Top 10 Most Pleasurable and Expensive Bottled Water


water bottler The most expensive bottled water in the world is Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo A Modigliani. A price of this bottled water is $60000 per 750 ml.

Water is the essential need of life; we can’t live without water. Pure water is the biggest problem on earth, and people are suffering from many diseases due to unhealthy water.  Most people in the world drink impure water, and now people prefer bottled water. In all over the world, many companies are working in this field like Nestle, Aquafina, etc. Prople who would like to drink expensive water also like to eat most expensive food.

Many bottled water are very expensive because this bottled water is very pure, fresh, unhygienic, besides these, their look makes them more expensive. But most people can’t afford these bottled water, only wealthy and conscious people afford these water bottles.  In This article, I will tell you top 10 most expensive bottled water.

10. Fine, $5 per 750 ml

10 Fine, $ 5 per 750 mlMt. Fuji is the place in Japan which one of the beautiful sights in the world, it provides cleanest and fresh water. After tens of thousands of years, real pure water got from 600 meters below the mountain belt. It is a mineral rich and unpolluted water. Fine Bottled water is excellent for a healthy life, and packing of the bottle is unique and stylish.  In 2005 in an International debut, it added into the most expensive bottled water in the world.

9. Tasmanian Rain, $5 per 750 ml

9 Tasmanian RainTasmanian Rain,  originated from Australia. Australia is famous due to its beautiful Islands, and Tasmanian is one of the beautiful islands in Australia where this bottled water get and source of drink is rain. Due to this fact, it is natural and healthy bottled water. This bottled water is best for active and health conscious people who want to stylish and pure water. The design looks like wine bottle which is attractive and unique. Island make it expensive that is not affordable for everyone.

8. Lauquen Artes Mineral Water, $6 per 750 ml

8 Lauquen Artes Mineral WaterOne of the leading premia bottled water which is famous as the name of a class, elegance, and sophistication.  Lauquen Artes Mineral Water originated from persistent, pure rain and ice from the Andes Mountains. It is very pure and fresh, remains untouched even by air, so that’s why people have trust on it. Most people purchase it due to its quality and taste, but not everyone can afford.

7. AquaDeco, $12 per 750 ml

7 AquaDecoAquaDeco bottled water is unique and attractive design and looks like a perfume bottle. This bottled water has won gold medal due to its noncarbonated spring water, beautiful design, and quality of water. This pure water gets from the Canada; It is also best to taste. It also won an award which is called Best Spring water, due to high price not everyone can afford.

6. 10 Thousand BC, $14 per 750 ml

6 10 Thousand BCThis bottled water originated from the exotic location off the coast of Canada, and this place is every far, so that’s why it takes three days to visit the plant of filtration. People define 10 thousand BC as uncompromised quality, and signature elegance and one of the purest water brand which is full of health precious minerals. Mostly people attracts due to its classy bottled design.

5. Veen, $23 per 750 ml

5 VeenIt originated from Veen Emonen, Finland, first time introduced in the Finish national epic Kalevala. This freshest and purest water not only satisfy your hunger but also boost up your energy level. Veen is available in many flavors. The bottled designed is similar to many energy drinks. Its unpolluted water and bottled design made it expensive, so this luxury bottled water had particular characteristics.

4. Bling H20, $40 per 750 ml

4 Bling H20The luxury brand of bottled water Bling H2O is the 4th expensive bottled water in the world. Its price is not much higher, but when we think about its beautiful name, then huge jewelry comes in mind which wore to show off the people.  It got from English Mountain Spring which located at the base of Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee and after that well-known artist packed it into a crystal bottled and closed with a cork like of champagne. It is very fresh and pure; the company believes one day people will use this bottled water on their special occasions and victory.

3. Fillico, $219 per 750ml

3Fillico royal piece looks like a chess piece, and gold crown at the top looks beautiful and shows the royalty. Fillico is the 3rd highest luxury brand of bottled water in the world. This luxury bottled water made in Osaka in Japan. It is very pure, clean and fresh water and people don’t purchase due to its taste and quality; they buy due to its chess pieces like structure and gold crown.

2. Kona Nigari Water, $ 402 per 750 ml

2 Kona Nigari WaterKona Nigari Water bottled water made by Japan and sold in Japan. It helps in reduces weight, improve skin, and stress. Desalinated seawater is the main source of the Kona Nigari water which collected from the thousand feet below the surface of the sea.  It is 2nd expensive bottled water and has lots of health benefits. The structure of bottle is simple and attractive, and people afford this bottled water due to its health benefits.

1. Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo A Modigliani, $60000 per 750 ml:

Expensive Bottled WaterMost expensive bottled water in the world, but this does not satisfy your thirst and empty your pocket because it is very expensive. This bottled water belongs to France or Fiji. 24 karat gold used in this unique bottled water. Fernando Altamirano of Tequila Lay fame designed bottled design. The bottle is also a combination of gold matte, silver, silver matte, crystal, bottle pack in a leather case. 5 milligrams of gold dust water is not affordable for everyone, and only conscious people purchase this bottled water.

List of Top 10 most Expensive Bottled Water At a Glance

Sr. No Bottled water Name Price
1 Acqua Di Cristallo Tributo A Modigliani $60000 per 750 ml
2 Kona Nigari Water $ 402 per 750 ml
3 Fillico $219 per 750ml
4 Bling H20 $40 per 750 ml
5 Veen $ 23 per 750 ml
6 10 Thousand BC $14 per 750 ml
7 AquaDeco $12 per 750 ml
8 Lauquen Artes Mineral Water $6 per 750 ml
9 Tasmanian Rain $5 per 750 ml
10 Fine $ 5 per 750 ml


From above article we concluded, people face many problems due to unhealthy water. In the world there are many expensive bottled water, their prices are high due to its freshness and purity.But these bottled water only afford rich people. The common man can’t afford these high priced bottled water.