Top 10 Most Expensive and Luxurious Jeans


expensive and luxurious jeans Jeans are worn around the world and they are also considered as the least less expensive outfit. This piece of attire is worn by everyone around the world from President to cowboys from model to peasants; everyone wears it. We all know that jeans are an essential part of clothing in western countries but the trends are much changed, and they are now famous in other nations as well. Most people suppose jeans make you more stylish and fashionable as well. They are now very famous all over the world and are mainly used by young generation as well. However, this cheap product has been made costly by designers. if you could not buy the most expensive jeans then you can check out the Top selling jeans brands of 2016-2017.  Today we will discuss the top 10 most expensive and luxurious jeans in the world.

10. 7 FOR ALL MANKIND – $298

10 7 FOR ALL MANKINDIt is a denim brand which was introduced in the market in about 2000. It is also commonly called Seven Jeans. They started their business only with women clothes but now very vast. Their products are sold in more than 80 countries in Asia, Europe. It is very famous and successful brand and are sold in big stores like Macy`s, Neiman Marcus, etc. The most expensive jeans of this brand charge almost $298 which is very expensive for denim jeans. This jean was available in different colors and styles. The reason for its popularity is its perfect fitting from thigh and legs. The company makes straight cut jeans for men in either coated gray or washed indigo boast of the top of the lining fabric that fit your legs and thighs just perfectly.


9 EARNEST SEWN CUSTOM FITSHere is the other brand which also customized the pair of jeans for you if you want to stitch the pants according to your fitting and requirements, and it fits perfectly on your customized the pair of jeans for a body. Company uses some gold chains and stones to make them formal. Most expensive customized product has worth $1000.

8. DOLCE & GABBANA – $1200

8 DOLCE & GABBANAD & G is a famous luxurious trademark and no need of introduction. You just need to sign up to buy this pair of jeans. This first jean is custom made, and an extensive list of people are willing to buy this. They offer a different range of jeans in faded material like the material of denim. Pant Back pocket is decorated with a pink patch and embedded with a gold logo of the company which makes it worthy.Their famous trademark is butterfly which they used on their commodities.


7 ROBERTO CAVALLIAll other expensive jeans brands in this list are manufacturers, but this is the famous designer. It is a very famous brand for a luxurious clothing brand in the world and their commodities are also very famous but are available at a high price tag. This brand is mostly popular among the upper class and Hollywood Celebrities. You have seen Sarah Jessica Parker wearing these jeans many times in all sex and city shows. Their shop is located on Madison Avenue in New York City. These jeans prevalent among women due to its different designing patterns. The most expensive product has worth $1200.

6. GUCCI JEANS – $3100

6 GUCCI JEANSAnything which owned name Gucci attached to it becomes fashionable, expensive and elegant. This brand started in about 1998. Gucci introduced the line of its jean pants in 2010 in a fashion show held in Milan. Like other accessories by Gucci, the jean pants of Gucci are also expensive and start from $3100. Their product comes with very different style and designs as well. This company just created a pair that was also treated and beaten up just to make it appear somewhat vintage and also old. It embellished with some feathers, some buttons and also some African beads.

5. APO JEANS – $4000

5 APO JEANSThese are expensive jeans have a worth of $4000. These jeans come with silk pockets with gold, silver or platinum riveting. Diamond can also use as a button. The best thing about jeans is that these are used formerly. Owners of APO jeans ensures that finest fabric is used in making jean. Services of professional jewelers are obtained to ensure that gems and stones used in jeans are rare and valuable. These diamonds make this pair of jeans expensive one with worth $4000 and it stood at number 5 on this list.

4. ESCADA – $10,000

4 ESCADAIt is an American brand introduced in 1978. This brand offers its customers to customize the products according to their requirements and wishes.Some people prefer old faded jeans while others embellished it with stones, diamonds which looks more different and beautiful.This company offers different types and styles of jeans in various ranges. The most expensive jean of this brand which has Swarovski stones starts its price from $10,000.

3: LEVI STRAUSS & CO, 501 – $60,000

3 LEVI STRAUSS & COIt stands at number 3 in this list in 2015-2016.We all know that Levi’s jeans get better with time. A most famous collection of Levi’s is Vintage jean collection from 501 series. Levis itself a buyer of two older jeans one from 1900’s and other from 1800’s were bought for $46000 and 36000 respectively. A Japanese collector bought Levi’s jeans that date back to 1880s for around $60000 in some auction.


2 DUSSAULT APPAREL THRASHED DENIMSecond most expensive jean is the handmade Thrashed Denim line of luxury from Dussault Apparel is appropriately named. It has reached such a price of $250,000 because it is very comfortable for the consumers. New jeans are mostly stiff and tight, and you are required to wash and wear it many times to make them comfortable. This jeans is made by the unique process when it hits the rack it was washed already 13 times and dyed and painted in between to add depth to the jeans and it looks like a second skin. To justify this price, Dussault adorned this jean with 16 single carat and 26 half-carat rubies, eight half-carat jewels and more than a kilo of 18 k white or rose gold. You can get these jeans either at the manufacturer’s store in Los Angeles or Kustom in New York City. Dussault Apparel gave an idea a pair of jeans that will reduce the waiting time and process you need to undergo for a tight new pair to become the comfortable and relaxed old jeans that you prefer.



The pair of jeans by SECRET CIRCUS comes at number one in the race of top 10 most expensive jeans. The price of this pair of jeans is $1.3 million. The reason for this high price is its classical design, and further enhanced its uniqueness by real diamonds embellished on the back pocket of this jean. The diamonds are diamonds whatever you wear them around the neck or on the back pocket of your jean. These jewels make this jean highly expensive. Secret Circus is the first ever trademark in the world who introduced this type of jeans, and no other brand could match this.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive And Luxurious Jeans Price

Rank Jeans Name Price
1. SECRET CIRCUS $1.3 Million
3. LEVI STRAUSS & CO $60,000
4. ESCADA $10,000
5. APO JEANS $4,000
6. GUCCI JEANS $3,100
8. DOLCE & GABBANA $1,200
10. 7 FOR ALL MANKIND $298


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