Top 10 Most Expensive LED TV & Plasma TV 2016-2017


Expensive LED TV The Most Expensive LED TV in the world is Stuart Hughes, prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition, which price is $2.26 million.

Television has become the needs of every house, and people get entertainment from TV. There was a time when 21 inches TV is considered the big television. But now times has changed, Now new technology launched every day. Television is the most important part of every house, and they decorate their TV launch with best Television. Now people purchased LCD and LED for home which is the latest trend, and they make their homes beautiful. And their high prices are only due to the big screen but also their useful features. Here is the list of Top 10 Most Expensive LED TV & Plasma TV 2016-2017 in the world. Everyone wants to buy these, but their high prices can’t afford every person. This is all about technology.

10. The LG 84 Inch TV – $20,000

10 The LG 84 Inch TVThe LG 84 Inch TV is also best experience for those who want to get cinema experience at home. It has excellent quality with 84 inches screen and also has 3D features. It’s bigger and expensive TV firstly launched in China gives you 3840 resolution by 2160 pixels. You can  Enjoy 4K resolution on LG’s 84-inch class Ultra High Definition TV
The price of this television is $20,000, so that’s why it included in the list of top 10 expensive Television in the world.

9. Sony 84 inch Tv – $25,000

9 Sony 84 inch TvSony is a very famous brand which has high-quality products. So 84 inches television is one of the best TV of the Company which has a 4000 pixel and gives Resolution 2160 pixels. The specialty of the Tv is that it has ten driver stereo system, and it is placed around the edges of the screen. If you purchase Sony 84 inch, you can enjoy Cinema experience at home.

8. Samsung S9 UHD TV – $38,000

8 Samsung S9 UHD TVSamsung introduced a very massive and beautiful television with 85-inch screen. Firstly it only Launched on the online website like; people criticize its high price even in a comment someone tells that a person has sold his son because he wants to purchase this Big Screen TV. This big screen has the latest sound system, and quad core processor makes it latest. It is one of the ultra high definition range 4K LED.

7. Panasonic TH 103VX200W – $100,000

7 Panasonic TH 103VX200WPanasonic TH 103VX200W was launched in 2011 and still it is one of most expensive in the world. This Panasonic TV offers you a very high definition resolution, 1080 pixels. It also gives you 3D images and 3D glasses, and it is the latest and best thing about Panasonic TH 103VX200W. In its manufacturing, 30 but chip used for color processing. The extraordinary thing about that television is that it has multicolor transmission, and you can increase or decrease it, and in the market, the price of this Television is $100,000.

6. Yalos Diamond – $140,000

6 Yalos DiamondTakahide Sano is a Japanese designer who designed this excellent TV. Keymat industry of Italy made it but the first time it was introduced in an exhibition in Germany. 160 real diamonds studded on its panel, which has weighed 20 karats. The size of the TV is not big; it is 46 inches, but it’s design and quality make it expensive in the world.

5. BeoVision 4-103 – $140,000

5 BeoVision 4-103BeoVision 4-103 is best for those people who love to have big TV in their homes. Ir has 103 inches screen with advanced features. It has an automatic adjustment of picture and color shows the highest quality display. It’s portal stand make easy for you to set the angle according to your choice.  BeoVision one of the most expensive TVs in the world with $140,000 price and it provides you very exciting visual experience.

4. Sharp LB 1085 LCD TV – $160,000

4 Sharp LB 1085 LCD TVThis Big LCD TV launched in 2008 with a 108-inch screen. It broke all record in 2008 because it was the largest television in the world at that time. The viewing angle is 176 degree, brightness is 400cd/m2, Response time six milliseconds, 1080p picture quality. The best thing is that it provides you the facility of USB ports, and it is a very latest thing.

3. Panasonic 152 inch Plasma TV – $500,000

3 Panasonic 152 inch Plasma TVPanasonic is a famous brand, and it has a great invention in the form of plasma TV. It is most expensive Television of Panasonic company with 152 inches screen. It is also largest plasma TV in the world with high resolution 2160 pixels, and weight is about 1282 pounds. The best thing is that it can deliver 3D image quality, and the ratio is same as Cinema which is 17:9. If you saw the film, you will feel it is same like as Cinema,

2. Stuart Hughes, Prestige HD Supreme Edition – $1.5 Million

2 Stuart Hughes, prestige HD SupremeStuart Hughes always created something unique and extraordinary thing. The second most expensive TV of the world also invented by Stuart Hughes. This TV edition has very good quality picture with 55 inches screen. In its manufacturing 19 kilograms of gold, 50 diamonds are used and also added many other precious gems. One round shape diamond weight is 0.75 karat, and the cost is $1.5 million.

1. Stuart Hughes, PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition – $ 2.26 Million

Carmencitta-The-Gold-TV-featuredPrestige HD Supreme Edition is the most expensive LED TV in the world. Stuart Hughes is the founder Stuart Hughes. It has 55-inch screen coated with 25-28 kg of gold, and 72 round shaped diamonds make it most expensive in the world. People who love to keep expensive TV and want to maintain their status for them it is the best Television.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive LED TV & Plasma TV 2016-2017

Sr. No Expensive LED TV
1 Stuart Hughes, prestige HD Supreme Rose Edition $2.26 million
2 Stuart hughes, Prestige HD Supreme Edition $1.5 million
3 Panasonic 152 inch Plasma TV $500,000
4 Sharp LB 1085 LCD TV $160,000
5 Beo Vision4 103 inches $140,000
6 Yalos Diamond $140,000
7 Panasonic TH 103VX200W $100,000
8 Samsung S9 UHD TV $38,000
9 Sony 84 inch TV $25,000
10 The LG 84 Inch TV $20,000



Television is the basic need of every house, and it is also the source of entertainment. People love to watch and decorate with their TV launch with best Television. LED & Plasma TV are now in trend their big screen looks stunning, and you can enjoy Cinema environment at home. But these big screen television only afford rich people.