Top 10 Most Expensive Rare Flowers in the World


expensive rare flowers These natural beauties make the earth most beautiful. Rose is the most preferred and romantic gifts for loved ones. Flowers used on many occasions including weddings, Valentine day, mother day, friendship day, etc. This world is full of many different types of flowers. They have different color and fragrance. Many flowers used in perfumes and medicines. In this article, we discuss the top 10 expensive rare flowers in the world. These precious blooms not found on everywhere on this earth they grow only in specific areas and are very rare. Specific skills, procedures and a lot of time required for the development. Amazing flower festivals also held every yeas in different countries usually in spring season.

10.Lisianthus ($10-$35 per Bundle)

10 LisianthusLisianthus is the other name of “Eustoma Grandiflorum” flower. Lisianthus blooms annually 5 cm in diameter and grow up to 15-60 cm height.  These paper flowers found in warm regions of the Southern United States, Mexico North-south America, and the Caribbean.This flower comes in many colors such as Pale purple, white, blue violet and lavender. Petals of Lisianthus are broad, ruffled and oval shaped. However most of these flowers are white, very delicate and named them “Paper Flowers”. The reason for its high price is that before perishing they can survive only for two to three weeks.

9.Lilly Of the Valley ($15-$50 per Bundle)

9 Lilly Of the ValleyNinth most expensive flower on the earth is Lily of the Valley also called “Convallaria Majalis”. It has the sweet scent but highly poisonous flowering plant. The popularity of this flower is due to its delicacy, elegant look, and its bell-shaped flowers.It grows in Europe and Cool temperate Northern Hemisphere in Asia in late spring.Flower diameter is 5-10 mm and stalk is 15-30 cm tall. It is surrounded by two long leaves. In old Christianity,  it is known as Our Lady’s tears .The reason behind this flower expensiveness is its harvesting. Much care needed for its while picking Lilly s the Valley because if you pull it in the wrong way it shortens the lifespan of the flower. The lifetime of Our Lady’s Tears only takes weeks before perishing.

8.Hydrangea ($6.5 per stem)

8 HydrangeaA genus of 70-75 species flowering plant grows in Southern and Eastern Asia and America. Hydrangea is a circular cluster of little flowers per stem which give a unique look to this plant. Shrubs grow 1 to 3 meters tall. Commonly it comes in White blooms, however, available in other colors like Violet, pink, blue and light purple. This beautiful and expensive clusters can easily wilt so you should purchase these flowers one night before or on the day of the event. It’s tough to harvest, but commonly used for weddings and other special occasions despite it have the high price.

7.Gloriosa ($6-$10 Per Flower)

7 GloriosaGloriosa is highly expensive flower because of its rarity and uniqueness; it’s native to South Africa and Asia. It has long tendrils that support the weight of bloom, and its leaves are 3 meters long. It comes in different colors reds, orange, yellow-green and yellow.The color of this flower changes from tip to center. Gloriosa showy flowers with flexed petals look beautiful.

6. 17th Century Tulip Bulb ($5,700 during 17th century)

6 17th Century Tulip BulbThe tulips are considered as a status symbol if anyone has in their gardens. Dutch highly admired the shape and color of a tulip. Its lush and dark color is stronger and attractive than any other flower. Despite simple and standard tulip has very high price during the 17th century, when it sold for $5700. It’s one bunch has 8,16 or more bulbs, and one bunch has priced $9.

5.Saffron Crocus ($1200-$1500 per pound)

5 Saffron CrocusThe most expensive flower on the earth but it is a spice but still sold as a bloom. It has a purple color, but its stamen vibrant yellow color makes it unique among flowers. The reason behind its price is the cost of its development which is a tedious phenomenon for harvester it takes abut 80,000 flowers to develop only 500 gm spice from the yellow stamen, and all process is hand -picked and then dried. It is the Highly demanding flower, and special skills required for its cultivation. Ten bulbs of Saffron has cost $6, and a pound cost $1500.

4.Gold Of Kinabalu Orchid ($6000 per piece)

4 Gold Of Kinabalu OrchidThis flower sells at a much high price because of its rarity and beauty, and this expensive bloom is only found in the Kinabalu National Park of Malaysia. This gem only grows in the month of April and May and before appearing in its final appearance it takes many years to develop. Cultivation of Kinabalu is a long and complicated process. It has long, beautiful green petals with red sports which attract the people. Gold of Kinabalu named given to this Orchid for its high cost and rarity.

3.Shenzhen Nongke Orchid ( $20,000 approximately)

3 Shenzhen Nongke OrchidThis bloom is entirely hand made and developed in the lab by Agriculture Research Corporation Shenzhen Nongke Group. It took almost eight years of researchers to grow. It was auctioned in 2005 for a shocking 1.68 million Yuan, and it sold at such high because of its rarity, cultivation, background and as well as for gorgeous appearance. This Orchid also has a delicate taste.

2.Juliet Rose (3million Yuan or $15.8 million approximately)

2 Juliet RoseDavid Austin created this lovely bloom. After 15 years hard work of David, he finally developed this flower. Juliet Rose unveiled in 2006 at Chelsea Flower Show. It astonished the world by its beauty and elegance. The price of Juliet Rose is 3 million Yuan or approximately $15.8 million.

1. Kadupul Flower (Priceless)

1 Kadupul FlowerIt has no price tag because this flower can not be harvested,  and can not purchase anyone on earth. Kadupul is a cactus that infrequently blooms, once in a year. It blossoms only at night and dies before dawn. Kadupul emanates a lovely and soothing scent. This flower can not picked without damage to it, and if selected it remains live only a few hours, so no one sells this fleeting beauty.

 List of Top Ten Most Expensive Rare Flowers

Rank Flower Name Price
1. Kadupul Flower Un-Estimated
2. Juliet Rose $15.8 Million
3. Shenzhen Nongke Orchid $20,0000
4. Gold Of Kinabalu Orchid $6,000/piece
5. Saffron Crocus 1200-1500
6. 17th Century Tulip Bulb $5,700
7. Gloriosa  $5-10/flower
8. Hydrangea $6.5/stem
9. Lilly Of the Valley $15-5-/bundle
10. Lisianthus $10-35/bundle


We conclude from this article, many beautiful things on the earth flowers are one such thing. Flowers not only make your garden or home beautiful but their scents refresh our mood. However these expensive flowers are grown in specific countries and areas, and not everyone feels the fragrance of these blooms. Amazing color of these flowers also attract the people.