Top 10 Countries That Have Lowest Crime Rate – Peaceful Countries


Lowest Crime Rate Switzerland is the country which has lowest crime rate from all over the world. Switzerland is also one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. People love to come here and spend their vacations.  Today, Crimes are done all over the world. Some Countries are facing violence at large scale. Murders, rape, theft, robberies, pickpocketing, bag snatching, etc. have become more common crimes. Economic problems are also the big reason for offences. But, some countries in the world also exist, where the crime rate is very low. People in These countries feel free every time. A safe environment is critical because citizens want to live happily in their country.

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Here we describe Top 10 Countries that have the lowest crime rate and where people can live peacefully. People follow Laws and enjoy high standard living conditions. No Doubt, no place is safe in the world but, in given list of countries, the crime rate is very low. Countries which described in this article also have beautiful lands you can spend time with family here. These countries are well developed & the literacy rate is high.

10. Cyprus

Cyprus is an also one of the most peaceful countries in Europe where the crime rate is very low. This unique island located in the eastern Mediterranean sea. Every year thousand of tourists visit this island because of its low crime rate. Unlocked doors are very common even at night times and very few places in the world where people feel safe at open doors. According to the survey, only 23 people falls a victim of homicide each year.

9. Denmark

Denmark is a beautiful country according to locations and living culture. It is least corrupt country because of the high rate of literacy, high standard of living, best health care system, and gender equality. This Nordic country has the tight security system. For every hundred thousands of citizens, 200 police officers are present around them. The murder rate in Denmark is below 0.1 per hundred thousand people. Welfare systems in Denmark provide free education and health care system. People are euphoric due to peace of mind and secure lifestyle.

8. Iceland

Iceland is another most famous and tourist attraction country. It is the stable and peaceful country where the crime rate is very less. Only 26 murders reported during 2000 to October 2014. There are only 700 police officers who are not authorised to carry or make use of guns. People of Iceland are euphoric because the government provided all facilities like free education, healthcare services, etc.

7. Ireland

Another country which has lowest crime rate in the world. It is a beautiful destination which thousands of people visit every year. It has 0.32 homicide rate per 100 thousand people. The country was made more secure after signed Good Friday Agreement in 1998. There are more than 300 police officers for hundred thousand persons. So, tight security of the country provides its citizen’s safe environment.

6. Japan

Japan is one of developed country which also safest country in Asia. The Country is famous for advanced technology all over the world. Japan has the lowest crime rate country that’s why Japan has no military force; it just has defence force for internal security. The murder rate is very low just up to 0.4 deaths per 100 thousand people. Organised crime which is known as the Yakuza is an issue in which blackmail, pornography, extortion, arson, etc. involved.

5. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country where less than 600 thousand people live. The crime rate is very low in this country, and police corruption charges are very common here. This country covered just 1000 square miles area. Every year thousand of tourists came and enjoyed its beautiful scenes. According to United Nations, this small nation had highest Domestic Product per Capita in 2014.

4. Bahrain

Bahrain is one of the safest countries where crime rate very low. It has the highest ratio of law enforcement forces in all over the world. There are approximately 1900 police officers for one hundred thousand habitants. Some beautiful crimes like bag snatching and pick pocketing are reported in old areas of Bahrain. But overall, Bahrain is a safe and peaceful country where no such bigger criminal activities are carried out.

3. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of advanced technology country which has low crime rate. It is one of safest country in Asia which has 0.2 homicide per 100,000 people. Thefts and robberies crime never encountered in this country and other petty crimes like pickpocketing can easily be settled down by police. People feel free in this country where all basic needs are available. Tourists come every year to see the beauty of this beautiful land.

2. Singapore

Singapore is the second country which has lowest crime rate, and violent crimes are rare. It is a beautiful country which entertains a homicide rate 0.3 murders per 100 thousand people. There are severe laws and Singapore is famous for its harsh drug laws. Singapore is controlling all kinds of crimes and providing citizens a safe environment. This developed country has the beautiful and long building and also stunning natural places. You can come and see their gorgeous places in vacations.

1. Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Millions of people come here for seeing its scenery. It has very stunning natural places where you feel fresh and enjoys their vacations. People feel safe because Switzerland is one of the safest countries in the world, In 2014, the crime rate was 0.49 per 100 thousand people. Security of this country is very tight, and inhabitants enjoy Peace, Harmony, and tranquil atmosphere. In this country, 216 policemen are on duty per 100 thousand people.

 10 Countries That Have Lowest Crime Rate – Peaceful Countries

Sr.No Lowest Crime Rate Countries
1 Switzerland
2 Singapore
3 Hong Kong
4 Bahrain
5 Luxembourg
6 Japan
7 Ireland
8 Iceland
9 Cyprus
10 Denmark


Peace is paramount for every country. Crimes happen in the world at small as well as large-scale. The government of these countries must be taken the step for their people and make the safe environment where they feel free.