Top 10 Most Biggest Houses in the World You Ever Seen


Top 10 Most Biggest Houses House is the basic need of life for a living, and everyone wants to live in a big and best-made home. Everyone likes big and luxurious homes for a living. Largest houses always attract the people, but most people make a few thousand square feet house. But in the world, many biggest houses exist which have all kind of facilities and often exceed 10,000 square feet. These houses can accommodate a large number of people. The world’s biggest houses have not only rooms, and bathrooms, they offer other facilities which you can’t imagine in the house like gym, tennis court, indoor and outdoor pool, squash court, and much more.
The following top 10 are the most biggest houses in the world. In this article, you will get some information about these biggest houses.

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10. Dracula’s Castle

10-draculas-castleDracula’s Castle is one of the largest house in the world. It Is located near Bran in Romania and considered one of the luxurious castles. The castle is also famous as the name of Home of the Character Dracula. Dracula’s Castle consists of 57 rooms and 17 bedrooms as well as the beautiful collection of antique furniture and fine art. In 1980 s a museum became in this wonderful house and price of the home $135 million

9. Updown Court

9-updown-courtUpdown Court consists of 103 bedrooms and spread over 58 acres. It is a neoclassic style and located in the Windlesham area, England. This house has private cinemas, a bowling alley, tennis court, and many squash courts. The marbles which used in the home bring from Italy and net worth of the house $139 million.

8. Seven the Pinnacle, Montana, USA

8-seven-the-pinnacle-montana-usaThis largest house situated in Montana, USA which has to value $155 million. It is a ski lodge and exclusive ski resort known as Yellowstone Club. Edra and Tim Blixseth- Real Estate developed this house. It has latest features like the indoor and outdoor pool, heated floor, and wine cellar and its ski lift.

7. Franchuk Villa, Belgravia, London

7-franchuk-villa-belgravia-londonAnother six stories Victorian style mansion located in Belgravia in the Central London. This house has luxurious amenities like basement pool, gyms, a private cinema, and newsroom. The worth of this house is $161 million.

6. The Manor, Los Angeles California

6-the-manor-los-angeles-californiaThe Manor also called Aaron Spelling Manor which constructed in 1991. It is spread over 56,500 square feet of area and contains 123 rooms. This house made in a chateau-style and biggest house in the City Los Angeles, California. This house is one of the greatest as well as an expensive home, the price of the home is $150 million. There are many attractions in which skating ring, swimming pool, tennis court, doll museum and bowling alley on the grounds included. This beautiful house has private orchards which have three fully stocked kitchen.

5. Hearst Mansion, California, USA

5-hearst-mansion-california-usaHearst Mansion is one of the famous Italian style Villa located in the Central Coast California, United States. A former newspaper publisher William Randolph constructed this house which contains 29 bedrooms. This Big Castle used in the filming of the famous movie “ Godfather” and John F Kennedy remained here during his honeymoon. The net worth of the house is $165 million, and this house has its cinema, an outdoor terrace, night club, and place for 400 guests.

4. Fairfield Pond, New York, USA

4-fairfield-pond-new-york-usaFairfield Pond is the home of American Investor and Businessman Ire Rennert. It located in the Hamptons, New York. This house is spread on the 63 acres land and consists of 29 bedrooms, 39 bathrooms, a basketball court, bowling alley, tennis court, squash court, three swimming pools, and 91feet long dining room.The worth of the house is 170 million, and it is the largest residential home in America.

3. Hyde Park, The Penthouse

3-hyde-park-the-penthouseLondon is one of a most expensive country, and the penthouse of London is one of the biggest house in the world. It located in Hyde Park, and it is a two-floor apartment which is 6000 pounds per square feet. Lakshmi Mittal is the owner of the house who is the head of Arcelor Mittal, world’s largest steel manufacturer. This house consists of 12 bedrooms, Turkish Baths, Indoor pool and extended parking for 20 cars. Besides all of these it has an excellent feature like bullet proof windows, an air purifier, SAS trained bodyguard and a panic room. This biggest house has net worth $ 200 million.

2. Villa Leopolda, French Riviera

2-villa-leopolda-french-rivieraVilla Leopolda is the second most expensive and biggest house in the world and most expensive in Europe. King Leopold built this house in 1902 for his mistress Blanche Zelia Josephine Delacroix. This building divided into two guest houses on the 20 acres ground and 80,000 square feet high. Villa Leopolda consists of 14 bathrooms and 11 bedrooms as well as it has a private beach and it is the best beach in the southern France. The net worth of the house is $506 million

1. Antilia, Mumbai, India

1-antilia-mumbai-indiaAntilia is the biggest house in the world which has 27 stories, 400,000 square foot building with six underground parking. The richest Indian man Mukesh Ambani built it, and this house considers the new Taj Mahal. Owner consulted with many international architectures for building this house like the designer of Mandarin Oriental, Perkins, and Hirsch Bender Associates. In this biggest house, many floating gardens and three helipads are present.

List of Top 10 Most Biggest Houses in the World

Sr. No Most Biggest Houses
1 Antilia Mumbai, India
2 Villa Leopolda France, Paris
3 Hyde Park, the Penthouse London
4 Fairfield Pond New York, USA
5 Hearst Mansion California, USA
6 The Manor Los Angeles, California
7 Franchuk Villa Belgravia, London
8 even the Pinnacle  Montana, USA
9 Updown Court England
10 Dracula’s Castle Romania



We conclude from the article that the biggest houses of the world have all kind of facilities. Mostly people build a big house some thousand square meter, but the world’s major houses are more than all of these. These largest rooms are also very expensive because they provide you every luxury.