Top 10 Best Secret Intelligence Agencies in the World


secret-agency The number one best secret intelligence agency in the world is ISI ( Inter Service Intelligence ) Agency Pakistan. To protect the country from internal and external threats intelligence agencies has critical importance. These agencies also important for a country in the world to survive because every country has enemies at a present time. The responsibilities of these organizations are to collect the neighboring country information, to counter terrorism, beware of terrorist attacks, stop drug trafficking, money laundering and work for the welfare of the country.

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For the country stability and security, they should keep an eye on national and international affairs. These agencies collect the valuable information by their spies which influence their country. We make a list of world Top 10 Best Secret Intelligence Agenciesby their capacity to cope with any risk within the country. Let’s see which country intelligence agency included in this list.

10. MOSSAD. The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operation-Israel

10MOSSAD is one of the Israel national intelligence agency and most active organization in the country. The agency started its operations in 1949. It is involved in many tasks like collect intelligence in counterterrorism, the responsibility of covert operations and protects the Jewish community in the whole world. MOSSADreports directly to the prime minister of state. Most notorious unit of MOSSAD is “Special Operations Division” which involved in many operations in Asia, United Kingdom, and the Middle East. The primary focus of the agency is in Muslim countries.

9. RAW, Research and Analysis Wing- India

raw-research-and-analysis-wing-indiaRaw ranked at number 9, and it is India secret intelligence agency founded in September 1968 under Rameshwar Nath Kao. The headquarter of the agency situated in New Delhi. The primary responsibility of the RAW is to collect information about neighboring countries and some specific countries that could influence on the national interests of India. It also protects the India nuclear program. It is one of the most alarming intelligence agency in the region and efficient organization that why it was included in top 10 intelligence agencies in the world.

8. MSS, Ministry of State Security – China

8-mss-ministry-of-state-securityMSS is the secret intelligence agency of China. It established in 1937. The Ministry of State Security headquarters located in Beijing. It was founded in 1949 by Communist part of China when they collected authentic information for civil war in China. It was working with ISIS to support and provide stability in South Asia region. The key responsibility of the MSS is to work for counterintelligence and political security. It also works with Public safety bureaus to terminate potential threats within the country.

7. ASIS, Australian Secret Intelligence Service – Australia

7-asis-australian-secret-intelligence-serviceAustralian secret intelligence agency founded in 1951 by Executive Power of the Commonwealth. The headquarter located in Canberra. It is considered world best intelligence agency due to its disperse personnel. The mission statement of the agency is Protect Australia’s vital interests through the provision of unique foreign intelligence services. Australia Secret Intelligence Service compared with American CIA and British Secret Intelligence agency. It modeled on M16 and once it named MO9 and it is included in world best intelligence agencies due to progress and advancement to protect the citizens of Australia.

6. DGSE, Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure – France

6-dgse-direction-generale-de-la-securite-exterieure-franceDGSE, France intelligence agency work alongside the DGSI (General Directorate for Internal Security) and protect the country from threats. More than 5000 people are working at the DGSE, and work of the agency is to keep peace and prosperity in the country and avoid terrorist attacks on the country. Till it saved the country from 15 terrorist attacks. DGSE headed by Government and it involved in national security while DGSI involved in paramilitary and counterintelligence operations outside the state.

5. BND, Federal Intelligence Service – Germany

5-bnd-federal-intelligence-service-germanyBND is the oldest intelligence agency and was established before world war II to spy the enemies and find their weaknesses, plans and war strategies. Its headquarter located in Pullach near Munich. It also trained the agents in the world War II and helped Germany in the fight against the great nations. BND said that it also used for sending the decrypted messages. 6,050 people are working in the agency and spread in more than three hundred location worldwide. The key responsibility of the agency is to alert the German government against any threat. BND also included in sixteen counterparts of Federal Intelligence Service.

4. FSB, Federal Security Bureau of Russian Federation – Russia

4-fsb-federal-security-bureau-of-russian-federation-russiaFSB is the Principle security agency of Russia, and it is one of the best intelligence agency in the world. It founded in 1995. FSB is responsible for counter-terrorism, counter-intelligence and internal and external security and to cope with any danger for the stability of the country. It is working alongside the Kremlin, and it is like other military forces MVD, SVR, and FSO. The difference from other agencies and FSB is that its officers have no special uniform. It has 250,000 employees which included spies, guards, double agents and special agents.

3. MI6, Military Intelligence Section 6 – United Kingdom

3-mi6-military-intelligence-section-6-united-kingdomThe United Kingdom secret intelligence agency is commonly known as MI6 (Military Intelligence Section 6) which work with MI5 (Internal security service) The Government Communications headQuarters (GCHQ) and DI (Defense Intelligence.) to collect information for the British government. It formed after world War I to track down the activities of the German government. It’s located in Vauxhall Cross, London. It is working on the Joint Intelligence Committee military intelligence section 6. MI6 is responsible for top secret operations in the country and also involved outside by highly trained secret spies. It also works with CIA and MOSSAD against the terrorist and eliminates any threat in the region.

2. CIA, Central Intelligence Agency – United States

2-cia-central-intelligence-agency-united-statesAmerica is well-developed country, and its intelligence agency ranked at number 2 in the top 10 secret intelligence agencies in the world. CIA (Central Intelligence Agency ) United States was founded in 1947. It is the principle member of Intelligence community of US (IC), and it reports directly to the Director of National Intelligence and also spread the information to President and Cabinet at the same time. It works with the collaboration of NSA(National Security Agency) DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) and FBI( Federal Bureau of Investigation).

The responsibilities of the CIA are to protect the state against the terrorist attacks and gather intelligence abut domestic security especially overseas information. It is the only agency in U.S which involved in covert operations on the instructions of the president.

1. ISI, Inter Service Intelligence Agency – PakistanBest Secret Intelligence Agencies

Pakistan Inter-Service Intelligence agency ranked at the number in this list. ISI founded in 1948 and has no logo and uses the logo of the government of Pakistan. It is best known because of anonymity. Its headquarter is locate in Islamabad, and it reports directly to Prime Minister under recommendations of the chief of army staff. ISI works alongside the Military Intelligence (MI) and Intelligence Bureau (IB) to protect the terrorist attacks in the country. It was also involved in finding the Osama Bin Laden. It was responsible for the domestic and territorial security of the country as best intelligence agency on the planet. Inter-Service Intelligence sheared information with Pakistan armed forces against the external and internal threats and involved in the main operations beyond the border.

List of Top 10 Best Secret Intelligence Agencies

Sr. No Best Secret Intelligence Agencies Country
1 ISI Pakistan
2 CIA United States
3 MI6 United Kingdom
4 FSB Russia
5 BND Germany
6 DGSE France
7 ASIS Australia
8 MSS China
9 RAW India
10 MOSSAD Israel



We conclude from this article that intelligence agencies play an important role in any country safety and stability. These countries have best intelligence agencies and these help the country in security matters and other threats. They do anything to keep their country safe. These intelligence agencies make a country strong.