Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World


hotel The most expensive hotel in the world is Lover’s Deep British Submarine. It located near the coral reef off the coast of St. Lucia. The price of one night stay at this hotel is $1,50,000. There are many hotels, resorts and villas in this world for the tourists, visitors in every country. When you are going to enjoy your trip you want to make it memorable. Here is a complete list of Top 10 Most expensive hotels in the world in 2016 & 2017. Also Check out the Most expensive cities for living in the world.

The hotel where you stay plays a significant role in your enjoyment. If its quality is not according to your demand, then you can not make your trip memorable. Many things counted in a hotel which makes it luxurious and expensive. It’s rooms, its location, facilities for their guests.We make a list of world most expensive hotels. These hotels have every luxury for their guests. Mostly politicians, celebrities and elite class book these hotels. If you have an unlimited budget, you can enjoy these luxurious hotels stay.

10. Hotel Plaza Athenee
Royal Suite – Paris, France
$27,000 per Night

10 Hotel Plaza AtheneeHotel Plaza Athenee is the most expensive hotel in the city of light. On its fifth floor, there is a Royal suite which has worth $27,000. It is the largest suite in the France. It consists of four bedrooms you can choose one from them but rest three living rooms are yours. From this hotel, you can see the view of Eiffel Tower. You can enjoy in your room the 18th century Regence period like silks, fabrics, damasks.The hotel has French Regency furniture. They provide you the private kitchen and own steam room.

9. Cala di Volpe Hotel
Presidential Suite – Sardinia, Italy
$32,750 per Night

9 Cala di Volpe HotelCala di Volpe Hotel has Europe most expensive presidential suite which you can get of $32,750. It is the rent of one night stay in this hotel. It is located on the island of Sardinia. The resort well equipped with every facility like the solarium, fitness area, swimming pool. You have three bedrooms in the resort and design of each bedroom is different from other.

8. Las Vegas Hotel
Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palms Resort – The USA
$35,450 Per Night

8 Las Vegas HotelLas Vegas’s hotel is the expensive and luxurious hotel in U.S.A. Its sixth floor consists of Hugh Hefner Sky Villa, Palm resort which is 836 square meters long.You would pay $35,000 for one night to stay at this Palm resort. Here you are provided the best facilities like racy artwork, poker table.Indoor waterfall, a playboy indoor pool and two bedrooms.

7. Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez
Penthouse Suite-Cannes, France
$37,500 per night

7 Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel MartinezGrand Hyatt Cannes Hotel has a lavish Penthouse Suite for the visitors. This suite situated on the seventh floor. The suite consists of a living room, two master size bedrooms, two marble bathrooms, A dining room and a spa bath. This hotel provides you the scenic view of Southern part of the French city. Guests can enjoy their own Jacuzzi overlooking the Bay of Cannes. It is the best place for anyone who is willing to pay $37,500 only for one night.

6. Grand Resort Lagonissi
Royal Villa – Greece
$40,000 Per Night

6 Grand Resort LagonissiGrand Resort Lagonissi is the best place for relaxation after a tough routine. The cost of this royal villa is $40,000. For this amount, you can avail the two king sized bedrooms, private butler, a chauffeured driven limo, a living room with fireplace. Visitors can enjoy the indoor pool, gym, steam bath. The hotel is located on the beach so you can use a private marina.The hotel also provides you the shopping assistance.

5. Laucala Island Resort
Hilltop Estate Owner’s Accommodation – Laucala Island, Fiji
$40,000 Per Night

5 Laucala Island ResortHilltop Estate owner’s residence is a lavish villa in this Island. It is one of the exotic places where you can spend your vacation. But if you have a plan to stay, you would write the application to the Dietrick Mateschitz, who is also the owner of this villa and owner of Red Bull. So if he permits you, then you could stay there. The resort consists of 25 luxurious villas and many other activities like water skiing, horseback riding, golf, kitesurfing, jet skis, windsurfing and gourmet dining. This resort has worth $40,000 per night stay.

4. Raj Palace Hotel
Presidential Suite – Jaipur, India
$43,000 Per Night

Expensive HotelsRaj Palace is the most expensive hotel in Asia located in India. It consists of The luxurious Presidential suite which is almost 1500 square meters long. The old name of the suite was Maharaja’s pavilion. It is four-floor apartments type hotel, and the first floor is enough for working people and their staff. Rooms are fully furnished because  Maharaja was living there. The suite consists of a museum of India heritage.Guests imagine live in a Royal Palace entire suit is submerged into gold leaf, stucco and mirror work. $43,000 per night is not a big deal for this luxurious hotel.

3. Four Seasons Hotel
Ty Warner Penthouse Suite – New York
$45,000 Per Night

3 Four Seasons HotelFour Season Hotel New York has luxurious Ty Warner Penthouse for your vacation. One of the world best and most expensive hotel in U.S. Rooms well decorated, a fabulous chandelier in the chambers. The room floor offers you 360-degree ceiling views. Platinum and gold weaved fabrics is used. You enjoy the sleep on 18th-century Japanese silk pillow. It is the best pace for spending vacations in America if you are willing to pay $45,000 per night.

2. Hotel President Wilson
Royal Penthouse Suite-Geneva, Switzerland
$65,000 Per Night

2 Hotel President WilsonRoyal Penthouse Suite is the world largest suite. The suite located on the top floor of the hotel.All windows of this suite are bulletproof. Visitors can choose 1 out of 12 bedrooms which attached with a marble bathroom. The private lift takes the guests directly to their quarters. From this expensive suit you can visit the Lake Geneva, and other luxurious things include in the suit are a Steinway grand piano, billiard room, library, private gym and a Bang 7 Olufsen BeoVision 4 103 inch plasma TV. This suit is 1800 square meter long. You could pay $65,000 for a stay in this hotel for one night.

1. Lover’s Deep British Submarine Hotel
St. Lucia – $150,000 Per Night

1 Lover's Deep British Submarine HotelLover’s Deep is a submarine hotel for sea lovers. It is the most expensive hotel room in the world. You will pay $150,000 for one night stay in this hotel.This hotel gives you a peaceful sleep in the depth of the ocean. Guests enjoy the excellent views of marine life. After spent a night in this luxurious hotel you got the opportunity to join the mile low club.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Hotels in the World 2016-2017

Sr. No Most Expensive Hotels Country Rent/night
1 Lover’s Deep British submarine Hotel


St.Lucia $1,50,000
2 Hotel President Wilson


Geneva, Switzerland $65,000
3 Four Seasons Hotel


New York, U.S $45,000
4 Raj Palace Hotel


Jaipur, India $43,000
5 Laucala Island Resort


Fiji $40,000
6 Grand Resort Lagonissi Greece $40,000
7 Grand Hyatt Cannes Hotel Martinez


France $37,500
8 Las Vegas Hotel


U.S.A $34,450
9 Hotel Cala di Volpe Sardinia, Italy $32,750
10 Hotel Plaza Athenee Paris, France $27,000


We conclude from this article these luxurious hotels provide the guests every luxury of the world. But these lavish hotels can only enjoy those people who have extra money for their enjoyment. Because these hotels are more expensive than an average person income. However, we suggest you these marvelous hotels for your stay when you are enjoying your vacations.