10 Famous Female Scientists Ever in the History


Famous Female Scientists The most famous scientist ever in the history is Marie Curie, who is a Chemist and Physicist. Normally scientists are considered as men, but no doubt women also make remarkable achievements in the science and technology. When we ask the students about the scientists, they told the name of Albert Einstein, Dr. Abdul Qadeer, and APJ Abdul Kalam but our history is full of many crucial discoveries and inventions which made by women scientists. Today we discuss such brave, intelligent and famous women scientists who wondered the word by their discoveries.

These women work in the field of medicine, physics, chemistry, biology and math and make many successes in these fields like men. The name of these female scientists is always remembered in the history. Here is the list of 10 famous female scientists ever in the history and their inventions.

10. Anita Roberts – America
1942 – 2006

anita-roberts-americaAnita Roberts is an American biologist born on 3 April 1942 in Pennsylvania. She got the doctorate degree in biochemistry in 1968 from Wisconsin- Madison University. Her incredible work is always remembered in the history as the discovery of a protein TGF- beta, which is necessary for bone fractures and healing wounds. She is so dedicated to her work that she was a gastric cancer patient but does not discontinue her research. In 2006, she died. But at the same year, she made a contribution to the growth of the Laboratory of Cell Regulation and Carcinogenesis (LCRC) at the National Cancer Institute.

9. Dorothy Hodgkin – British
1910 – 1994

dorothy-hodgkin-britishDorothy Hodgkin is renowned American biochemist and daughter of two archaeologists. She had a great interest in biochemistry field and always curious for discovering the shape of molecules and their functions. Hodgkin is the third woman who received the Nobel prize in 1964 in biochemistry for discovering the structure of Vitamin V12. This famous British female scientist was a pioneer in the field of X-ray crystallography and found the structures of various biological molecules. She won many awards for her contribution in medicine field.

8. Ada Lovelace – Britain
1815 -1852

ada-lovelace-britainAda Lovelace is world’s first computer programmer and mathematician. She is well known for her research on Charles Babbage early mechanical general-purpose computer. Her observations on the mechanical computer introduce the concept of the first algorithm. She had the interest in mathematics during early age and the United States department of defense honored for the programming language. This scientist has been portrayed in a movie Conceiving Ada. She was known by many titles like The Honorable Ada, The Right Honorable the Lady King.

7. Gertrude Belle Elion – America

gertrude-belle-elion-americaElion is American pharmacologist and Biochemist. She did work in the medical field and formulated a large number of new drugs for human welfare. Her work conceptualized the AZT, antiretroviral drug used for AIDS. For her achievements, she received the Nobel prize in 1988 in Medicine and Physiology. Almost 45 patients are attached to her name. She dedicated her whole life to the scientific advancement. Later this female scientist developed drugs for herpes, malaria, and leukemia. After her retirement in 1983, she still supervised the medical labs.

6. Barbara MacClintock – America

barbara-macclintock-americaBarbara is the most influential scientist in genetics. This American cytogeneticist has received the Nobel Prize for genetic transposition discovery in 1983. She discovered the sequences of DNA that can change the location within the gene. The first person who produces a genetic map for maize was MacClintock. Her remarkable contribution in the field of Cytogenetics is always remembered in the history. She did much research in the scientific world, but the recognition and honors for her came later.

5. Rosalind Franklin – Britain

LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 03: In this handout image supplied by The Michael Grandage Company, actress Nicole Kidman rehearses for her role as Rosalind Franklin in Anna Ziegler's new play 'Photograph 51' at The Noel Coward Theatre on September 03, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Marc Brenner/The Michael Grandage Company via Getty Images)Everyone familiar with the name of Rosalind Franklin. She is famous for her work on the molecular structures of Coal, graphite, and X –ray diffraction. This British biophysicist revealed the structure of DNA by X-ray diffraction and concluded that DNA is composed of the double helix of atoms. She also proposed that DNA could be crystallized in two different forms A and B.

4. Rachel Carson – American

4-rachel-carson-americanRachel is considered the mother of the environmental movement. This American marine biologist Born in a rustic river town of Springdale. She got M.A degree in zoology in 1932 from John Hoskins University. Her work revolutionized the global environmental movement. Rachel joined the U.S Bureau of Fisheries as the biologist but resigned in 1952. She dedicated her remaining life for the ecology of life.

3. Maria Mayer – Germany

maria-mayer-germanyMaria Mayer is an American physicist, but originally, she is german born. She is the Nobel Prize winner in Physics and a Nobel name in nuclear Physics. The nuclear shell model of the Atomic nucleus was suggested by Maria. She completed her Ph.D. from Gottingen University in 1930 and taught the students, but the research for on mathematical models for nuclear shells is continued and makes notable achievement.

2. Jane Goodwill – British
1934 – Present

jane-goodwill-britishJane Goodall is recently known as UN Messenger of Peace. She is British primatologist and ethologist and anthropologist. The world knew her by extensive research on the social culture of chimpanzees in Tanzania’s Gombe Stream National Park. Goodall is considered the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees. Recently she runs an organization which works for wildlife and environmental conservation and counted among notable alumni of Cambridge University.

1. Marie Curie – Poland

marie-curie-polandMarie Curie is a Chemist and Physicist who earned the name in the field of radioactivity. She is the first female professor at the University of Paris to win the Nobel Prize in two different fields. Marie made a remarkable contribution in radioactivity. she discovered two new elements radium and polonium. The Theory of radioactivity which we taught today in our chemistry course also proposed by Marie Curie. For cancer treatment the idea of using radioactive isotopes also introduced by this amazing woman.

List of 10 Famous Female Scientists Ever in the History

Sr. No Famous Female Scientists Profession Country
1 Marie Curie Chemist & Physicist Poland
2 Jane Goodwill Primatologist Ethologist and Anthropologist British
3 Maria Mayer Physicist Germany
4 Rachel Carson Marine biologist America
5 Rosalind Franklin Biophysicist British
6 Barbara MacClintock Cytogeneticist America
7 Gertrude Belle Elion Pharmacologist & Biochemist America
8 Ada Lovelace Mathematician British
9 Dorothy Hodgkin Biochemist British
10 Anita Roberts Biologist America


We conclude from this article in this world women could every work which men do. When we search for the female scientists and their inventions we realized that they have done a lot of work for the welfare of humanity. You can see these women discover such drugs which used in the treatment of dangerous diseases. These females contribute in the field of chemistry and devoted towards their world and make wide research for the coming generation. Their inventions lead the future research in the relevant field and make them famous in the world. Because of their notable work, the name of these female scientists is written with golden words in the history.