Top 10 Best Selling Jeans Brands 2016 – 2017


jeans Levis Strauss & Co is the best selling jeans brand 2016-2017. Everyone wants to look classic, fashionable, and decent. Men dressing is the most attractive thing about their personality. Pants, shirts, Jeans, dress coat, are the ordinary clothes which is wear by men. Jeans are the most modern, wearable pants by men. The young people feel comfortable in jeans and most of the young men wear jeans as a fashion. There are many varieties of jeans in the market, like classic, funky, professional, and trendy. Most expensive jeans bands are also very popular in all over the world but purchased by only richest ones. In all of them, some jeans have high price and some are available at low cost. The demand of the jeans depend on the quality and value and this is the reason of low demand and high demand. Here is a complete list of the Top 10 best selling jeans brands in the world. Also checkout other expensive clothing brands that are liked by celebrities.

10. G Star

10 G Star Jeans BrandG-star is one of the most selling jeans of men which is a Dutch designer company. Jos Van Tilburg is the designer of the brand and headquarters located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 1989 the company started work on the small scale but now it has emerged all over the world and has become one of the most lovable jeans for men. The stores of the G Start Brand located in New York, San Francisco, Paris, Melbourne, Shanghai, and London.

9. Lucky

9 Lucky Brand JeansLucky is also one of an American denim company which  established in 1990. It produces jeans, t-shirts, active wear, and sports wear. It has the best quality jeans. The Lucky brand gives designer jeans with the labeled “ Jeans for Every Men.” It is top rated jeans by the consumers, and this offers you very comfortable jeans which you can use on regular basis. Their stores have established in many countries like China, Indonesia, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Sri Lanka, and Haiti.

8. Calvin

8n Calvin Jean BrandCalvin Jeans is a most famous brand of America, established in 1968, and top selling brand all over the world. The Calvin Klein is the designer of the brand and headquarters located in Midtown Manhattan and New York City. It is most famous due to different design styles and available at affordable price. Calvin Jeans is not only famous in America; but it has also got fame all over the world

7. Guess

7 Guess Jeans BrandGuess is one of the top selling brands but it is also famous and expensive, and everyone can’t afford it. The Jeans Brand is also an American brand which founded by the collaboration of Paul Marciano and Maurice Marciano. Guess brand does not only produce Jeans, but it is also a brand of Accessories, perfumes, watches, and Jewelry. It is most trendy in upper middle-class society and best brand of men.

6. 7 For All Mankind

6 7 For All Mankind Jeans Brand7 for All mankind Jeans Brand is a famous An American brand which established by Michael Glasser. From 2007 to 2016, VF Corporation owned it and headquartered located in Vernon, California. As the name shows “Jeans for all mankind” which mean jeans is available in every size, shape, and age. Kids to old man can purchase jeans from this brand. Now this has become one of the most selling brands in the world and also famous due to its quality and design.

5. True Religion

5 True Religion Jeans Brand

True Religion company is an American company which founded in 2002. The headquarters of the brand located in California, Manhattan Beach, United States, and its franchises are spread all over the world. It is most lovable jeans brand which produces high quality and designer jeans for men at an affordable price. It is one of the best selling jeans which is known for the Perfection of designing. This brand has almost 900 boutiques and stores all around the world in 50 countries.

4. Pepe Jeans London

4 Pape Jeans LondonArun, Milan Shah, and Nitin made a denim wear brand which called Pepe Jeans. It established in London in 1973 but headquarters based in Spain. It is an excellent variety brand which started their business on the small scale but now it has become one of best-selling jeans brand. The brand is producing a large range of styles and designs, and this is the best for all age groups. It is most famous in Europe and Asia and discount offer of this brand make people crazy

3. Diesel

3 DieselDiesel is the 3rd top-selling jeans brand for men which is an Italian company, and they started work in 1978. It is one of the famous brands which produces jeans and other clothing accessories. Renzo Rosso is the founder of the brand. Three brands included in this company Diesel, Diesel Black Gold and Diesel Kids. Diesel bLack Gold is the latest trends of jeans with innovative ideas which launched in 2008 during New York Fashion Week. Diesel brand got adequate number of sale on the market; this brand is doing great work all over the world.

2. Wrangler

2 Wrangler Jeans BrandWrangler is also an American manufacturer jeans and has a magnificent variety of jeans. This is denim jeans and headquartered located in Greensboro, North Carolina, United States. These immensely great jeans carry “a W” signature in the back pocket of the jeans. This signature is the sign of originality. It is second best jeans brand of men and this company also made many other products such as Aura, Riggs, and 20 X. The largest apparel company VF Corporation own this brand. It is best for all age groups, and the outlets are opened all over the world

1. Levis Strauss & Co

Best Selling JeansLevis is an American clothing company which established in 1853. It is the top jeans brand and youth is very crazy about this brand. This clothing company is famous all around the world and located in Singapore, Middle East, Asia-Pacific, and Africa, and this top-selling jeans brand is not too much expensive. This company produces the different type of jeans like big, tall, skinny, bootcut, taper, relaxed, slim, and straight.

Top 10 Best Selling Jeans Brands 2016 – 2017 in World

Sr. No  Best Selling Jeans Brands
1 Levis Strauss & Co America
2 Wrangler Jeans America
3 Diesel Italy
4 Pepe Jeans London London
5 True Religion Jeans America
6 7 For All Mankind Jeans America
7 Guess Jeans America
8 Calvin Jean America
9 Lucky brand Jeans American
10 G Star Jeans Netherlands



From the above article, we conclude Jeans is the new wear pants by men and women. But is a favorite of all men and they want to look trendy and classy, so they purchase from best jeans brands.We conclude that most of the brands are American and included in top selling list due to their quality and demand.