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I have no problem interacting with the rest of the team and I feel like I could bring a positive impact on this subreddit. Since I missed mods applications cause I was new to reddit back then, I thought maybe this could be a good opportunity for me.Do you have, or are willing to use, Discord to communicate with the rest of the team?Yes, discord IS my primary application for communication, just as active or even more active than on reddit and I always have notifications on for it.Also, thanks for reading my application :)Well, to start off, I currently a sophomore in high school, now 16(birthday is today actually!). I am an avid DBZ fan and have been for most of my life, as well as a huge band geek(I am in nearly every band in my school, as well as being a member of the Jersey Surf Drum and Bugle Corp which is definitely a plus for teamwork).

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It funny cheap nfl jerseys how they are so apt to shield their children from violence on TV yet think teaching them about Hell is perfectly fine. The disconnect is strong. Sitting on the other side of conversion I at an absolute loss as to why people can recognize the huge red flags in Christianity of how horrible it really is.TopazRoom 1 point submitted 3 months agoTrump has said and will say some incredibly stupid things, but EVERYONE is getting trolled here and pretending like they not for the sake of virtue signalling..

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This is then followed by a wait of potentially months or even years for the police to “investigate” your application (despite legislation mandating a 30 day time limit). Personally I ended up having to take off work a total of 3 days in the course of a month to apply for my permit. That in itself could be inherently difficult for some people to do, especially if you working more than one job, or have responsibilities like kids or other family members..

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