Top 10 Most Expensive Men’s Suits Brands in the World


man-suit The most expensive men’s suit brand in the world is Stuart Hughes Diamond suit. Just like women fashion, man fashion industry also requires perfect, fashionable and luxury dresses. Elegant suits have been the height of male fashion. In the world of luxury fabrics and tailoring, some men’s suits are high in quality and pricing. World the rarest fabric used in making of these luxury men’s suit. Most of these luxury men’s suits made by hand, and not a single machine used in the stitching. Here you will read about Top 10 Most Expensive Men’s Suits Brands in the World.

There are many menswear brands in the world just like women, but we discuss the most expensive and luxury men’s suit brand. They made menswear after many hours hard work, used best quality material and best design. Most of these suits made of celebrities, business people and world leaders, moguls. These designers are the big name of the fashion industry and considered rich men’s suits brand.

10. William Fioravanti Suits – $22,000

10-william-fioravanti-suitsWilliam Fioravanti is the best name in the fashion industry and recognized as Master because he sets the standards for menswear. It’s menswear included in te best men’s suit in the world. William Fioravanti suit takes a lot of hard work to prepare. It is perfect outfit at this cost. He won many awards like Golden Scissors Award and Academy of master tailors award in Italy.

9. World Wood Record Challenge Cup Suits – $28,000

9-world-wood-record-challenge-cup-suitsSergio Loro Piana and Luigi hosted a competition World Wood Record Challenge in which they have invited the best designers of the world for the men’s suit game. After selection of one designed by voting, they divided his/her design into 50 suits and sold them under the name of Loro Piana. A woman Susanna Triplett from Australia in 2012 produced wool which is merely 11.1 microns in diameter and designed this suit which got a price tag of $28,000. The competition held in New Zealand and Australia.

8. Brioni Vanquish II Suit – $43,000

8-brioni-vanquish-ii-suitAfter Second world war Brioni was established in 1945 by Nazareno Fonticoli and Gaetano Savini. It is Donald Trump favorite brand. Since 1995 James Bonds wear Brioni suits. This French holding company Kering Brioni is the best Italian menswear tailoring house which produces quality suits for many years. After 2008 they were introducing the most expensive line suits for their customers. This suit made of Vanquish II fabric which is produced by UK based Dormeuli. Some world’s rarest fibers used in making the suit such as Pashmina, Vicuna, Qiviuk. They built only 100 suits per year which are hand made, and white gold does stitching.

7. Desmond Merrion Supreme Bespoke Suit – $47,500

7-desmond-merrion-supreme-bespoke-suitLondon’s legendary Savile Row Desmond is considered the most famous tailor and a big name in the fashion industry. Desmond made this men’s suit and it is the most expensive on because he made it by hand. He said himself It takes not man hours to complete while it takes months to perfectly crafted and will never a single stitch by machine. It has worth such a price tag due to much time and energy is spent to design this suit. It is the best creation of Desmond craftsmanship.

6. Kiton K-50 – $50,000

6-kiton-k-50Kiton is the top Italy designer today and has been working since 1968. They offer luxury ready to wear men’s suit with outstanding tailoring to its customers. The company has 330 tailors, and they received almost 22,000 orders in a whole year. 45 Tailors work on each suit, and it required 25 hours to stitch. This particular suit made by Enzo D’Orsi of Savile Row fame. Merino sheep wool used in the making of the suit. The suit name K-50 meaning is he takes 50 hours to complete each outfit and make only 50 per year. They Founded by Ciro Paone Kiton and now it has stores in various cities in Russia, Australia, Hong Kong, UAE, UK, USA, South Korea.

5. William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke Suit – $75,000

5-william-westmancott-ultimate-bespoke-suitDesmond Merrion’s neighbor William Westmancott made this expensive suit when he was 28 years old. It is the hand-sewn men’s suit not used a single machine for its. This ultra light expensive suit prepared after 200 hours craftsmanship of workers. In fashion industry never seen such a piece before. It is not piece suit it is 3 or 4 piece suit with five bespoke shirts free for buyers. This suit was designed for Russian and Middle Eastern moguls initially.

4. Zoot Suit – $78,000

4-zoot-suitKaren Augusta who holds the Augusta Auctions company designed this world war II era zoot suit and prevailed it at New York Augusta Auctions in 2011. Initially, the suit has a price tag of $600-$900. But when this suit displayed in the museum for the public she received a lot of calls from all over the country than she increased the suit price up to $5000. She said she would never imagine it got such high price. After eager bidders, the price of the suit fixed $78,000. It is the only men’s suit which auctioned in the US and found at an estate sale in New Jersey.

3. Dormeuil Vanquish II – $95,319

3-dormeuil-vanquish-iiDormeuli family designed Dormeuil Vanquish luxury suit. They run their family business since 1842 over 170 years ago. They offered their service to celebrities, kings, and Royal families. This suit is the best creation of the head of Jules Dormeuli who tailored the best British and French luxury cloth. This suit made of rarest fabrics like Dior silk, Kyrgyz white, Ambassador, Royal qiviut. The price tag reflects the uniqueness and material of the suit.

2. Alexander Amosu Bespoke Suit – $101,860

2-alexander-amosu-bespoke-suitThis luxury men’s suit made by Alexander Amosu who is not only men’s clothing specialist but also customized accessories, creating hip-hop ring tones and diamond and gold encrusted mobile phones. He started his clothing company in 2009. The most expensive wools like Vicuna and Royal qiviut used in the suit for an anonymous buyer. Each Bespoke suit consists nine buttons which made of 18 karat gold and diamonds. After many year experiences of tailoring, he creates this different suit.

1. Stuart Hughes Diamond Suit – $892,500

 Expensive Men's Suits Brands

Richard Jewels of Manchester and Stuart Hughes of Liverpool designed the world most expensive men’s suit. This suit takes 600 hours work hard and a luxurious blend of silk and wool. It consists of 480 diamonds around the suit. Stuart Hughes Diamond Suit is the only suit in the world with so much diamond. This suit is the best creation of tailor Richard and designer Stuart Hughes. Diamond on the jacket gives the suit an outstanding look.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Men’s Suits Brands

Sr. No   Expensive Men’s Suits Brands
1 Stuart Hughes Diamond $892,500
2 Alexander Amosu Bespoke $101,860
3 Dormeuil Vanquish II $95,319
4 Zoot men’s suit $78,000
5 William Westmancott Ultimate Bespoke $75,000
6 Kiton K-50 men’s suit $50,000
7 Desmond Merrion Suit $47,500
8 Brioni Vanquish II Menswear $43,000
9 World Wood Record Challenge Cup $28,000
10 William Fioravanti Suit $22,000



We conclude from this article there are a lot of menswear brand in the world and their clothes are available at reasonable prices. These branded men’s wear have a very high price tag, but it perfectly matches with them because they made of rarest fibers and finest wool’s. Diamond used in some suits which increased the price of these suits. These men’s suit are perfectly stitching and enhanced the personality of a person. So if you have enough money, surely you would try any one of them.