Top 10 Most Expensive Baseball Cards in The World


most-expensive-baseball-crad-in-the-world The most expensive baseball card in the world is Honus Wagner which has valued $2.8 million. Everyone knows about the baseball game, but no one knows about the baseball cards. Today we tell about the expensive baseball cards in the world. Many baseball lovers in the world collect these cards as a hobby. These are the tickets of prestigious tournaments in the history and have the pictures of great baseball players. These cards issued in the same year when some great players make remarkable victory in the history. Some of these have peers of the game.

They sold at such a high price just because of these players pictures. Thousands of baseballs cards are in circulation, but these are few valuable and rarest cards in the world. Baseball lovers, card collectors and many museums in the world always sought out these cards. Here is a list of top 10 most expensive baseball cards in the world.

10. Eddie Plank Baseball Card – $18,800

eddie-plank-baseball-cardBaseball Card associated with significant player Eddie Plank ranked at number 10 on the list. It issued in 1909 by Sweet Caporal cigarettes company. Eddie Plank name given to it because of his picture on the poster. It published in the remembrance of world championship baseball of 1910. Eddie Plank was born in 1875 and has 51 years life. This card was sold at an auction for price $18,8000 because of this great basket player. He belongs to Philadelphia Athletics and won many tournaments.

9. T210 Joe Jackson – $199,750

t210-joe-jacksonThis card issued in the same year in 1910. As the name indicate, it has the picture of the America bashing baseball player Joe Jackson. He is known as shoeless joe because he played one match in South Carolina without shoes. In this game, He made historical success by an incredible performance with his hurtled foot. InT210 Joe Jackson baseball card, he is wearing his official shirt with team name Cleveland Naps. So card belongs to a great team and player has the high price tag which justifies its uniqueness.

8. Joe Jackson Baseball Card – $204,000

joe-jackson-baseball-cardThis Joe Jackson baseball card is a remembrance of 1914 series of baseball. It was issued in 1914 by Boston Garter, and at that time its price was only 25 pennies and sold quickly. But in 2010 baseball lovers proved that this is a unique card and its price should be high. You can say that is a tribute to this great player.

7. Honus Wagner Baseball Card 1910 – $219,000

Wagner Honus T206 cardAmerican player Honus Wagner picture posted on this card which belonged to the brilliant team in baseball Pittsburgh Pirates. He has excellent 21 years career in baseball and famous not only in America but also in other countries. Standard Caramel issued this card in 1910 for a series. Honus Wagner is an outstanding player of the 20th century.

6. Ty Cobb Baseball Card – $273,000

ty-cobb-baseball-cardTy Cobb baseball card is valued because of a high-value man “Ty Cobb.” He belongs to Detroit Tigers which show the talent of this man to the whole world. The Georgia peach is the nickname of Ty Cobb and justifies this award by excellent performance. He has supernatural skills and unique style which make him unique among other players. By printing the picture of the great player on the card, its value increased.

5. Lou Gehrig Baseball Card – $275,000

lou-gehrig-baseball-cardIn 1933,  Lou Gehrig Baseball Card issued by Goudey John E Manufacturing LTD.  Today its cost is so high due to Lou Gehrig. This card remembers us the world championship 1933, and he won this by New York Yankees side. It is the main reason of expensiveness of this card. It included in few cards which get a PSA10 grade.

4. Mickey Mantle Baseball Card – $282,000

mickey-mantle-baseball-cardAnother diamond of New York Yankees baseball team is Mickey Mantle. Nickname of Mickey Mantle is Mick. He has exceptional game skills and great talent. This card was issued in 1952 by Topps company and valued $282,000. Mick team is a great asset to his team and prove his team world best baseball team. It associated with a fierce competition of baseball held in which he makes success for his team.

3. Joe Doyle Baseball Card – $425,000

joe-doyle-baseball-cardIt is the most expensive card issued in 1911 by Piedmont Cigarettes. At that time the price of the card is only 30 pennies. But today its price is $425,000 due to this player picture. Nickname was given to this great man because of his peaceful innings “Slow Joe”. He is another gem of New York Yankees. On the card the player wearing his shirt and ball in one hand and a glow in other. He is America best baseball player.

2. Babe Ruth Baseball Card – $517,000

babe-ruth-baseball-cardBabe Ruth is a successful baseball player of his time and belongs to Boston Red Sox. His picture has printed on many cards, but most famous one is Rookie card. It was published in 1914 by Baltimore News company during the world championship. Due to the picture of legend player, this card got much value among card collectors. This card also shows the power of his over the game.

1. Honus Wagner Baseball Card 1911 – $2.8 Million

Expensive Baseball CardsAnother card has Honus Wagner picture on it is the most expensive baseball card in the world. It has such high value that astonished everyone. It was issued in 1911 by Sweet Caporal Cigarettes company. The uniqueness of the card is that it remembers us the 1911 championship of baseball. Many companies tried to mimic this card but no alternate of this original card. It is the rarest and most valuable card in the world.

List of Most Expensive Baseball Cards in the World History

Sr. No Expensive Baseball cards Price
1 Honus Wagner $2.8 million
2 Babe Ruth/ Rookie card $517,000
3 Joe Doyle $425,000
4 Mickey Mantle $282,000
5 Lou Gehrig card $275,000
6 Ty Cobb or The Georgia Peach $273,000
7 Honus Wagner card $219,000
8 Joe Jackson $204,000
9 T210 Joe Jackson $119,750
10 Eddie Plank $18,800


It is a knowledgeable article for those who love to collect unique things. Many people in the world have such hobbies like collecting old Cards, collecting unique cards, so this article is useful for those. One thing is clear these baseball cards have valued as much just because of pictures of these legends players.