Top 10 Most Expensive Hollywood Movies of All Time

Most Expensive Movies

MARTIN FREEMAN as Bilbo Baggins in New Line Cinema’s and MGM's fantasy adventure “THE HOBBIT: AN UNEXPECTED JOURNEY,” a Warner Bros. Pictures release. The most expensive Hollywood movie in the world is Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides 2011. Hollywood movies are more entertaining having the big budget. The films made for big screen display have the largest budget. Today we tell you about top 10 most expensive Hollywood movie in the world. Some of these movies are earns more than the total amount. Many things made a movie costly like latest technology is used to make the scene real. Sometimes the movie became flop and quality of the film are inversely proportional to the actual worth. Payment of the actors is also high in these movies which enhanced the production cost. The movies mentioned below are the Most Expensive Hollywood Movies of all time and appreciated in all over the world.

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10. King Kong – $250 Million USD

king-kongKing Kong released in 2005. It was the 4th highest gross earning movie in the history of Universal Pictures. Jackson who was the director of Lord of Rings also the director. Jackson initially takes $150 million But the movie has the high scale, and the budget increased. Most of the budget spent on Kong himself because he has a considerable length almost 25 feet. He looks like the real gorilla. Another thing which enhanced the movie budget is a large studio for a long-awaited audience as longer movies receives few shows per day.

9. Avatar – $261 Million USD

avatarAvatar released in 2009 and director of the movie was James Cameron. Cameron in his 12 years career took a leap in 3rd dimension and created a new digital world and hired the WETA for special effects. The studio used in capturing the movie are well creative and limit the amount of tax. The director uses 3D super-sleek which enhanced the medium of cinema at a high level. Every single frame goes into 19 hours of movie productions and use of CGI which you can never see before. The main reason for high production cost was new language and teaching of thousand actors, sign up the big names, well-established script and introducing the 3D technology glasses.

8. Water World – $271 Million USD

waterworldWaterworld was released in 1995 and the most expensive movie at that time by Kevin Costner. He spends almost $20 million from his pocket for abroad shooting at big 400 feet diameter islets. It was specifically designed for the production of the movie at somewhere off the coast of Hawaii. Kevin Costner was standing in the middle of the ocean which was a dry land before and ice caps melted, and earth becomes a distant memory has cost less than $200 million USD, but 1995 movie was the most expensive movie of Kevin starring.

The movie budget increased because 1000 ton hanging set which has the mile in the circumference and helicopters and seaplanes are required to capture the film. But they failed to perform the duty correctly when they came up with three massive storms that destroy the whole set. It was the most famous flop in the film history.

7. John Carter – $271 Million USD

kinopoisk.ruThe movie was ridiculous and no harsh words to describe the cost of John Carter. The cost was so high that it left the US$200 million from the Disney pocket. You can say it was the biggest flop of the Disney. After a release year of the movie the former chairman of Walt Disney resign after a month and Disney lost the rights to make the remaining of Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc’s. However, Disney denied making any other sequel of John Carter. The movie director Andrew Stanton start shooting as eponymous lead with Taylor Kitsch which increased the budget. He was also forced to shot the film twice at some occasions, and budget becomes out of control.

6. Harry Porter and The Half-Blood Prince – $275 Million USD

harry-potter-half-blood-princeHarry Porter is a famous series and liked and appreciated worldwide. Warner Bros was willing to spend million of dollars to bring this movie of Harry Porter series on big screens. It is the most expensive part of Harry Porter series. But it was not liked as much by fans and criticism. It was also said that the director of movie David Yates tried some experiments with the movie. The stars of the movie got the big name in 2009, and their salaries reflected it too. USD $275 million for this series is the best investment by Warner Bros. And it proved that it earns US $302 million as domestic and internationally earns US $632 million. The director is David Yates.

5. Avengers, Age of Ultron – $280 Million USD

avengersage-of-ultronIt is the third highest grossing movie after Titanic and Avatar in North America. The director of the movie Joss Whedon gathers the face from Captain America to the Hulk. Iron Man, Black Widow, Quicksilver, and Falcon. The budget was so high that the Age of Ultron warns to quit the movie if you have not enough budget. All big name of the film demanding the US $5 million and shear in the cut of profit after release. Latest technology like CGI and drone cameras are used to capture the film scenes. The movie budget went up to the US $280 million, but the movie earns US $1.3 billion in Box Office. It was the famous movie of 2015.

4. Tangled – $281 Million USD

kinopoisk.ruIt is an animated film, and it takes a long time for a right story line. It was the 50th animated movie from Disney and featuring the voice of Zachary Levi and Mandy Moore. Initially, the movie name was Rapunzel which changed into Tangled. The director is Byron Howard and Nathan Greno, and they spent ten years for its production. The story of the movie is that a young princess with long magical hair lost when she left her tower and met with a prince. The budget was increased due to redesigning of a previously attempted movie with name Rapunzel. CGI was used to create animation process and to evoke traditional hand-drawn Disney characters.

3. Spider Man 3 – $293 Million USD

spider-man-3Spider-man released in 2002, and it was arranged just for the modern superhero. Sam Raimi was the director of the movie. It is the most expensive sequel of spider man. It was released first in summer in June, but production delayed. The cost is so high because CGI, salaries of stars. Promotion campaign also makes the production cost high. Spiderman 2 total budget was US $250 million, but spider man 3 budget reaches up to the US $293 million.

2. Titanic – $294 Million USD

titanicTitanic is based on the real story and released in 1997. In 1997 the cost of the movie was US $120-US $150 million. The director is James Cameron astonished the whole world. People appreciated Titanic in all over the world. The budget went so high because no space of error in grand staircase scene when the water was flowing and Jack and Rode try to escape because for reproducing of scene furnishing and sets are so expensive. Special effects used for making some scenes real as hundred of passengers hits and stroll. The marketing campaign is also a part of movie production cost. No other film promoted in such way in a box office. Roger Ebert says Titanic is the value for the money as each cent spent on its production.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides 2011 – $397 Million USD

pirates-of-the-caribbeanPirates of the Caribbean-On Stranger Tides returned at the box office with the budget $397 million. The director of the movie was Rob Marshall. It is not a cheap movie up till now. It is an excellent cash cow, and Johnny Deep appears the first time with Guyliner and beaded terror. The payment of Deep was US $55 million. The kohl eye pencils increased the budget of the movie. It is a Disney production.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Hollywood Movies of All Time

Sr. No Expensive Hollywood Movies Cost of Production
1 Pirates of the Caribbean- On Strange Tides $397 million
2 Titanic $294 million
3 Spider Man 3 $293 million
4 Tangled $281 million
5 Avenges, Age of Ultron $280 million
6 Harry Porter and The Half Blood prince $275 million
7 John Carter $271 million
8 Water World $271 million
9 Avatar $261 million
10 King Kong $250 million


We conclude, it is not easy to make a good movie. Enough money is required to make a super hit movie like Titanic. The directors of these movies are now a big name in the film industry. Sometimes these movies earn more than their actual budget but sometimes movie became a flop and drowned your all assets. So filmmakers should have enough courage to face all these situations.