Top 10 Most Expensive Golf Courses in the World


golf Here is a list of Top 10 most expensive golf courses in which Liberty National Golf Club is most expensive Golf Club in the world and its membership fee is $365,000. It is located New Jersey City near Loss Angeles, USA.

Golf has become a modern and famous game all over the world and many people are indulging in this sport. Trends have changed, and people now focused on sports for relaxing their routine. It is the different competition from all other sports which has become an official game all over the wold. It is played in the expensive club as well as in local clubs.

There are many clubs in which golf played, some expensive golf courses described here. People get a membership for different time periods some get monthly and some yearly which is very expensive. It is also expensive due to their beautiful locations.

10. Archerfield East Lothian, Scotland, $17,000

10 Archerfield East Lothian, ScotlandOne of the expensive gulf which established 500 acres land. It made in a traditional and historical way; it has traditional dress codes for people who come there. It provides one of the most expensive memberships and courts for different sports. Accommodation facility is also available and gives their customer relaxed environment. View of Loch Lomond ( a freshwater Scottish loch) makes it more exclusive. Golf have played at a significant level on this club which makes it membership in $17,000.

9. Yas Links, Abu Dhabi, $30,700

9 Yas Links, Abu DhabiYas Island one of the most famous in the world which has luxurious and exciting facilities. It located with its famous water park in Abu Dhabi. Latest golf court and Formula 1, and Ferrari are major attractions for tourist which made with billion dollars. That’s why people attract at this course that has their membership in $30,700.

8. The Madison Club, California, USA, $34,000

8 The Madison Club, CaliforniaThis club spread at an area of 56,000 square foot and full of natural beauty. It offers the best experience in The United States and an accommodation facility in La Quinta, California with the advanced facilities. La Quinta residential community is full of facilities for different sports, spa, and many others. Only rich people can afford this world-class court with $34,000 membership.

7. Address Montgomery, Dubai, $38,000

7 Address Montgomery, DubaiDubai is very developed country which is full of Modern facilities and now all over the world people come there. So Address Montgomery Dubai club is the best luxurious place which considered the best destination of the Middle East. This course spread over a large area about 265 acres which is lovely place all over the world. The course claims it will give the best playing facilities all over the world with $38,000 membership charges.

6. Stoke Park Buckinghamshire, England, $40,000

6 Stoke Park Buckinghamshire, EnglandEngland is expensive and beautiful country, and mostly their people can afford their expensive sport. Stoke Park created in 1908 and most exclusive golf club in the world. There are many large parks which have hotel, spa, historic gardens and many other facilities. So monuments and big gardens are another reason of its reputation. Harry Colt designed this 27 hole Championship golf course, so this is considered pinnacle for services with $40,000 golf course membership

5. Singapore Island Country Club, Singapore, $41,000

5Singapore Island Club is a private club which founded in 1963 after the Royal Singapore Golf Club and The Royal Island Club. IT is a gorgeous island which offers five courses and two driving ranges. It is most popular for its Peter Robinson Course and gives world-class dining facilities. It provides luxurious and excellent services to the people in a 41,000 dollars membership fee. A reservoir is made here which looks amazing, so people love to this place especially in summer.

4. Fancourt, Western Cape, South Africa, $60,000

4 Fancourt, Western Cape, South AfricaIt is most luxurious and beautiful golf resort which gives you latest facilities. It offers three courses with ponds which look beautiful. A South African golfing star, Gary Player designed these 43 courses. It is well equipped and best golf course in the world. It gives their membership in $ 60,000 only those people who own a flat in this society.

3. Trump National Los Angeles, USA, $188,000

3 Trump National Los Angeles, USABusiness magnate Donald Trump designed third most expensive as well as a luxurious golf course in The United States. It located at cliffs next to the Pacific Ocean that’s why golf lovers like this place too much. It situated on 30 minutes drive from Los Angeles; It offers a challenging setting to best golfers. There are three excellent restaurants with their luxurious and unmatched services with the high membership fee $188,000.

2. Bear’s Club, Florida, USA, $195,000

2 Bear’s Club, Florida, USAJack and Barbara created this luxurious and expensive golf club with the sense of nostalgia. It is second best golf club in the world which provides the highest quality standards. It gives 18 hole golf course as well as other facilities like Villas, Cottages, and homes. It is the best to place for those people who want to live with natural beauty with facilities of life.

1. Liberty National Golf Club, New Jersey, USA, $365,000

Expensive Golf CoursesLiberty National is the most professional place and best golf club all over the world. It located in Jersey City which provides an exclusive view of New York city as well as the Statue of Liberty. It’s 18 holes stands at 1000 yards from the Liberty Statue. This golf course made with full of luxurious and services like Yacht, spa, helipad, and many others. This exclusive club build in almost 160 million dollars, PGA Tour commissioner Tim Finchem awarded The President Cup 2017 to Liberty National Club course. All of these things makes it most expensive golf club in the world; you can purchase its membership in $365,000.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Golf Courses in the World

Sr. No Expensive Golf Courses Membership fee in Dollars
1 Liberty National Golf Club, New Jersey,USA $365,000
2 Bear’s Club, Florida, USA $195,000
3 Trump National Los Angeles, USA $188,000
4 Fancourt, Western Cape, South Africa $60,000
5 Singapore Island Country Club, Singapore $41,000
6 Stoke Park Buckinghamshire, England $ 40,000
7 Address Montgomery, Dubai $38,000
8 The Madison Club, California, USA $34,000
9 Yas Links, Abu Dhabi $30,700
10 Archerfield East Lothian, Scotland $ 17,000


We conclude from this article that nowadays people are tired of their daily life. So for changing their life they search a healthy activity like sports. In some recent years, golf playing is coming in trend. All these golf clubs are very expensive with their luxurious facilities. Therefore only rich people can afford these high prices golf club not everyone.