internet has made this hobby a lot easier, as while traveling you just need to carry your smartphone or laptop instead of heavy luggage full of books.

3. Making Things

making-thingsSome women like to make glittery, sparkly and shiny things such as handmade jewelry, candles, seashell crafts, embroidery, sculptures, doll houses, sculpting miniatures, leather crafts, etc. They can be lifetime memories for one’s self and to others too as they can be given to them as gifts.

2. Cooking

Woman cooking in kitchen with ingredients around herCooking is a 24-hour job for ladies. You can’t run late or make any excuse as escaping from this job. Cooking is a hard but quite artistic activity. Every one of us likes to eat healthy as well as tasty food, but not everyone likes to cook. There are a lot of people who adopt it as a hobby. Especially mothers like to cook for their family. It is time taking but a fantastic hobby.

1. Shopping

Best Hobbies for WomenNo matter how modern world could become, there is one thing common in a literate, ambitious, practical modern women and an illiterate villager, and that is their craze for shopping. A woman can never avoid shopping whether she needs to buy something or not, she will. Indeed it is a waste of time and money. And it is a kind of addiction, as they never correctly understand if they are involved in such a useless hobby. Media advertisements are a big factor in reconsidering women about their new branded clothes, Colognes, curtains, etc. But this activity may help them to kill their free time as well as money.

List of Ten Best Hobbies for Women That Are Amazing To Do

SR.No Best Hobbies For Women
1 Shopping
2 Cooking
3 Making Things
4 Reading
5 Photography
6 Collecting Things
7 Yoga
8 Writing
9 Painting
10 Gardening


There are many things women can do in their spare time to have fun and enjoy extra time. Some are lucrative, and some are worthy to them and others. But it isn’t a kind of work you will be more careful about opting it. A hobby renders you joy and prosperity. But one should be a little thoughtful about it, as if it is becoming harmful to others then it should be avoided.