10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime Rate in 2016


Highest Rape Crime Rate South Africa is the number one country in the world which has the highest rape crime rate in 2016.

Rape is a forced sexual intercourse which contains two victims homosexual and heterosexual. In the world, many kinds of the offenses are done, but the rape is the worst crime which spread very rapidly all over the world. Mostly Women are the victims, and in our courts, every 2 out of 10 cases related to the rape of women. Another form of rape is sexual assault in which mostly verbal threats included. The shocking thing is that rape cases are not only common in undeveloped countries even the most developed countries also have a highest Rape ratio. It is increasing day be a day. Mostly worse people in world involve in this criminal activity.

To stop this crime, government must provide precise measurements as well as strict punishment announced for the guilty person. There are many countries in the world where rape has become a major crime. In these countries, the government is unable to protect females from this terrible act.

The following are the top 10 countries with the highest rape crime rate in the world.

10. Grenada – 30.6 Cases Per 100,000 Inhabitants

grenadaGrenada is the Island country where rape incidents are significant problems. It located at the Southern end of Grenadines in Southeaster Caribbean Sea. This Island is famous as the Island of Spice because it is producing mace and nutmeg and export all over the world. This country included among top countries that have highest rape crimes in the world. The government is taking the step for reducing the abuse crimes. In Grenada Court passed a law according to which the person has imprisoned for 15 years who convicted for rape.

9. Nicaragua – 31.6 Cases Per 100,000 Inhabitants

nicaraguaNicaragua is the Largest country of the Central Americal Isthmus. In this country, the Multi-ethnic population lives like Africans, Europeans, Asians, and Indigenous People. According to a report of the United Nations Development Programs Nicaragua, it is one of safest country in Central America but unsafe for female. The reason behind unsafety of women is rape incidents.

8. Costa Rica – 36.7 Cases Per 100,000 Inhabitants

costa-ricaCosta Rica is one of Central American Country which has the population almost 4.5 million. That Country is considered one of most progressive and steady country in Latin America. But there are many crimes which very common like theft, mugging, pickpocketing, and purse snatching. On the one side, this country has got higher human development but still it included in the list of highest rape rate countries of 2016.

7. Suriname – 45.2 Cases Per 100,000 Inhabitants

surinameThe State of Suriname located on the northeastern Atlantic coast of South America. There are many common crimes such as murder, robbery, and drug but the rape crime is most common among all of them. Mostly victim is pregnant female which goes for the check up at night.

6. Sweden – 63.5 Cases Per 100,000 Inhabitants

swedenSweden is a developed and third largest country in the European Union. It covers an area of 175,896 square meters and has over 9.7 million residents. There are both social, and violent crimes exist including homicide, sex crimes, robbery, assault, burglary, and corruption. From 2011 rape rate is increasing day by day. In the whole world, Sweden is considered the first country to criminalize marital rape.

5. Bermuda – 67.3 Cases Per 100,000 Inhabitants

bermudaBermuda located in the east of North America. This country is a British Overseas Territory that has a safe and crime free country for tourists. But Last few years this country has lost its popularity due to increasing crime rates including theft, homicide, and sexual assaults. The government strictly warned the women to go from some areas of Bermuda. Most rape cases occurred in the city of Hamilton, Bermuda.

4. Swaziland – 77.5 Cases Per 100,000 Inhabitants

swazilandSwaziland is the sovereign state in Southern Africa and has population 1,119,000.  It is not a developed country, and there are many problems like health, education, etc. The life expectancy in Swaziland is 50 years because People become the victim of some big diseases like tuberculosis. The crime rate is also high here in which violent and nonviolent crimes included. Rape ratio is very high it is the 4th country in the world which has the highest Rape rate in 2016. According to UNICEF report victims of abuse, 1 out of 3 women raped in Swaziland.

3. Lesotho – 82.7 Cases Per 100,000 Inhabitants

lesothoLesotho is an impoverished and small country in the world. More than 40 % citizens of this country are living below poverty line. There are many common crimes including murder, kidnapping, human trafficking, assault, theft, pickpocketing, and major one Rape crimes. It has become third highest rape crime country in the world. The reasons behind this highest crime ratio are poverty, lack of resources, lack of education, and health. Recently on January a group of men raped 37-year-old women, and these people fall under the age of 16 to 28.

2. Botswana – 92.2 Cases Per 100,000 Inhabitants

botswanaIt is located in Southern Africa and has the population over 2 million. Botswana is the poorest country where people face some violent and non-violent crimes in which snatching, burglary, grabbing, theft, pickpocketing, and Sexual assault. The sexual harassment is a major crime, due to highest rape cases, women are unsafe here. Recently a police officer raped the 19-year-old girl. According to report police officer try to arrest the girl for not showing identity card and during the way of police station officer started to touch the private parts of the girl. It is also a big reason of highest rape ratio in Botswana; law protector involves in this shameful crime.

1. South Africa – 132.4 Cases Per 100,000 Inhabitants

south-africaSouth Africa is a multi-ethnic society where many kinds of cultures and religions included. There are 11 official languages in the African region. South Africa is considered one of developed country because it has seventh highest income in Africa. Despite developed country, crimes are very common in which sexual assaults have reached the top. It is the number one country in the world which has the highest crime rate. Women are entirely unsafe in South Africa. According to recent rape report, two women raped 12 people in front of their husbands in a park.

List of 10 Countries With Highest Rape Crime Rate in 2016

Sr. No Countries Rape Ratio / Per 100,000 Inhabitants
1 South Africa 132.4
2 Botswana 92.2
3 Lesotho 82.7
4 Swaziland 77.5
5 Bermuda 67.3
6 Sweden 63.5
7 Suriname 45.2
8 Costa Rica 36.7
9 Nicaragua 31.6
10 Grenada 30.6


We conclude that Rape is the very shameful crime. It ruins the victim’s life as well as bring serious depression for the rest of their life. Women can’t do properly work if any country has the highest ratio of rape. The government of every country must take the step against these crimes.