Top 10 Most Expensive Swimming Pool in the World


Swimming pool City of Stars is the Most Expensive Swimming Pool of the world because of its marvelous construction. One of the sources of fun and excitation are swimming pools, and every person wishes to have one swimming pool in their backyard. When discussions made about expensive pools, many people think that expensive swimming pool is to be fancy at the hotel. Millions and billions of dollars are required to build the most expensive pools in the world. These pools found at private residences or resorts throughout the world. Everyone can enjoy a luxurious pool experience. If you are tourist then also read about Best places on earth to spend your holidays.

This article gives information about Top 10 Most Expensive Swimming Pool in the world. The construction of pools, their making cost, stuff, and accessories discussed in this article. These pools are may be a part of hotels and private residence throughout the world. The prices of these pools are high because of luxurious materials used in the construction of these pools. These materials include marble, mosaic tiles, sophisticated design of other elements, water, slides, fountains and excellent control system.

10) Umaid Bhavan Palace – $2,25,000

10 Umaid Bhavan PalaceUmaid Bhavan Palace swimming pool located in India Sub continent. The construction  competed in 1943 and at that time this is the largest home in the world. It is constructed in Art Deco style, and mosaic tiles used for the ground floor of the pool. Tiles made of pure gold used in the construction of walls and ceilings in which the pool placed.

9) Gellert Thermal – $3.6 Million

9 Gellert ThermalGellert Thermal luxurious swimming pool is present in Budapest Hungary and built in between 1912 to 1918. Its design made by Art Nouveau culture. Although It is ancient but still it is functioning. The water contains Calcium, magnesium, and hydrocarbonates.

8) Sarojin Resort – $1 Million

8 Sarojin ResortSarojin Resort located in Phuket in Thailand is one of the most luxurious pools in the world. It was opened in Dec 2004 for the first time. Tsunami destroyed most of its property as a result of which it was again built and reopened eight-month latter’s to a resounding success. It is situated just at the edge of Indian Ocean. It is 269 square feet and built in modern style. A beautiful landscape garden is also present around the pool where people can relax and feel fresh after taking a bath.

7) Kichukov Family Pool – $1 Million

7 Kichukov Family PoolKichukov Family built this luxurious pool and expensive pool in Arizona. Although this pool is not big enough as compared to the other pools of the world but its features like fountains, waterfall and waterslide make it a marvelous piece of construction.

Kichukov Family Pool is also named as a poshest private pool by Traveler Channel in the United States of America. Screen Logic control system is one of its fantastic features. By using this functionality, the family members can control different features like temperature, Jacuzzi, and lighting of the pool from anywhere in the world with just a touch of a button.

6) Nemo 33 – $3 Million

6 Nemo 33This luxurious pool is located in Brussels, Belgium and is the deepest pool of the world having a depth of 13 feet. This expensive pool is filled with 660,000 gallons of heavy water. The temperature of water of this pool is 30 0C and is nonchlorinated water.

5) Hearst Castle – $10 Million

5 Hearst CastleThis luxurious and expensive pool is present in California, USA. The name of this pool suggested by the name of its honor William Randolph Hearst. There are two pools in the Hearst Castle one is Neptune that measures 6,032 feet and the second one is Indoor pool which is smaller in an area.

4) Lev Leviev – $10 Million

4 Lev LevievAn Israeli businessman constructed this luxurious and expensive pool in London. This pool was inaugurated in 2008 and situated in North London. An automatic roof cover this swimming pool when desired just by pressing a button. It is a marvelous piece of construction as mosaic tiles and gold are used. The facility of Spa and Steam bath is also provided for the visitors so that they can feel relaxation.

3) Seagaia Ocean Dome Miyazaki – $2 Billion

3 Seagaia Ocean Dome MiyazakiSeagaia Ocean Dome Miyazaki an indoor pool located at Sheraton Seagaia Resort in Miyazaki, Japan. It is the largest indoor pool in the world. The area of Seagaia Ocean Dome Miyazaki is 100 meters in length and hundred meters in width. Waterslide area and children’s pool area are the features that give it a distinction on others.

2) San Alfonso Del Mar – $2 Billion

2 I will complete the task in few hours. My gig is $5.San Alfonso Del Mar located in 100 km west of the metropolitan city of Santiago. The largest swimming pool in the world is San Alfonso Del Mar. Chilean developer Fernando constructed this pool in 2007. The area of this pool is 1.3Km in length and 20 acres in width. About 250,000,000 liters of heavy water is present in this pool.

1) City of Stars – $5.5 Billion

Expensive Swimming PoolCity of Stars is the first top luxurious and expensive swimming pool of the world. It constructed in Egypt with the massive cost of five and a half billion dollars.  The sea water in this pool is pure and non-chlorine as a result of which this luxurious and expensive mega pool has become the most crowded and famous swimming pool in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Swimming Pool in World

Sr. no Most Expensive Swimming Pool Cost
10 Umaid Bhavan Palace $ 2.25.000
9 Gellert Thermal $ 3.6 million
8 Sarogin Resort $ 1 million
7 Kichukov Family Pool $ 1 million
6 Nemo 33 $ 3 million
5 Hearst Castle $ 10 million
4 Lev Leviev $ 10 million
3 Seagaia Ocean Dome Miyazaki $ 2 billion
2 San Alfonsd Del Mar $ 2 billion
1 City of Stars $ 5.5 billion



In this article, the most luxurious and expensive swimming pool of the world along with their location so that anyone would be able to find his favorite swimming pool anywhere in the world easily.