Top 10 Best Most Expensive Shampoo in the World


Expensive Shampoo Everyone wants to have beautiful hair in this world. Nowadays Heath care product is the multi-billion industry which growing very fast and selling the beauty products. They also focus on the cosmetic products especially hair care products. They have introduced different shampoos in this world which contain natural ingredients. People who love their hair always in search of new shampoo which gives their hairs a natural shine and nourishes their hairs. Most Expensive Shampoo in the World is Ten Voss of price range $300.

Many shampoos are present in this world which is best for hairs, everyone has different hairs and needs different shampoo. Today we tell you about the world best and the most expensive shampoos which are highly priced but these hair products make your hair beautiful and stronger. Before you look at the list check out other most luxurious stuff on our website.

10. Acqua Di Parma – $30

10 Acqua Di ParmaAcqua Di Parma is the oldest hair shampoo in the world which has been used almost from a century. It is available at reasonable prices, but it is expensive than your L’Oreal bottle. Conditioner and lotion of this brand are also available. Ingredients of this shampoo are Rosemary, Jasmine, Bulgarian Rose and Sicilian Citrus, which give the shampoo a refreshing scent. The price of the shampoo is $30.

9. Kerastase Oleo – $40

9 Kerastase OleoKerastase is the Paris-based company who introduced his Oleo Shampoo. It’s made its name in all over the globe because of its cost and quality. Customers are satisfied with this product and said this shampoo has worth for such a high price.For hair nourishment one of the best hair product. It does not only nourish the hair, but its emits a sweet scent. Customers give their feedback about its scent that it is better than perfumes in the market. The price of Oleo Shampoo is $40.

8. Unite U Luxury Shampoo – $45

8 Unite U Luxury ShampooUnite U Luxury Shampoo is the favorite shampoo of celebrities and socialites. The shampoo comes in a 250cc bottle with worth $45. This product is free from any chemical and made from natural ingredients like Argon oil and crushed pearls. Nanoformulation is used in this shampoo to keep the hair hydrated which make it one of the priciest luxury product.

7. Bvlgari Shampoo – $60

7 Bvlgari ShampooBvlgari shampoo is sometimes confused with hair gel because it is colorless as compared to other products in the market. Bvlgari is nonsticky and less viscous which make it unique than other typical shampoos.Herbal extracts like white tea used in the formulation of this shampoo.The price of 200-milliliter bottle is $60. But Hair lovers prefer to buy this bottle whatever price it has because it gives the excellent result to its users.

6. Alterna Ten – $60

6 Alterna TenAlterna Ten is the favorite shampoo for those who seldom pamper their hair with shampoo.Ingredients use in this shampoo are excellent, and these are natural like white Truffle oil, grape seed oil, African Cacao, Bulgarian evening primrose oil. This shampoo has fewer side effects than others and available at a price $60. Online users of this shampoo claimed the shampoo instantly rejuvenate your hair.

5. Oribe – $116

5 OribeOribe is multi-million dollar firm and known as the leader in the cosmetic world. They offer world best shampoo used by Hollywood celebrities. The bottle has press and pour tap that emit the liquid in a limited amount, and shampoo is not waste from this bottle.The company claimed that the shampoo prevents the hair from UV radiation damage. Constituents used in the formula are Lychee, Watermelon and flower extract. Oribe shampoo kit consists of 350 ml bottle with other hair care essentials products. The price of the package is $116.

4. Frederick Fekkai – $100 to $150

4 Frederick FekkaiFrederic Fekkai is a French company which introduced shampoo. But this shampoo is not popular among masses; it is affordable only for those who does not care the money for their hair. This shampoo makes the company one of the most exorbitant health care commodities in the world. The price of Frederick Fekkai shampoo is $100 to $150.

3. Russian Amber Imperial Shampoo – $140

3 . Russian Amber Imperial ShampooRussian Amber Imperial Shampoo sold by firm Philip B, which is a successful healthcare company in the world. Its ingredients keep the hair nourished. Its 260 ml bottle shampoo consist of Grape seed, Rosewater, and Nettle, which are natural extracts. However, its price is higher for an average customer. The one little bottle of shampoo has price $160.

2. Kevin 8 – $220

2 Kevin 8Kevin 8 is the pioneers of beauty and hair care in the world. The specially designed their product kit for their customers. It is one of the best and expensive shampoo in the world. The kit contains shampoo with conditioner and other hair care products. This shampoo is out of the limit of an average person, but it gives your hair a natural shine. The amount of its kit is $220.

1. Ten Voss – $300

1 Ten VossTen Voss is the world most expensive shampoo. It is available in the pack with conditioner. It is very popular hair product in the world. It contains Voss water as its name indicates which gives your hair a beautiful and natural look and retains the shine of your hair. This shampoo has a price tag $300 which is very costly, but it has worth to make your hair flawless.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Shampoo in the World

Sr No Brand of Shampoo Price
1 Ten -Voss $300
2 Kevis 8 shampoo $220
3 Russian Amber Imperial shampoo $140
4 Frederek Fekkai $150
5 Oribe shampoo $116
6 Alterna Ten $60
7 Bvlgari Shampoo $60
8 Unit U Luxury Shampoo $45
9 Kerastase Oleo $40
10 Acqua Di Parma $30


We conclude from this article best expensive shampoo is that which is free from any harmful chemical and consist of natural ingredients. These shampoos contain fruits and natural extracts which nourish your hairs and make them beautiful. But these shampoos have a high price tag, and some of these shampoos only made for Royal people, Celebrities. But the people who love their hairs most should try these shampoo.