Top 10 Most Expensive Luxurious Diamonds


Expensive Luxurious Diamonds
Diamonds have been a symbol of fascination for centuries. These precious diamonds are most wanted in the world; it is the admired collection of wealthy and the King for thousands of years. Especially expensive engagement rings and other luxurious jewelry made by one of the most expensive diamonds in the world but some are most unique that very less people can purchase them and some are priceless.

Have a look at ten most Expensive Luxurious Diamonds in the world.

10. The Allnatt Diamond – $3 Million

The Allnatt DiamondThis stone is named after its holder name, Major Alfred Ernest.Its worth is $ 3million, and weight is 101.29 carat (20.258gm). It has a cushion cut with vivid yellow color. It said that but do not exactly it was found where De Beers Premier mines were located. The current owner of this diamond is SIBA corporation who purchased this diamond at an auction in May 1996 by Christie’s in Geneva. It is undergone further modification to increase its intensity.

9. The Moussaieff Red Diamond – $7 Million

The Moussaieff Red Diamond
Earlier it was called the Red Shield Diamond. It was the smallest diamond as compared to other expensive diamonds, but it was largest fancy red colored diamond rated by GIA. The Mussaieff Red Diamond is 5.11 carat weight which is 1.022 gm and it was cut in the triangular shape having worth $7 million. It was discovered in Brazil. However it was cut by William Goldberg and finally in the possession of Israeli Jewelry designer, Shlomo Mussaieff.

8. The Heart of Eternity – $16 Million

The Heart of EternityIt was discovered in the mines of South Africa and weighs 27.64 carats (5.528gm). It has fancy vivid blue color having worth $ 16 million. Steinmetz group first cut it then it sold t De Beers group. It was cut into the heart shape. It is the only mine in the world with significant production in blue diamond.It was revealed as part of De Beers Millennium Jewels Collection which also included the Millennium star in January 2000.

7. Wittelsbach Diamond – $16.4 Million

Wittelsbach Diamond
It is 35.36 carats (7.11 g) diamond with 40 mm diameter,8.29 depth and VS 2 in clarity. It was a part of Austrian crown and also part of Bavarian crown jewels. It originates from Golconda mines, and its clarity can be compared with Hope Diamond. It is oval in shape and has a star on the crest of Diamond. It has sixteen facets which are arranged in pairs.The worth of this masterpiece of jewels is $16.4 million.

6: The Steinmetz Pink – $25 Million

The Steinmetz Pink
It is 59.60 carat ( 11.92 gram) and rated as Vivid Pink by Gemological Institute of America. It is the largest known diamond that gives fancy pink – vivid color. It took 20 strenuous months of an eight people team to cut the 100 carats original stone into its beautiful ring. It is oval shaped. It was finally revealed in May 2003 to pubic, and Jenna Elfman did the honors of unveiled this precious stone at “Splendor of Diamonds” exhibition at Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. Jenna Elfman at the exhibition said ‘I can see the beauty on my chest, you can feel physical vibrations’.

5. De Beers Centenary Diamond – $100 Million

De Beers Centenary Diamond
It is the world third largest diamond produced by De Beers Premier Mine. It is the colorless and flawless diamond. It was classified D grade level by the Gemological Institute of America. Its weight is 273.85 carat (54.77 gm). It was right in color when it was found in Premier mines, and it is top colored diamond ever found. Its origin is South Africa. Cutting of this diamond is a big task required expertise, engineers, electricians and security guards. Centenary Diamond is heart shaped but no grooves. Its price is $100 million due to its color, and it is naturally called Centenary Diamond.

