Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in History


engagment rings Women love the every piece of jewelry its earrings, ring, necklace or bracelet. The ring is a piece of jewelry which enhanced the beauty of woman hand and an essential thing for engagement. The most expensive engagement rings were possessed in this world by Elizabeth Taylor, “Asscher-cut Krupp diamond engagement Ring” which has such high price $8.8 Million. This ring is known as Asscher-cut Krupp diamond ring.This ring is now the property of an anonymous Asian.The ring is the sign of love, commitment, and expensive rings are considered status symbol. Before further reading on the ring First read about the most expensive wedding dress and most expensive diamonds that can be used in the engagement rings.

Different style and designs of engagement ring are made by jewelers. Ladies look fabulous in these pieces of jewelry. It is the best gift for a girl on her engagement from her husband. Today we shear with you the most expensive engagement rings in the world. These rings are in possession of royal families, celebrities and richest people of the world. They present these rings to their wives on their engagement. Diamonds, stones, and pearls made the ring beautiful and elegant and increased their prices.These are a valuable gift for these ladies by their loved ones. Have a look at these expensive and beautiful rings and you can feel the beauty and grace of these engagement rings. Here are some most expensive engagement rings in the History.

10. 18 Carat Blue Sapphire. Princess Diana

10 18 Carat Blue Sapphire. Princess Diana First of all, 18 Carat Blue Sapphire is the family ring. Originally it was given to Lady Diana by Prince Charles of Wales in 1981 on their engagement ceremony. Now this expensive ring is possessed by Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge. It is beautiful ever with 18 karat sapphire blue diamonds and 14 small diamonds. The cost is at the era of Lady Diana is $45000, and now it has cost $137,200.

9. Pear Cut Diamond Ring. Anna Kournikova

9 Pear Cut Diamond ring. Anna KournikovaThis expensive ring was given as the gift by a singer Enrique Iglesias to Anna Kournikova.  It is centrally located pear shaped 11 karats pink diamond. Trillion stones on both sides hold the diamond in its place. It has price tag of $2.5 million.

8. Fred Leighton Vintage Ring. Catherine Zeta-Jones

8 Fred Leighton vintage ring. Catherine Zeta-JonesMichael Douglas presented this precious engagement ring to Catherine Zeta-Jones. It consist of 10 karat diamond which cut in the shape of marquise, diamond is looking beautiful in which way it is set horizontally. 28 small diamonds surrounded the marquise diamond. The price of vintage look ring is $2.5 million.

7. Lesotho III Diamond Ring. Jacqueline

7 Lesotho III Diamond Ring. JacquelineIt was given to Jacqueline by Aristotle Onassis. It was worn only two times in its life and has spent remaining life in a bank locker. Diamond studded is 40.42 karats Lesotho III diamond and the current price of the ring is $2.6 million.

6. Graff Emerald Cut Diamond Ring. Melania Knauss

6 Graff emerald cut diamond ring. Melania KnaussIt was given Donald Trump to Melania Knauss. He designed it beautifully, and a ring placed in a platinum basket . 15 karat emerald cut diamond was used in this expensive ring. Leaf design surrounded enhanced its beauty. It has worth $3 million.

5. Neil Lane Blue Diamond Engagement Ring. Jenifer Lopez

5 Neil Lane Blue Diamond Engagement Ring. Jenifer LopezJenifer Lopez got it by Marc Anthony as commitment gift. He designed it ring by Neil Lane. It has priced $ 4 million has 8.5 karats blue diamond. However they are no more with each other, but it is no doubt it is the most expensive ring in all jewelry of Lopez.

4.Cartier Emerald Cut Diamond Ring. Grace Kelly

4 Cartier Emerald Cut Diamond Ring. Grace KellyCartier makes this expensive ring. Grace Kelly got this precious thing on their special day from Prince Rainier III. Most expensive engagement ring for a lady has worth $4.06 million. It is decorated wit 10. 47 karat emerald green cut diamond which holds between two diamond baguettes.

3. Gold and Diamond Encrusted Ring.  Paris Hilton

3 Gold and Diamond encrusted ring. Paris HiltonIt was a gift for Paris Hilton by her ex-fiance Paris Latsis. Hilton said about this beautiful ring it was huge and hurt my finger. Ring made up of 24 karats white gold and a 28 karat huge diamond that fit between two triangular baguettes. It has a current price tag of $4.7 million. Hilton auctioned it for victims of Katarina Hurricane after her divorced.

2. Lorraine Schwartz Platinum Diamond Ring.  Beyonce

2 Lorraine Schwartz Platinum Diamond Ring. BeyonceShe received this expensive and elegance gift on her engagement by her husband, Jay-Z. He designed it by jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, and it consists of 18 karats octagon cut diamond set at the platinum base. Ring current price is $5 million. It is certified as best quality stone.

1. Asscher-Cut Krupp Diamond Engagement Ring. Elizabeth Taylor

 Expensive Engagement RingsThe owner of the most expensive engagement ring was Elizabeth Taylor. He got it from Richard Burton. Ring carry an exceptional diamond which is33.19 karats IIa certified rare diamond. Clarity and purity of the diamond are outstanding. Diamond has a big culet facet and an Asscher cut. The value of Elizabeth Taylor ring is $8.8 million.However, the ring was auctioned after her death to an Asian collector.

Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings at a Glance

Sr. No Ring owner Price
1 Elizabeth Taylor $8.8 million
2 Beyonce $5 million
3 Paris Hilton $4.7 million
4 Grace Kelly $4.06 million
5 Jenifer Lopez $4 million
6 Melania Knauss $3 million
7 Jacqueline $2.6 million
8 Zeta- Jones $2.5 million
9 Anna Kournikova $2.5 million
10 Lady Diana $137,200 million



As a result from this article that these rings are the best gift fro these ladies on their commitment day. These beautiful rings made their day more memorable. Everyone buy a ring for her woman on their engagement which is best and unique ring for her. These rings about which I told you are expensive one because diamonds, gold, and precious stones are used in these rings. Only royal families, celebrities, and rich people can afford such high priced rings on their engagement day.These ladies are lucky to have such expensive and beautiful engagement rings. I wish you have one of such precious ring on their engagement day.