Top 10 Best Selling Perfume Brands for Men To Use in Winter


Best Selling Perfume Brands Here you will read About Top 10 best Selling Perfume brands for men to use in winter that can make girls crazy. Thousands of different brands for men’s colognes out there but which are the salient features that can make a brand top of the list. Some colognes are capable of capturing one’s attention, with abilities to transport and transform him. It is pretty much obvious that an expensive item doesn’t mean that it’s necessarily the best for you because you choose the aroma that suits your personality more. You can check out other best selling perfumes for everyone in 2017 that are also popular in all over the world.

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Check out the list of Top 10 Best Perfume brands for Men for Winter season based on the expert’s suggestions and customer reviews.

10. Bvlgari Man in Black – $45.50/3.4 oz

bvlgari-man-in-blackBvlgari Man In Black Cologne is a masculine fragrance by Bvlgari. The scent launched in 2014. Bvlgari’s latest potion is a combination of Cardamom, Cinnamon and a healthy dose of Rum liquor. The added elements of musk, sandalwood, black amber, tuberose and leather with addictive, honeyed spices gives it a sophisticated touch. It is a long lasting scent with a light fruity spice in the beginning, but the end is very licorice. Very clean, simple and stable composition. Very safe and unspectacular.

9. 1 Million By Paco Rabanne – 45,50 € / 50 ml

1-million-by-paco-rabanneOne should give a try to its scent wafting through your nostrils. Disgusting sweet mess of a fragrance. Incredibly vigorous and sustainable. Paco Rabanne’s Prive is a new and refreshed version of the original 1 Million Eau de Toilette. Tobacco, myrrh, leathery elements, patchouli and tonka bean from the blood mandarin and cinnamon combination. 1 Million Prive Paco Rabanne for Men is an ideal fragrance for the gent who likes a bit complexity in perfumes.

8. Mont Blanc Emblem Intense – $90/100 ml

mont-blanc-emblem-intenseEmblem Intense is a fresh interpretation of the original scent Emblem. It contains a cocktail of citrus leaves, cold spices and a refreshing blend of clary sage, grapefruit with a duo of cardamon with coriander seeds. In the dry down, precious woods and patchouli are exquisitely blended with a refined velvet suede accord, revealing an amazing masculine scent.

7. Armani Code – Gorgio Armani – $135

armani-code-giorgio-armaniThe Armani fashion house by Gorgio Armani founded in 1975. Over three decades Gorgio Armani is making some intoxicating fragrances. In 2004 Armani launched their first oriented perfume Black Code which latterly renamed to Armani Code-Gorgio Armani. A seductive collection of Men’s fragrance with woody notes. Its main accords are olive blossom, tobacco, and citrus. This perfume won Fifa Award Fragrance in the year Men’s Luxe 2006.

6. Polo Red Intense by Ralph Lauren – $59.99

polo-red-intense-by-ralph-laurenThe Polo brand has a reputation for producing standard masculine scents. Red intense with refreshing and intoxicating style is inspired by fast race cars as it seems from the packaging. Ralph Lauren Polo Red Intense is a new fragrance, which launched in 2015. An excellent blend of cranberry, blood grapefruit, lemon and saffron amber, red cedar and ginger. Coffee, sage, and ginger give it slightly darker impression. It can last up to 12 hours.

5. Bleu de Chanel – $84

bleu-de-chanelChanel is a well known French company, famous for “Little black dress and Chanel No.5”. Perfumer Jacques Polge created Bleu De Chanel in 2010. An interesting blend of Balsamic, Citrus, Mint, Jasmine and Sandalwood. A Woody aromatic fragrance which lasts for weeks liberates the senses- clean and fresh. Signature statement of desire and determination for modern men. A profound mixture of natural herbs adores your senses. It takes you on a long journey through time.

4. Artisan-John Varvatos – $89

artisan-john-varvatosThe Varvatos is a name known for elegance and quality. With Citrus and herbal tantalize Artisan is a nice fresh scent for warm climates. The base notes are Aromatic thyme, Orange, Kephalis wood along with Purple Ginger and Amber. A sensual, bold and strong scent.Gives you a clean and aquatic feel. The bottle is covering in handmade wood-crafting with the modern edge. Overall a wise choice.

3. Aventus Creed – EUR 388,33/100ml

aventus-creed-eurParis-based house “Creed” has launched this cologne for men “Aventus” in 2010. Adorable combination of blackcurrant leaves, pineapple, musk, jasmine and Vanilla extracts. This scent has become the best selling brand ever created in the history of The House of Creed. Aventus is a mixture of love and strength, inspired by the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. Versatile and unique smell.

2. Clive Christian No.1 – $2150/ounce

clive-christianClive Christian is a traditional British Luxury perfume range. This scent was when launched in 2001, the most expensive in the planet. The signature lead-crystal bottle decorated with 1/3 carat of a diamond. It is made up of most precious and rarest ingredients for the design of the bottle as well as the fragrance. Bergamot, Vanilla, Lemon, Orris, Citrus, Sandalwood, Yellow floral and extracts of ylang-ylang make the sweet scent of the perfume. Therevised edition of Clive Christian No.1 Imperial Majesty is the first Clive Christian No.1 but in a gold coating.

1. DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle – $1 million


Crafting in white and yellow gold. The million dollar bottle contains 2909 precious Gemstones, designed by a jewelry designer Martin Kertz. The perfume released in 2011. The million dollar bottle is holding a World record for being the highest selling fragrance. A sensual blend of Teakwood, Sandalwood, Orange Flower Water, Vanilla Orchid and Muguet. The bottles earning are said to be donated to the global charity, Action Against Hunger.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Perfume Brands for Men in Winter Season

SR.N0 Best Selling Perfume Brands Price
1 DKNY Golden Delicious Million Dollar Fragrance Bottle $1 million
2 Clive Christian No.1 $2150/ounce
3 Aventus Creed EUR 388,33/100ml
4 Artisan-John Varvartos $89
5 Bleu de Chanel $84
6 Polo Red Intense by Ralph Lauren $59.99
7 Armani Code- Gorgio Armani $135
8 Mont Blanc Emblem Intense $90/100 ml
9 1 Million By Paco Rabanne 45,50 € / 50 ml
10 Bvlgari Man in Black $45.50/3.4 oz


Opting the right scent for you is a hard job. People spend a lot of their money on fragrances. As a fragrance can affect one’s mood. Nowadays as people prefer to live in big cities. They have remained a limited connection with nature. But still, they like to be with nature in some aspects. They like natural fragrances in their colognes. The natural herbs and the ingredients from animals can give an aroma a fresh and long lasting delicious taste. Surprisingly people are so much curious about such fragrances as they appeal them as well as others in one’s surrounding. A perfume can also be a right choice when choosing a gift for someone.