10 Countries With Highest Suicide Rate in 2016


Highest Suicide Rate Here you will get information about the Ten Countries with the highest suicide rate in 2016. Life is not easy for everyone, many difficulties and problems come in our life. Compete of these challenges with healthy heart because sad life is nothing. When we lost hope, then we want to get ride of life. Take one minute and think before making their living with own hands. Ah! It’s not easy but not impossible to spend a happy life. Nowadays suicide rate is increasing Why???. In the world, Many countries have highest suicide rate, and many factors are involved in causes.

The most common psychological illness and financial problems. Suicide is not a solution to your problems just think you died, but your family lives alone, they are not complete without you. The World’s top highest suicide rate country is Guyana where the death rate is 44 out of 100,000 people.

Following top 10 are the highest suicide rate countries in the world 2016 – 2017. The Government of these countries is taking the step and decreasing this suicide ratio.

10. Latvia

latviaLatvia is an independent country, but the government of this country is very corrupt and making money by illegal ways. Most of the people get frustrated by this act and then they want to leave this world and commit suicide. The common factors are unemployment and alcohol consumption. Women rate of suicide is high than men because women do not get equal rights to live. The suicide rate in Latvia is 20.8 people out of 10,0000 people.

9. Hungary

hungaryHungary is one of the countries which has the highest rate of suicide. The primary factor of suicide is alcohol ingestion. Due to excess consumption of alcohol they cannot fulfill their responsibilities. After that, they feel guilty and commit suicide. Many men between the age of 30 to 60 is divorced due to unemployment, and that is also one of most common reason. The suicide rate of Hungary is 21.7 out of 100,000 people.

8. Slovenia

sloveniaSlovenia is the small country which has the population about 2 million. But suicide rate is very high here, every year 400 people commit suicide. People want to die due to an economic crisis, and they feel depress due to poverty. Many people have addicted alcohol due to these problems.  According to a report the suicide rate in Slovenia is 21.8 out of 100,000 people. But Government is trying their best to decrease the suicide rate.

7. China

chinaChina is most populated and developed country. It is the country where women and men work together for their survival. But Suicide rate has increased here because poor work to be done in factories due to which many women commit suicide.
The other factors are materialistic society, pressure on minds, and stress. The suicide rate in China is 22.2 per 100,000 people.

6. Japan

japanJapan is one of developed and richest country, but you will be amazed to see this country on the list of highest suicide rate countries. The are the main reason for death in Japan unemployment, being jobless for a long time, and cannot fulfill the needs of life which are possible when they have a job. The suicide ratio is this industrialized country is 23.8 persons per 100,000 inhabitants. The most people commit suicide in forest area, and the most famous place where the mostly suicide occurred is called Aokigahara.

5. Kazakhstan

kazakhstanKazakhstan is facing serious suicide problem, and lack of money is the main reason. Due to this people have high stress and commit suicide. Mostly young people is included in suicide rate. Young boys and girls become depress upon little things and find in committing suicide. Some other issues are feeling of extreme loneliness, conflicts at school as well as with family members. It is an Islamic country, but still, the natural death rate is lower. The suicide rate in Kazakhstan is 25.6 out of 100,000 people.

4. Lithuania

lithuaniaOnce a time When Lithuania had the highest suicide rate in the world, but now it is the on the third number. The major factor of suicide here is the economic crisis that;s why many people have no job and they attempt suicide. According to reports, mostly men attempt suicide who age 35 to 54. when they are jobless and cannot feed their family, so they become hopeless and committed suicide. The government of Lithuania is taking care of this issue; that’s why the rate of suicide has less than previous years. The suicide rate in Lithuania is 28.2 people per 100,000.

3. Sri Lanka

sri-lankaSri Lanka is one of developed and important country in the world as well as also the member of SAARC organization. Despite all of these Sri Lanka stands in the list of highest suicide rate countries of 2016. Financial issues are the primary factor for the death. People go through the stressful obligation of paying bills or debts, and when they are not strong, they want to die. Every year 4000 people commit suicides every year, and according to this ratio almost 11 people die per day. This rate is increasing day by day and a male ratio is more than female. The 28.9 people die out of 100,000 people each year.

2. South Korea

south-koreaSouth Korea! Yes, you will shock to see this country on the list of highest suicide rate in 2016. Almost 28.9 persons commit suicide out of 100,000 each year, and last decade the rate was increased. Whether South Korea is a small country and people are educated, intelligent, and high profile. But despite these, it is the second country where the suicide rate is very high. The most common reasons are mental duress, economic hardship, families problem and some other fundamental issues Poverty and unemployment. The Interesting information is that even some known personalities committed suicide for the relaxation of their mind in which President of South Korea, many players, and singers, and millionaires included.

1. Guyana

guyanaGuyana is the region of a Caribbean region where the suicide rate is very high in all other countries of the world. The reasons behind the highest rate of suicide are depression, poverty, rape, lacks of skilled education, unemployment, mental disorders, conflict with family and relatives, and civil war. The one most shocking reason of highest suicide rate in Guyana is witchcraft. Mostly young people attempt suicide due to uncontrolled emotions. More than 44 people out of 100,000 do suicide. But Now Government of Guyana is trying to fix this pathetic problem as well as Police is also involved in these serious challenges.

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List of 10 Countries With Highest Suicide Rate in 2016

Sr. No Countries
Suicide Rate Out of 100,000 people
1 Guyana 44
2 South Korea 28.9
3 Sri Lanka 28.5
4 Lithuania 28.2
5 Kazakhstan 25.6
6 Japan 23.8
7 China 22.2
8 Slovenia 21.8
9 Hungary 21.7
10 Latvia 20.8


These days in our lives money is most important, and that is true. But if you fail to earn money don’t be disappointed, just hard work and one day you will get the reward. Financial problem is the main reason for committing suicide. Because people failed to fulfill their family needs. Some other causes including Mental disorders, alcohol consumption’s, poverty, etc.