Top 10 Most Common Types of Cancer in the World


Common Types of Cancer God gave a blessed life; we should take care of this life. He gave a lot of blessings, and one of them is Health. Health is a big blessing, and everything is not possible without good health. But due to our bad lifestyle changes, bad diet habits and some other reasons, we lose good health. Many diseases have spread all over the world in which some are very dangerous, and cancer is one of them. Cancer is an abnormal cell growth which can cover other parts of the body. Every year millions of deaths occurred due to Cancer. There are many types of cancer in which some has become most common types of Cancers. Every year thousands of cases appear in the world in which breast cancer is at the top. The following top 10 are the most common types of cancer in the world.

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10. Pancreatic Cancer – 53,070 Cases

pencreatic-cancerPancreatic cancer also included in our list of top 10 most common types of cancer. It starts in the tissues of the pancreas that helps in digestion and metabolism regulation. Pancrease has two types of cell exocrine and neuroendocrine, they both play a significant role in our body like make enzymes and hormones which control our blood sugar level. It grows rapidly that’s why early detection is difficult. The appearing cases every year are 53, 070 from which 41,780 lead to deaths.

9. Kidney Cancer – 62,700 Cases

kidney-cancerThe primary function of the kidneys are clean the blood to take out waste and make urine, then collects at the center of the kidney which called renal pelvis and after this passes into the bladder through the ureter and out of the body. This organ is critical because it makes hormones which control blood pressure and gives a signal to bone marrow to produce red blood cells. The general reasons of kidney cancer are smoking, excessive use of pain killer medicine, Obesity, High blood pressure, and family history. The estimated cases of every year are 62,700, and estimated deaths are 14,240 every year. Regular exercise, quit smoking, and a healthy diet can overcome the kidney cancer.

8. Thyroid Cancer –  63,300  Cases

thyroid-cancerThe thyroid is a gland which lies at the base of the throat. It had two lobes and shaped like the butterfly. A piece of tissues connects these portions. This gland makes hormones which control the weight, blood pressure, the temperature of the body, and heart rate. It is one of most common type of cancer and divided into four types follicular, medullary, papillary, and anaplastic in which Papillary is the most common. Thyroid Cancer can cured but Anaplastic type hard of curing. The estimated rate cases are 64,300 per year and death rate 1,980 per year.

7. NonHodgkin Lymphoma – 72,580 Cases

non-hodgkin-lymphomaLymphoma cancer is related to lymph system which is a part of our immune system. It also effects on lymphocytes which are a part of white blood cell. Lymphoma cancer can begin from anywhere because lymph tissue is spread all over the body. It has two main types one is Hodgkin Lymphoma, and other is on Hodgkin Lymphoma which is a classic type of cancer. In tNonHodgkin Lymphoma abnormal lymphocytes in the lymph nodes occur. The estimated cases every year are 72,580 and deaths occur 20,150.

6. Melanoma, Skin Cancer – 76,380 Cases

melanomaskin-cancerSkin Cancer is one of the most shared and dangerous types of cancer. Our skin protects us from heat, injury, infection as well as control body temperature and stores fat and water. Skin Cancer starts in the outer layer that made with different type of cell. The most common skin type cancer is nonmelanoma, and it can be spread all over the body. The number Skin Cancer is increasing every year. The estimated cases are 76,380 and expected 10, 130 death occurred every year.

5. Bladder Cancer – 79,960

bladder-cancerThe bladder is a lower part of our abdomen and a hollow organ where urine stores. These days its cancer has become more common. Transitional cell carcinoma is a type of bladder cancer which starts in urothelial cells; these cells change the shape when the bladder is full. Bladder Cancer most dangerous and other kinds are squamous cell carcinoma, and adenocarcinoma. The reason for bladder cancer is smoking and infections in a bladder. It can be diagnosed at the early stage because one symptom is that blood in urine. The estimated cases every year are 79,960 and estimated deaths are 16,390.

4. Colorectal Cancer -141,000

Colorectal cancer is the Cancer of Colon and rectum which are parts of the large intestine.Food passes during digestion through stomach and small intestine into the colon where colon absorbs water and nutrients from food and store waste matter. After that waste material move into the rectum and then leaves the body. Due to our poor digestion, Nowadays it also has become one of most common cancer. Every year almost 141,000 cases appear of Colorectal cancer and according to an estimate, more than 50,00o people kill due to this.

3. Prostate Cancer – 180,890 Cases

prostate-cancerProstate cancer has become the second most common cause of cancer in men after lung cancer. The prostate makes fluid and lies just below the bladder. Mostly this cancer begins in men after age between 50-60. If you take a treat in very early age, then you can survive. Otherwise, it can lead to death. The estimated new cases of prostate cancer are 180,890, and the approximately 26,120 deaths occur due to this.

2. Lung Cancer – 224,390 Cases

lung-cancerLungs are a pair breathing organs inside the chest through it’s we bring oxygen into the body and carbon dioxide out of the body. There are two types of lung cancer; one is small cell cancer and other nonsmall cell lung cancer. The second type is a most common type of lung cancer. The reason behind lung cancer smoking and this cause lead to death. Every year thousands of people died due to lung cancer, According to the survey in 2010, More than 157,000 people die due to lung cancer. The survival rate is %5, and the recommended treatment is surgery, radiotherapy for nonsmall cell type and chemotherapy for small cell type.

1. Breast Cancer – 246,660 Cases

breast awarenessThis Cancer in women is the most common cancer nowadays. Breast contain some glands called lobules and breast tissue also made with fat, and connective tissue, lymph nodes, and blood vessels. Ductal Carcinoma is the most common breast cancer. After skin cancer, it has become most common in all over the world, especially in The United States. The estimated cases every year are 230,480 for women and 2000 cases for men. Approximately, 40,000 people die due to breast cancer every year. The recommended treatment are surgery, radiotherapy, hormone therapy, and chemotherapy.

Top 10 Most Common Types of Cancer Every Year

Sr. No Most Common Types of Cancer Estimated Cases Every Year
1 Breast 246,660
2 Lung 224,390
3 Prostate 180,890
4 Colorectal 141,000
5 Bladder 79,960
6 Melanoma 76,380
7 NonHodgkin Lymphoma 72,580
8 Thyroid 63,300
9 Kidney 62,700
10 Pancreatic 53,070



We conclude from this article Nowadays our lifestyles have been changed. Due to this poor life style and eating habits we develop a lot of dangerous disease in our body and one is Cancer. Smoking is the main cause of all cancer types so avoid Tobacco and adopt the healthy lifestyle and healthy meal.