10 Of The Most Expensive Delicious Chocolate in 2017


beautiful girl eating chocolate Chocolate is love for most people in this world. Most expensive Delicious chocolate in the world is Le Chocolate Box with a price tag of 3. 5 million dollars. Diamonds are used in this chocolate box. Chocolate is the thing in this world which is not of any particular age group or gender. Kids, young people and seniors people equally like and love the chocolate taste. Chocolate is also the best gift for many occasions like birthday, as sent some best wishes etc. There are many brands in this world that make chocolates of different tastes. Every chocolate brand uses different ingredients and has different in taste from other. Are you interested in delicious expensive foods.

You can say that one of the most used sweets in the world. First-time chocolate evolved in 1900, and now many delicious chocolates are available. We tell you about the top 10 most expensive chocolates in the world. These chocolates are luxurious products formed with edible gold, diamonds and packing of them made them more expensive.However, I am sure chocolate lovers purchase these chocolates at any cost.Some of these chocolates are in the form of chocolate desserts and one of the delicious dessert in the world.These chocolates are the best gift to convey your feelings to anyone. Have a look on these delicious sweets. Listed below are Most expensive chocolates of 2016 and 2017.

10. Aficionado’s Collection Chocolates

10 Aficionado's Collection ChocolatesOne of the chocolates made especially for chain smokers and chocolate dessert lovers. These chocolates have the smell of cigar, but taste is different it does not destroy its taste.Aficionado’s sweets are covered in cigar leaves which give them a smell of cigarettes. It is available in various flavors like Italian Roasted Hazelnut, milk chocolate. The price of one box is $275.One of the best gift for chain smokers by Chocolatiers.

9. Delafee

9 DelafeeSwiss chocolates are famous around the globe because of their sensual chocolate experience. Delafee chocolate is a product of Switzerland. These are so delicious in the taste that no one can resist himself to eat them. Grand Cru chocolate are used in the formation of Delafee, which is also an expensive chocolate obtained from gold-leaf and Ecuador.These are also wrapped in the golden wrapper and called “Golden Truffle” which enhanced its shine and elegance. Taste of this chocolate is ever remembered when you taste it’s once.The price of one chocolate of Delafee is $504.

8. Michel Cuizel Box of Assorted Treats

8 Michel Cuizel Box of Assorted TreatsThis brand formed chocolates since 1948.Chocolates of Michael Cluizel are famous in all over the world. They have owned some of the independent chocolate companies. Due to large run chocolate business this brand has cocoa bean farms in various regions of the world where cocoa was grown. The yummy box of Michael Cuizel contains 400 pieces of different shapes and have the best taste. One box of chocolate has price $895.

7. Gold and Diamond Chocolates

7 Gold and Diamond ChocolatesChocolate made for special events like wedding, birthdays and best proposal gift for anyone.As it, the name indicates it made of 22k gold and silver just like a piece of jewelry.The high price of this chocolate is justified with their ingredients that are expensive, and cost of a single box is $1250.One single box contains 12 chocolates. 22 Karta gold, silver and diamonds are used in it.

6. Wispa Gold Wrapped Chocolate

6 Wispa Gold Wrapped ChocolateEveryone knows the name of Cadbury in the chocolate domain. It is a product of Cadbury and famous coca sweet in this world. Cadbury is a famous brand in all over the world and makes chocolate for their customers of high and low prices. Most expensive one is Wispa gold wrapped chocolate which is packed in a golden wrapper which is edible. For this luxurious sweets, you could pay $1628. Tony Hadley and Spandau Ballet introduced and delivered his chocolate.

5. Knipschildt Chocolatier

5 Knipschildt ChocolatierKnipschildt Chocolatier chocolate is named on the name of Knipschildt Chocolatier, who makes these chocolates by hand. The desserts which are best in taste is a knit child chocolatier. This chocolate has worth $2600 which is not in the limit of everyone. The reason for its high price is its unique ingredients every piece of chocolate has the finest taste.If anyone want to eat a fresh chocolate, then go Norwalk Cafe Chocopologie. It is love for real cocoa addicts.

4. Swarovski Studded Chocolates

4 Swarovski Studded ChocolatesThis chocolate is considered the symbol of luxuries and most prefer among expensive chocolates.It has a high price tag of $10,000 for each box and price match with the packing of the box.Chocolates are embedded with Swarovski crystals and tie between Harrods and patch. Lebanese Chocolatier designs it. Chocolate is very delicious in taste. Packing of a box is unique 49 pieces of chocolate placed in a suede casing which already covered with woven Indian silk.This chocolate is the best gift for a friend who is crazy for chocolates. Academy of chocolates gives it the title of the best chocolate in the world.

3. Golden Speckled Egg

3 Golden Speckled EggThis chocolate is in the shape of an egg and a masterpiece of William Curley. One of the different chocolate which has no jewels. This chocolate made a place in Guinness World Record. One of the chocolate considered the symbol of greatness. Golden Speckled Egg was sold to Cyrus Vandrevala at an auction, Who is technology investor paid $11,107 for this chocolate. People order this Specked egg according to their taste. The unique thing about the chocolate is that it was dipped in another expensive chocolate “Amadeus”. Egg gives you different flavors inside like Rosemary and Olive oil, Muscovado Caramel, Juniper Berry.This chocolate takes three days hard work of skilled chocolatiers.Taste of Specked egg is unique among the chocolates.

2. Frrrozen Haute Chocolate

Expensive Delicious ChocolateYou think about this chocolate it is frozen just its name mention, but it is not frozen. It is served with a hot chocolate mix with dessert. One of the best and delicious dessert in the world which has a price of $25,000. The chocolate is made of 28 best yummy cocoas in the world and edible gold. Frozen Haute Chocolate is included in the Guinness World Record. This luxurious and delicious product served in many restaurants in New York. Its presentation is unique, at the base of goblet diamonds and gold bracelet kept.

1. Le Chocolate Box

1 Le chocolatThis one is the most expensive chocolate in the world in our list. One of the best thing about the Le Chocolate Box is that you can see the chocolate outside and inside. It is luxurious type chocolate and best for women. Le Chocolate Box is made of unique diamonds. This chocolate suitable for girls because they can not control themselves for chocolates and diamonds as well. Le Chocolate Box has a price tag of $1.5 million which also included the price of a box. The box was decorated so beautifully and has two things n the top of the box. One is the gourmet chocolates from Lake Forest Confections, and other is jewels from Simon jeweler.

List of Most Expensive Delicious Chocolates in the World

Sr.No Chocolate Brand Amount
1 Le Chocolate Box $1.5 million
2 Frrrozen Haute $25000
3 Golden Speckled Egg $11,107
4 Swarovski Studded $10,000
5 Knipschildt $2600
6 Wispa Gold wrapper $1628
7 Gold and Diamond $1250
8 Michel Cluizel box of Assorted treats $895
9 Delafee $504
10 The Aficionado’s collection $275


This article helps a lot to the chocolate lovers who always conscious about new taste and brands of chocolate. These chocolates have a delicious taste but also have such high price that everyone in this world can not eat these. However if you have a budget, you should enjoy the taste of these chocolates. High prices of these chocolates are because of gold, diamonds, and expensive ingredients.