Top 10 Unique Most Expensive Cats in World


Most Expensive Cats The cat is the most lovely and best pet in the world. Mostly people love it and keep it at homes. Children also love to play with cats and you can found mostly in European and Muslim countries. The people who can’t afford the high cost, they can buy cheap cats and fulfill their wishes by keeping them at homes. The people pay full attention and look after them. Some rich people buy expensive breed. Some expensive ones are as follows: British shorthair cats, Scottish Fold, Sphynx, Russian Blue, Peterbald, Persian, Allerca Hypoallergenic, Bengal, Savannah & Ashera Cats. Here you can get information about top 10 Most Expensive Cats in the world.

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10. British Shorthair – $500-1,500

British ShorthairThese are expensive and have short hair on the body. This breed can found in America and the United Kingdom. This medium sizes cats weight ranges is 9-18 pounds and have thick bones because it like bones to eat. These cats are brilliant, hard -working and affectionate. These also help their owners of some works due to powerful muscles. The British Shorthair cats can alive about 14 to 20 years long. The price range is $500-1, 500.

9. Scottish Fold – $200-3,000

Scottish FoldScottish Fold is one of the most costly cats. The price range is $200-3,000. Shepherd William Ross introduced it in 1961. It is medium sized cats and has button-shaped eyes. They have folded ears. Scottish Fold is a very loving breed of cats. Children like to play with them.

8. Sphynx $300 – 3,000

SphynxSphynx is one of breed that has no hairs on the body. They have large and lemon shaped eyes. They want to get a proper attention of owners. If the owner does not look after them in a proper way, then they can’t survive. Their lifespan is very short. Due to this, they are very rare in the whole world. So, these are most expensive. The price range is $300-3,000.

7. Russian Blue – $400-3,000

Russian BlueThese are one of the most precious cats in the world. The average range price is $400-3,000. These are very affectionate and kind hearted. Russian blue is very affectionate to their owners. Many people, especially children love to keep it at homes for enjoyment. These cats like to play with kids. They jump ups and downs and enjoy their life for many ways. The body color of these cats is grey, and the color of eyes is green. As it grows up, the eyes color becomes visible and dark. They have very friendly behavior.

6. Peterbald $1,200-5,000:

PeterbaldThese are the most expensive and no hair on the body. They resemble Sphynx cats due to the hairless body. They have a slim body and strongest muscles. In winter season; the most heat is needed to keep warm and alive. If you keep Peterbald by giving full attention and look after them according to their desire and nature, then it can live for 12-15 years. The eyes shape is like an almond. Most of this breed have no eyelashes; they need to wash their eyes 2 to 3 times in a day. Due to their unique characteristics, they have a high price; the average range is $1,200-5,000.

5.Persian Cats $500-5,500:

Persian CatsPersian cats have a charming, loving and attractive look. Mostly people like them and keep in homes as a pet animal. They have white color of the body and long hair on the whole body. They are mostly available in developed countries like America and UK. Most people buy these breed from other nations for their interest because these are most friendly with the people and are most beautiful. The average price range is $500-5,500.

4. Allerca Hypoallergenic – $6,000

Allerca HypoallergenicThe average price in the whole world of Allerca Hypoallergenic $6,000. Allerca Hypoallergenic were introduced by a scientist namely “Allerca” so these are called Allerca Hypoallergenic. This breed has not the same size of body and weight. The lifestyle of all cats is different from others. Even that the food is not same. So, the energy power is also different. These are entirely distinct from each other.

3. Bengal Cats – $1,000-25,000

Bengal catsMostly Bengal cats live in jungles. These are most attractive due to the physical appearance. These are gigantic as compared to those cats which people keep in their homes. The weight of male is 10-15lbs and female is 8-12lbs. Its color is brown, but there are large, colored spots on their body. Their body structure resembles the leopards. The average price is $1,000-25,000.

2. Savannah – $1,500-50,000

SavannahSavannah cats have the sharpest mind, and they are very faithful to their owners. They resemble the dogs. Most people keep it in homes as a pet animal than a cat. Usually, Americans like it the most. So in America, there are more animals of this breed than other countries. These have a high price; the price range is $1,500-50,000.

1. Ashera Cats – $15,000-100,000

Ashera catAshera is the most expensive breed. It is a hybrid cat, mostly found in Africa. It is very wonderful, sharp minded, faithful and loving cat. Due to the reasons of these qualities, most people keep it in homes. These are the only one’s that have most similarities to the Savannah cats, which have proved by DNA test. These are very rare in the world and have a high price due to having the unique characteristic. Its price range is $15,000-100,000.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Cats in Chart

Rank Cat Name Price
1. Ashera Cat $15,000-100,000
2. Savannah $1,500-50,000
3. Bengal cats $1,000-25,000
4. Allerca Hypoallergenic $6,000
5. Persian Cats $500-5,500
6. Peterbald $1,200-5,000
7. Russian Blue $400-3,000
8. Sphynx $300-3,000
9. Scottish Fold $200-3,000
10. British Shorthair $500-1,500


There are many expensive and cheap cats. Some expensive ones discussed above. We should buy the cats and give attention. We buy most expensive non-living things. we should also buy the living beings. It is an innocent animal. We should keep it at homes. Poor people can buy cheap cats, who can’t afford the high prices.