Top 10 Healthy Dog Food Brands For Healthier Dogs


Orijen is the most famous healthier dog food brand, and its ingredients contain almost 38-42 % protein. They are making six types of food like a puppy, puppy large, six fish dog, adult dog, Regional Red, and Senior dog formula included. Here is the list of top 10 healthy dog food brands for Healthier Dogs. If you are the dog lover, then I hope you enjoyed this article. You should carefully select the Dog food because Most famous and intelligent dogs food requirements are different from simple dogs.

Many people are fond of dogs pet, and they take care of their pet as family members. Like humans, dogs need the safe and proper healthy diet. In their food right amount of protein, fat, moisture, fiber, and nutrients required. The other wrong ingredients affect the physical and mental health of dogs. Mostly bad food cause digestive issues due to this they can lead to death. Take care of one thing never overfeed your dog because overfeeding also cause health problems like obesity. Healthy Dog can also be most dangerous dogs so be careful about that.

What Are Top 10 Healthy Dog Food Brands in the World ?

Top 10 Healthy Dog Food Brands There are many dog foods brands are present in the market in which some are very famous brands. These brands are using safest and healthiest ingredients in their diet. Almost 134 dogs food formulas are present in the market, but only 29 approved brands.

10. Stella & Chewy’s

10. Stella & Chewy’sStella & Chewy’s is the favorite brand of dog lovers, and they want to feed their pet a freeze dried and frozen raw diet. It is the best food for those pets who may suffer from Listeria. Listeria is a fetal infection disease and associated with human and animals. Symptoms of Listeria in dogs are flu like so this is the best for those who suffer from Listeria.

9. Primal

9. Primal

Primal also included in the list of top 10 healthy dog food brands as well as it also produces cats food. The company are based in San Francisco, California and started the business in 2001. The brand makes wholesome raw foods, and they got raw materials from farms and ranches. But the company gives Guarantee of freshness, safety, and consistency. The protein source in their recipes come from rabbit, sardines, lamb, pheasant, buffalo, duck, quail, and chicken. They are making some vegetable formulas include kale, carrots, and broccoli.

8. Fromm

8. FrommFromm is a healthy dog food brand which developed in 1904. It is one of the holistic brands, and their ingredients contain fresh meat, eggs, and real Wisconsin cheese. Vitamins and Minerals in the recipe import from Europe. Tom Nieman is the founder of Fromm and he inherited in 1983 from grandmother Erna Fromm. Fromm dog food contains high-quality proteins, Allergen Free fruits and vegetables, and important grains. Pearled Barley, Tomato Pomace, and Brewers dried yeast also included in their recipe.

7. Nature’s Logic

7. Nature’s LogicNature’s Logic dog formula came in the market in 2005-06 and headquarters located in Lincoln, Nebraska. The company said they completed made with 100 percent natural or synthetic supplements like synthesized vitamins, minerals, amino acids, artificial flavorings, wheat, soy, rice, potato, peas, and Tapioca. They currently are producing 27 products of dog food in which seven kibbles, seven canned foods, 13 kinds of the treat, and one raw food included. This dog foods are low in carbohydrate and high in protein and use high-quality protein such as Beef, venison, chicken, fish, and rabbit. The meat which they use come from human processing plants and use only clean muscle meat.

6. Wysong

6. Wysong

Wysong is not only made food for dogs but also make supplements for cats, dogs, ferrets, horses, rabbits, cavies, and humans. This brand produces dry, raw and canned dog food and also supplements for dogs. Dr. Wysong established The Wysong Corporation in 1979. Dr. Wysong wrote many pamphlets and books about how people and animals can spend the healthy life. The company headquarters located in Midland, Michigan. The high amount of protein food included; optimal Adult, Optimal Growth, Optimal Senior, and Optimal Performance included.

5. Pinnacle

5. Pinnacle

Pinnacle dog food brand use high-quality ingredients in their recipe. Breeder’s Choice is the founder of Pinnacle who established it in 1947. The headquarters located in Irwindale, California. The company make kibble and canned foods and free foods with limited ingredients. Sometimes they use Potatoes and quinoa in their foods which are very helpful for sensitive stomach. Pinnacle make food for all stages of dogs in which high-quality protein included. They get protein from chicken, trout, duck, salmon, and turkey.

4. Eagle Pack

4. Eagle PackEagle Pack is also one of the best dog food brands which developed in 1985. It is premium dog food which has no corn, wheat, meat, artificial colors, and flavors. WellPet purchased this brand in 2010 but Well pet also an owner of other brands include Wellness, Holistic Select, and Old Mother Hubbard. The headquarters of Well Pet located in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Eagle Pack Brand offers three puppy formulas in which Large &giant breed, and small breed chicken meal&pork meal included. The ingredients of the food contain 23 percent crude protein, 12 percent crude fat, 5% crude fiber, and 10 percent moisture.

3. Acana

3. Acana

Acana is another dog food brand which is also established by Champion. It is not only dogged food brand but also best food brand of other pet animals. Acana dog food commercialized as “new Class Of Food” in the market. Acana Food Brand prepare dog’s diet on these bases: Dogs are carnivores, so they want to meat that’s why Acana dog food consists of 45 to 65 % meat content. In variety meat eggs, fish, ducks, geese, and Rabbits included and this variety fulfill protein need of the dog and maintain a healthy lifestyle of the dogs.

2. Wellness

2. Wellness

Wellness is one of the famous Healthy dog food brands which produces dry food, wet food, snacks, and treats. They offer complete Health line formula, Food for Toy, Small Breeds, Large Breed Dogs, Core Food and Simple Limited ingredients diets. Wellpet LLC owns this brand, but Diamond made some Wellness’s Foods in May 2012. Wellness produce high-quality food and use real meat, no flavors, no corn, wheat, soy, and no artificial colors. Six Kibbles formulas included in Their Health Line. In their ingredients Deboned chicken, lamb, turkey, salmon, whitefish, oatmeal, barley, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and peas included.

1. Orijen

1. OrijenOrijen is one of the best brands of dog foods which are appropriate for dogs. It made with fresh ingredients with 38-42 percent protein. Champion Pet Food in Alberta Canada is the founder of the brand. The company started work in 1975 and received many awards in western America and Alberta for their quality and leadership. Orijen brand makes six type of food in which Orijen Puppy, Puppy Large, Six fish dog, Adult dog, Regional Red, And Senior Dog included.  These all kinds are made with 100 percent natural meats, poultry, or fish. Besides ingredients, 15-20 percent fat, 25 percent carbohydrate included in the formula.

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List of Healthy Dog Food Brands For Healthier Dogs

Sr. No Healthy Dog Food Brands
1 Orijen
2 Wellness
3 Acana
4 Eagle Pack
5 Pinnacle
6 Wysong
7 Nature’s Logic
8 Fromm
9 Primal
10 Stella &Chewy’s



What we conclude from the article animals health is important as humans. And many people have fond of dog pets, and they purchase different kinds of dog breeds. Then they consider them as a family member and take care of them. For this purpose, they give the best food to their pets. Dog foods are also available in the market in which all essential ingredients found.