4: The Hope Diamond – $350 Million

THE HOPE DIAMONDIt is largest –known deep blue diamond in the world having weight 45.52 carats (10.9gm). It gained this name when it observed in the catalogue of a gem collection owned by a London family called Hope. It was first originated in India from Kollur mine. It looks blue to the naked eye because present of traces of Boron metal while it shines like a red phosphor under ultraviolet was donated by jeweler Harry Winston and it is present in the Smithsonian Museum Of National History in Washington DC. It is surrounded by 16 pear -shaped and cushion–cut diamonds and hanging from a chain with 45 diamonds having worth $350 million. It is a rare gem that attracted 6 million visitors a year. Its popularity is due to numerous superstitions attached to it. It was also known as “The King’s Jewel” and “The Blue of France”.

3: The Cullinan – $400 Million

It is the largest rough gem-quality diamond ever found in the world having weight 3,106,375 carats (621.35gm). It was found at Premier no.2 mine outside Pretoria, South Africa. Its worth is $400 million. It has been cut into several polished gems and largest one named Cullinan I having weight 530.4 carats (106.0gm) and also called” Great Star of Africa”. It was the largest flawless white diamond in the word until 1985 when the Golden Jubilee of 545.67 carats ( 109.13gm) was found at the same mine. It was present in the head of Sovereign’s Sceptre with stick Cross. It was so huge to be cut into seven large stones and 96 small ones.

2. The Sancy Diamond – Priceless

The Sancy DiamondIt is second priceless diamond in the world. Sancy diamond history began in Constantinople when French ambassador to Turkey “Nicholas Harlai, the Seigneur de Sancy purchased this gem and it had given the name on the title of this French Ambassador. Mistakenly It was also known as “The Grand Sancy Diamond, Le Beau Sancy Diamond which is 34.98 carats and modified pear double rose cut and its price was over $9.5 million while the weight of “The Sancy ” diamond is 55.23 carats (11.05 gm) and its price can not be estimated. It is a pale yellow stone of shield shaped. It has Indian origin, and a remarkable thing about “The Sancy ” was it belongs to one of the great Moguls. It is first large diamond to cut with symmetrical faces. The unusual thing of this diamond is that it has no dome or structure, just a pair of a crown, one on the other. It originates in India, and remarkable thing abuts this diamond is it belongs to great Moguls. This real rock is kept in French crown jewel collection hold at Louvre. The Sancy diamond price would be in ten of millions, at least. It is worth a king’s ransom due to its stunning beauty and its history.

1. KOH-I-NOOR: Priceless

koh i noor diamondKoh-I-Nor is one of the largest diamond in the world. Another name of this diamond in Persian is” Mountain Of Light”. It is Princess diamond. Its weight is 105 carats (21.6gm). The first owner of Koh-I-Noor was a Hindu Kakatiya Dynasty. It was discovered in the 13th century from Kollur mine in Andhra Pradesh, India. It is colorless diamond and measuring 3.6cm & 3.4cm& 1.3cm.It has many owners Sikh, M Mughals and Persian rulers who fought each other for the possession of this diamond which ends up in the possession of Queen Victoria. Now it is present in ” The Queen Mother’s crown” part of Crown Jewels of United Kingdom, and it has the greatest attraction for million tourists who visited The Tower of London each year. The government of Pakistan, Iran, India, Afghanistan have all tried to avow ownership of this diamond.

List of Top Ten Most Expensive Luxurious Diamonds at a Glance

Rank Diamond Name Average Price
1. KOH-I-NOOR UN-estimated
2. The Sancy Diamond UN-estimated
3. The Cullinan $400 million
4. THE HOPE $350 milion
5. De Beers Centenary $100 million
6. The Steinmetz Pink $25 million
7. Wittelsbach $16.4 million
8. The Heart of Eternity $16 million
9. The Moussaieff Red Diamond $7 million
10. The Allnatt $3 million


We conclude from this article; Diamonds are most beautiful, valuable and precious things in the world. It has great attraction for all the people in the world due to its stunning beauty. People are crazy to buy and see them at auction and wish to save it in their place and mansion. Most precious have owned the history of exploring and discovered. And you can be instantly rich if you find a rare one. People related it with some superstitions like “Hope”. Security of these expensive diamonds is the critical issue because precious ones are under the threat of robbery due to its prices and value.