10 Dangerous Cancer Causing Foods That You Should Avoid


Dangerous Cancer Causing Foods Here i will explain about 10 Dangerous Cancer Causing Foods That You Should Avoid as much as you can. Everyone in this world knows the seriousness of cancer. It affects the person physically, mentally, financially, and emotionally. Day by day this cancer deep its roots in every country and there are many causes behind this. We discuss today the foods that cause cancer in humans. These foods do not itself cause cancer but some ingredients used in packing, preservation and preparing are carcinogenic. Read also about the 10 different types of cancers in the world. If you are already suffering from Cancer then check out Ten best cancer treatment hospitals in the United States.

These harmful ingredients, when mixed with it, produce serious health hazards and multiply the cancer cells. Most common types of cancer in women are breast cancer which also causes such food. We eat but we do not care how much these particular foods damages our body. If proper FDA testing is not done these are bot safe for use.

10. Diet Foods and Drinks


Diet foods are used nowadays due to obesity fear because these are free of fat or low-fat or sugar-free. These diet items contain artificial sweetener Saccharin which has some adverse effects according to National Cancer Institute. Dyes For coloring three most widely used dyes used Red 40, Yellow 6 and Yellow 5 which proves to be carcinogenic by FDA.

9. Genetically Modified Foods


The GMOs industry is growing rapidly and if FDA testing is not done it cause serious health hazards. These GMO food contain a dose of pesticide Glyphosate which effective to kill bugs. But this pesticide when used in a lab it causes rapid tumor growth in rats. It is sprayed on GM crops and new 200 crops and linked to serious health issues like congenital disabilities, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma intestinal discomfort.So GMOs should not disclose on food labels.

8. Pickled, and Smoked Foods

pickled-and-smoked-foodSalted and smoked foods contain preservatives like nitrates. If they are not adding these chemicals in these foods it contaminates. But these additives accumulate in your body after prolonged use and produce toxins which cause cancer. What the pickled made at home are free of these preservatives. When we cooked at high-temperature nitrates converted into harmful nitrites.

7. Canned Goods

canned-goodsCan packed Goods can be not useful for health, these boxes lined with Bisphenol-A (BPA)? The experiment shows this chemical change the brain cells of rats. Many plastic bags, thermal papers also lined with this agent, So better to use fresh or frozen vegetables for your family.

6. Refined Sugar

sugarOne of the biggest cause of cancer is high fructose corn syrup and redefined sugar.  Refined Sugar spikes the insulin and stimulates the growth of cancer cells. Fructose a sugar type is the primary cancer culprit containing caramel color carcinogen agent, and it found in soda. Soda acidifies the body and multiple cancer cells. In U.S majority of sugar is genetically modified which is not a healthier option. Brown sugar, coconut sugar, maple sugar and honey is the better option.

5. Grilled Red Meat

A3 Inside Special Ala Carte with Buffet Menu Dec 24 2013Grilled meat has sweet in taste, but an article from San Diego Union-Tribune revealed that Preparing food in this way released the heterocyclic aromatic amines. When you consumed this red meat, a sugar molecule Neu5Gc becomes part of your cells and produce high cancer risk when body attack on it. Especially in women, it causes breast cancer. CNCA health says you should prefer grass fed organic beef consist conjugated linoleic acids that fight against cancer. Instead of grilled the meat broiling, baking or preparing meat in skillet.

4. White Flour

white-flourRedefined floor is called White Floor. All nutritional have removed. Highly processed food disturb the glycemic index in your body. The White floor contains the carbohydrates which converted into sugar in our body, so increase the sugar level in our body cause resistance in insulin production. Pure sugar is the preferred source of cancer. So avoid high processed carbohydrates food like white pasta, white bread, soda, white rice and concentrated fruit juices.

3. Farmed Fish

farmed-fishFish is a healthy food and most people like it. But farmed fish is not safe, and it causes cancer. Commercial fish farms use many harmful things to increase the number of fish. They treat them with antibiotics, pesticides, PCBs and flame retardants to reduce the bacterial and viral attack which is full of cancer according to a study by University at Albany. Farmed fish does not have Omega-30-fatty acids as wild salmon.

2. Microwave Popcorn

microwave-popcornToday microwave popcorn is the most favorite food of young generation, and they consider it beneficial. But the reality is that these microwave popcorn are the carcinogen. It contains perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and its fumes released from artificial flavoring has Diacetyl which is also toxic to humans. A couple of years ago Colorado court awarded a man $7.2 million for popcorn lung cancer who inhaled too much these microwave popcorn. So use the old fashioned way, air pop your popcorn which has own flavoring and do not contain any carcinogenic ingredient.

1. Hydrogenated Oils

hydrogenated-oilsResearch has proved that Hydrogenated oil like vegetable oil is dangerous for health. These oils are chemically extracted and add more chemicals to change smell and taste. It contains the worse type of fats called trans fats which cause heart disease, cancer, and immune system disorders. According to Food and Drug Administration, there is no safe amount of this fat in your food. You should avoid these hydrogenated oils and replace it with Palm, Coconut or Olive oil but Organic butter is a better option.

List of Top 10 Dangerous Cancer Causing Foods?

Sr. No Cancer Causing Food Carcinogen agents in these foods
1 Hydrogenated oils Trans Fat
2 Microwave Popcorn Perfluorooctanoic acid
3 Farmed Fish Pesticides
4 White Floor Increased glucose level
5 Grilled Red Meat Heterocyclic aromatic amines
6 Refined Sugar Insulin resistance
7 Canned Goods Bisphenol-A
8 Salted and Smoked Foods Nitrites
9 GMOs Glyphosate
10 Diet Foods Saccharin and color dyes


We hope this article is useful for all people and for those who fight with this disease.  You heard this quotation “Prevention is better than treatment”. So avoid these foods and prepare them in a proper way. It will reduce the chances of cancer. Shear this info with other people for their welfare.