Top 10 Best Selling Albums of All the Time


album Music is one of the greatest debates in the world among music lovers. And the most important controversial topic is that which is the best selling album of all the time. One thing comes to mind which artist got gold or platinum status his/ her album became most selling. But this is not a fact, In the market best-selling the album of all the time Is that which is most sold out. There are many best albums in the world and no doubt these albums are made by best artists. But some albums are the best selling albums of all the time.

The following top 10 are the bestselling albums of all the time. I hope you will enjoy this article if you are a music lover. Millions of copies have sold of these albums. You must also read about the Top 10 best selling books of all time in the world.

10. Back Out of Hell, 34 Million Copies

10-back-out-of-hellMeat Loaf made one of the amazing alba which has become one of most selling album of all the time. It released in 1977 and 34 million copies have sold out. Todd Rundgren has done its production. After the appearance in Saturday Night Live show, this album got a big following in the USA.

9. Led Zeppelin IV – Led Zeppelin, 37 Million Copies

9-led-zeppelin-iv-led-zeppelinLed Zeppelin album is also one of the best-selling album of all the time which released in 1971. It was already a famous rock outfit. This album was made with the collaboration of Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Due to this album, British Band is most famous, 37 million copies have sold of the album. The best and famous songs are Black Dog, Stairway to Heaven, and Rock and Roll.

8. Come On Over, 39 Million Copies

8-come-on-overShania Twain is the artist of this album. She started her career with country music. But when she grew, she became more famous, so she had struck a chord with the mainstream audience. It released in 1997, and 39 million copies have sold. The best songs of Come On Over are Man! I Fell Like a Woman, You’re Still the One, and That Don’t Impress Me Much.

7. The Bodyguard Soundtrack, 40 Million Copies

7-the-bodyguard-soundtrackThe Bodyguard Soundtrack album released in 1992, and it is not a complete album of Whitney Houston because many other artists included in this. The tracks of the album appealed to people from all walks of life as well as popular among the romantic folks out there. The best song of this best-selling album are I will Always Love You, I have Nothing, and I’m Every Woman. What I will Always Love you is the Highlighted track of the series and until 40 million copies sold.

6. Rumours, 40 Million Copies

6-rumoursRumors name referred as the reflection of a band member who was writing about each other. This album was released in 1977 when America was in the transition phase. Fleet Wood Mac, is the Artist and producer of the album. Ken Caillat and Richard Dashut Produced it. 40 million copies of Rumours have been sold out. Don’t Stop, Go Your Way, and Dreams are the best songs of this.

5. Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack, 40 Million Copies

5-saturday-night-fever-soundtrackThis soundtrack album is also included in the list of top 10 most selling albums of all the time. Bee Gees and Various Artists worked on this album and Arif Mardin Produced it. It is also a number one soundtrack album and released in 1977. 40 million copies have sold of this soundtrack album.

4. Back in Black  AC/DC, 40 Million Copies

4-back-in-blackBack in Black album is best known as Hard rock /heavy metal album of all time. It Released in 1980 and until 40 million copies have sold. AC/ DC is the artist of the album and Robert John “Mutt” Lange Produced it. After the death of Bon Scott, it was the first Ac/ DC album, and this is considered a tribute to Scott. The best song of the album is Hells Bells, Back in Black, and You Shock me All Night Long.

3. Dark Side of the Moon, 45 Million Copies

3-dark-side-of-the-moonPink Floyd made one of the best-selling album of all time which released in 1973. 45 million copies have sold out of this album. Artist and Producer of the album are same Pink Floyd. This best-selling album stayed on Billboard for 14 consecutive years until 1988.

2. The Greatest Hits 1971-1975, Eagles, 42 Million Copies

2-the-greatest-hits-1971-1975-eaglesEagles is an artist who prepared this album during 1971-1975 and released in 1976. This is the greatest album and first one who reach platinum status and always remained best selling in the USA. 42 million copies have sold of this album. It is the great combination of Don Henley and Glenn Frey, and many bands have copied their style, but the Eagles were the original groundbreakers.  Glyn Johns and Bill Szymczyk are the producers of this Greatest Hits Album. Some best song of Eagles is Take It Easy, Lyin Eyes, and Desperado.

1. Thriller, 51 to 65 Million Copies

Best Selling Albums of All the TimeThriller is the best selling album of all the time. This album came in 1982 and Quincy Jones Produced it. Michael Jackson is the artist of the Thriller album, and everyone knows about famous Michael Jackson. Almost 51 to 65 million copies have been sold out worldwide of this album. This album has won eight Grammys, and most famous songs of the album are Thriller, Beat it, and Billie Jean.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Albums of All The Time

Sr. No Best Selling Albums
Copies Sold Out in Million
1 Thriller 51 to 65
2 The Greatest Hits 1971-1975, Eagles 42
3 Dark Side of the Moon 45
4 Back in Black  AC/DC 40
5 Saturday Night Fever Soundtrack 40
6 Rumours 40
7 The Bodyguard Soundtrack 40
8 Come On Over 39
9 Led Zeppelin IV- Led Zeppelin 37
10 Back Out of Hell 34


We conclude from this best-selling album; music is considered an enjoyment of human life. Today market filled with best albums. But in these albums, some got a massive fame. Millions of copies sold and people love to listen to these albums in which prominent artists included Michael Jackson, Eagles, Witney Houston and many others.