Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in New Year


Expensive Clothing Brands The most expensive clothing brand is Italian based “Gucci” whose dresses are unique and fashionable. Food , shelter, and clothing are the basic needs of any human. The purpose of clothing is to cover the human body but present days clothing become more stylish and fashionable. Here is a list of some expensive clothing brands in the world in new year. If you are interested in Jeans and have good money then first read the article on Top 10 most expensive jeans in the world.

In the fashion industry, the everyday trend of fashion has been changed rapidly. Every woman, men wants to dress up in elegant and adorable, so they are curious about the latest designs of clothing which are specially designed by famous and authorized designers. A lot of clothing brands are present in the world some of them are very expensive and for the elite class. However, every brand has unique and up to date dresses which are vary with season. We analyze the different clothing brands in the world and found these 10 are the most expensive one. Their dresses specially best selling jeans are modernized, elegant and fashionable.

10. Valentino

10 ValentinoValentino is the brand of fashionable and classy clothes. Valentino is the name of Italian designer who designs the luxurious garments.Clothing designs of Valentino can make fall in love any women.Its bold designs attract the ladies and new and creative designs of Valentino now become famous among fashion lovers.Mostly they are popular for their evening wear range. This is a clothing brand for rich people. You can make your wardrobe fabulous with Valentino trendy dresses.

9. Versace

9 VersaceVersace is the Italian fashion brand for those who never care the money for style and fashion. They made the unique dresses for both men and women. It is the icon for the trend lovers. It is famous for its quality and latest fashion. They made a variety of dresses and designers considered Versace a seasonal clothing brand. Versace is the top luxury clothing brand now-a -days.This brand now introduced makeup and designer furniture with clothing.

8. Guess

8 GuessGuess is the American favorite clothing brand. The most famous product of the brand is denim jeans. Youth like this brand very much because they offer different styles of jeans and T-shirts. They make the clothes mostly for adult men and women. They always surprised their customers by introducing latest fashion in their clothing.

7. Dior

7 DiorDior is the brand for rich and sophisticated people. It was founded in 1946 in Paris, France. Dior is the status symbol with their latest best quality products. Their clothing designs modernized, prestige and elegant. The most recent fashion trend in the fashion industry produced by this brand. Its latest clothing designs attract the women . This well-reputed brand also introduced handbags, perfumes, glasses and other accessories. They export their products in all over the globe. Women much appreciate Their purse and bags.

6. Marc Jacobs

6 Marc JacobsMarc Jacobs is the brand of jewelry and perfumes, but now they introduced clothing for different seasons. Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer and design clothes at its level. Main properties of this brand are exclusive sales, its luxurious designs which attract the customers more towards them. If you want dresses according to the season, then you should choose Marc Jacobs. They concentrated on shoes, handbags but got great success in seasonal clothing design.

5. Armani

5 ArmaniArmani is the oldest expensive Italian clothing brand in the world. Armani makes the clothes from kids to men. Their clothing designs are popular in all over the world. Armani has a big name in manufacturing jeans and T-shirt. Authorized fashion designers highly recommend the dress of Armani and available in boutique shops. It is the brand that incredibly sold in all over the globe, and their seasonal dresses earn huge name and money.Armani has the range of products from perfumes to clothing. You can choose a dress with excellent scent.

4. Dolce and Gabbana

4 Dolce and GabbanaDolce and Gabbana were the most expensive brand of 2013 and needed no introduction.Its headquarter located in Italy. A duplicate copy of Dolce and Gabbana is available with the tag of D&G. This brand has fashionable dresses in the Italian culture. Their products have superb print and best quality texture. Products of D&G are equally popular among the men and women. Most fashionable dresses found in Dolce and Gabbana, and their clothes sold in a greater amount.

3. Prada

Prada Prada is an Italian luxury fashion house and well known for handbags and wallets.But its unbeatable clothing is very famous among the fashion lovers.The products of Prada exported in all over the word and easily available than some other top brands. It’s unique and beautiful collection of clothes are very popular in the fashion industry. Their dresses are simple, comfortable but distinguished. Prada also makes a name in perfume market.

2. Chanel

2 ChanelChanel is the famous fashion brand of Paris, France. Chanel is a brand for the elite class. The demand for Chanel products has increased day by day.The uniqueness of this brand is that they do not copy other brands.Young people have kept great attraction in Chanel products.It is the best brand among the various options. Other than clothing, skin care items, beauty products, and quality shades are present at outlets.

1. Gucci

1 GucciGucci is the world class Italian brand. Most expensive fashion brand in the world which stand at number 1. They make their products for men and women. Barely a thing which does not like by customers. Their clothing designs are always unique and stylish.They make clothes, handbags, luggage trolleys. Most of their things are made of leather.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Clothing Brands in World

Sr. No Expensive Clothing Brands Country of Brand
1 Gucci Italian
2 Chanel Paris, France
3 Prada Italian
4 Dolce and Gabbana Italian
5 Armani Italian
6 Marc Jacobs American designer
7 Dior Paris , France
8 Guess America
9 Versace Italian
10 Valentino Italian designer


We conclude from this article in the modern world clothing is more about fashion, sophistication, and glamor. More money is spent on the clothing to make unique and fashionable dresses.These brands are mostly used by celebrities and elite class people because of their expensiveness. Every brand has its own different and stylish dresses, and this is the success of these brands that they do not copy any other brand. These clothing expensive brands are expensive but made clothing according to the new trend. This article may be useful for all fashion lovers who love to adopt every new fashion.