10 Most Dangerous Poisonous Frogs in the World


Dangerous Poisonous Frogs The most dangerous poisonous frog on the earth is Giant leaf frog, and another name is Waxy monkey tree frog. When we talk about toxic species of reptiles in the world, mostly name come in our mind is snakes. There are many other toxic species on the planet one of them is Frogs. Frog are usually found in homes and many places and children trap them for fun and play. But some species of frogs are so dangerous in this world that they cause a death of humans. The toxins produced from these poisonous frogs cause severe health issues like paralysis, heart failure, respiratory disease. We make a list of ten most dangerous poisonous frogs in the world and some of them are so fatal that cause the death of human only on touching.

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10. Red Backed Poisonous Frog

red-backed-poisonous-frogRed Backed frog is found in Peru mainly. This name is given to this frog because of the reddish orange color on its back. It is harmful enough to kill an animal immediately, and their poison compared with any big snake. According to scientist search, this species of frog is not capable of producing poison, the insects which they eat like ants, mites and beetles produce a toxin which accumulated in glands under the skin. After that, this poison seeps through the pores on the back and make it a dangerous frog. They have a great self-defense against the enemy, and one attack is enough to kill a chicken.

9. Strawberry Poison Dart Frog

strawberry-poison-dart-frogTheir name is derived because Amerindian tribes were used their toxic secretions to throwing darts and Strawberry name given to them because of their color. These Central American frogs are looking beautiful. It is one of the poisonous frogs and causes burning and swelling of the human skin. They are always looking for a safe home with their tadpoles on their back and kept their tadpoles at separate places and like to live in a pool of rainwater.

8. Blue Poison Drat Frog

blue-poison-dart-frogAnother poison dart frog in this list is the blue frog. It has beautiful vibrant blue color with black spots on all over the body. You can see its blue color in many paintings, pictures, and tattoos. Blue dart frog is less poisonous as compared to others on the list but two micrograms are enough to kill a human. Mainly they are found in South American regions. Toxins come from the ants and small bugs which they eat.

7. Striped Poisonous Frog

striped-poisonous-frogIt is called striped or lovely poisonous frog and found in Panama, Costa Rica and Tropical regions of Nicaragua. They belong to Dendrobatidae family. A small amount of poison almost 0.8 mg is enough to stop the attack of the enemy. As their name indicate, they have striped on their body which produces batrachotoxins that cause the heart failure on ingestion. Another frog named False poison dart frog is similar in appearance to this frog which is not dangerous.

6. Golfodulcean

golfodulcean-poison-frogThe Golfodulcean frog belongs to Phyllobates genus and produces neurotoxic alkaloid poison. Toxins create from this species cause serious health issues like seizures, severe pain, and paralysis. They found in Cost Rica. The size of this frog is 1.3 inches and largest frog in this list. Strikingly colored stripes are running on all the body of a frog, and it carries more poison because of its significant size.

5. Dyeing Dart Frog

dyeing-dart-frogDyeing Dart Frog is third largest poisonous frog in the world. They carry different color combinations on their body. The poison of Dyeing Dart Frog is used to hunt other animals in the tribes of Guiana. Another benefit of these frogs is that the people used them to massage the parrot’s body and convert the parrot’s features into different colors.

4. Splash Backed

splash-backed-poison-frogSplash-backed is a tree-dwelling frog. Its Habitat is rainforests of Ecuador and Peru. It is looking beautiful with white and black color combination. They are much dangerous and kill five humans at a time by secreting enough poison from their skin.

3. Black Legged Dart Frog

black-legged-dart-frogThe Scientific name of this frog is Phyllobates bicolor. It is small in size but a more poisonous frog. They found in Western Columbia. The toxin secret from these frogs is batrachotoxin which causes fever, pain, respiratory failure and muscles paralysis and even leads t death. 150 microgram poison is enough to kill an adult human.

2. Golden Poison Frog

golden-poison-frogThe second most poisonous frog on the planet is Golden poison frog. Golden Poison Frog found in Netherlands. It is small species but dangerous enough to kill an elephant and 20 people at a time. Even human can die even by touching it. The toxins of these frogs directly attack the heart and lead to heart failure.

1. Giant Leaf Frog

giant-leaf-frogThe most poisonous frog on the earth is Giant leaf frog. They are also known as Waxy Money tree frog and found in Amazon basin. The mild poison of this dangerous frog cause sedation, gastric upset and hallucination. Most the interesting thing is that their toxins used in treating cancer and AIDS. They look like the leaf as their name indicate and have the green color.

List of Most Dangerous Poisonous Frogs in the World at a Glance

Sr. No Dangerous Poisonous Frogs Habitat
1 Giant leaf Amazon Basin
2 Golden Poison Frog Netherlands
3 Black Legged Dart Western Columbia
4 Splash Backed Poison Peru and Ecuador
5 Dyeing Dart Guiana
6 Golfodulcean Cost Rica
7 Striped Poisonous frog Panama, Costa Rica Nicaragua
8 Blue poison Drat South American regions
9 Strawberry Poison dart Central America
10 Red Backed Peru


We conclude from this article that frogs are looking innocent and harmless species. But some areas of the world found poisonous frogs which cause the death of a human. Usually these are not found in homes. I think no one considers death from a frog, but it is a reality. You should be careful when you touch a frog like above, you can recognize these frogs from their color.