Top 10 Most Expensive Coffee Brands in the World


Expensive Coffee Brands
It will be better to have information about the most expensive brands of coffee in the world for a coffee drinker and lover. If someone claims that he has already been used the expensive brand of coffee then, he should know that Expensive Coffee Brand is Hacienda La Esmeralda coffee whose price is $350/lb. It is the most expensive brand of coffee because of its best quality and gives a better blend. Listed below Top 10 Most Expensive Coffee Brands in the World. Do you like Tea? Also read about most expensive Tea brands.

People love and use many types of drink that include tea, coffee, and juices, etc. The most soothing type of drink is considered to be coffee because it boosts the energy of many people. But for most of the people taste of coffee has vital importance. So different varieties of coffee regarding taste, quality and taste. So in the market, according to the popularity and reputation of brands various types of brands of coffee are available.

10 – Yauco selecto AA

10 Yauco selecto AA coffeeIt is the most outstanding brand having a price of $24 for each pound. This brand of coffee obtained from a crop which widely cultivated in Puerto Rico, where it is cultivated for commercial and domestic purposes. The people all over the world are crazy to drink the coffee of this brand because the coffee of this brand has the mild flavor but delicious taste.

9 – Starbucks Blue Bourbon

9 Starbucks Blue BourbonIt is found in Gatare and Karenger Rwanda. Starbucks first introduced it in 2004. This brand provides a highly acidic, black cherry and butter melt blend with notes of spiced nut. $25 for each pound is the price of this brand of coffee and is available in amazing packings.

8 – Honduras Mi Esperanza

8 Honduras Mi Esperanza Coffee
Honduras Mi Esperanza provides different types of tastes like the taste of chocolates, nuts, fruits as well as spices. Connoisseurs like it very well because it does not leave a bitter taste after drinking it. Its price is $35 per pound.

7 – El Salvador`s Los Planes

7 El Salvador`s Los PlanesIt is cultivated in Citala El Salvador. In 2006 cup of excellence awarded this brand the second position because it has delicious flavors of ingredients like fruits, chocolates, nuts, and spices, etc. nowadays its price is $40 per pound.

6 – Jamaican Blue Mountain

6 Jamaica Blue Mountain CoffeeIt mainly produced in Japan from where it is exported all over the world. It is the well-known brand of coffee because it has the lack of bitterness and mild flavor. By spending $49 for each pound, one can enjoy the taste of this brand of coffee.

5 – Fazenda Sana Ines

5 Fazenda Sana InesBecause of its price $50 per pound, it is one of the most expensive brands of coffee. It is cultivated in Minas Gerais a region of Brazil. One of the advantages of this brand of coffee is that no automated process required for its preparation. This brand of coffee has the sweetness of berries and caramel.

4 –  Hawaii`s Molokai

4 Hawaii`s Molokai CoffeeIt is an organic coffee having a taste of floral aroma, grain and caramel taste. The unique combination of mildly acidic and long lasting chocolate finishing make it an expensive brand of coffee and it is not available easily as the other brands of coffee are available. One to have the taste of this coffee must have to pay the cost of $51 for each pound.

3 – St. Helena

3 St. Helena CoffeeIt has been known since the time of Napoleon and was widely cultivated in St. Helena Island. It is an expensive brand of coffee because it transported from the long distances. The high-quality and unmatched floral flavor with hints of citrus is truly one of a kind and worth the cost. So to taste this brand of coffee one must have to pay a price of $76 for each pound.

2 – Luwak from Indonesia

2 Luwak Coffee from IndonesiaIt provides an entirely different taste of coffee with amazing flavors of different ingredients. This brand of coffee is also referred as Civet coffee because it consumes the coffee cherries leaving the beans to be collected from the animal’s feces. The price of this brand of coffee is 160$ per pound.

1 – Hacienda La Esmeralda

1 Hacienda La Esmeralda CoffeeHacienda La Esmeralda is mostly cultivated in Panama regions. From the year 2004, this brand of coffee has gained many awards for excellence. It is sold at the price of $350 per pound and has efficient packing to maintain the standards of this brand of coffee.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Coffee Brands in World 2016

Sr. No. Coffee Brands Price
10 Yauco Selecto AA $24
9 Starbucks Blue Bourbon $25
8 Honduras Mi Esperanza $35
7 El Salvador`s Los Planes $40
6 Jamaican Blue Mountain $49
5 Fazenda Sana Ines $50
4 Hawaii`s Molokai $51
3 The St. Helena $79
2 Luwak $160
1 Hacienda La Esmeralda $350



From the above article, it can be concluded that lovers of coffee are found all over the world and different regions of the people like the different taste of coffee. This article provides the information about different brands of coffee along with their prices and qualities so that the people would have been able to taste different brands of coffee according to their capacity to afford the brand of coffee.