Top 10 Most Expensive Strollers in the World


Most Expensive Strollers Bugaboo Cameleon3 is the most expensive stroller in the world because of its unique features. Among all the gifts given by Allah, a baby is one of the most blessed gifts of Allah. To fulfill the needs of a baby, all the parents try their utmost to provide them all the best things. With the increase in the age of children, the needs of the child also increase as a result of which the expenses of parents also increase. Only the wealthy parents can fulfill all the needs of their children. Whenever people go out for some work; they prefer to take their child along for themselves. Given below is a list of Top 10 Most Expensive Strollers in the world. Visit the more interesting articles on Most Expensive things in the world.

To carry out a baby in a comfortable way; use of a stroller is the best thing to for this. The stroller can be taken away anywhere outside as it has wheels. In the given article, most expensive strollers are discussed along with their specification and prices.

10 – Mountain Buggy Nano – $200

10 Mountain Buggy Nano - $200It is a lightweight stroller. Its size is just 22 inches and weight is 13 pounds. It is very comfortable for newborn babies as it has a protective lid that shields a child from obstacles. It has 5.5” EVA wheels that make a ride very easy and comfortable. One of its useful features is that it has a shoulder strap that enables it to folded when required. Further, it can also be attached to the car seat, and baby can travel quickly.

9 – Baby Jogger City Mini – $250

9 Baby Jogger City MiniBaby Jogger City Mini is a lightweight, compact and nimble stroller and it can be folded in one step. It can carry a weight of 50lb. Further, it has enough space to have the babies’ things in the stroller.

8 – Mamas and Papas Armadillo – $280

8 Mamas and Papas ArmadilloIt is a light weight inexpensive and compact stroller. It can be managed through a variety of hills. Wonky pavements and bus riders. The seat of this stroller can be raised up or down through a pull cord. One of its useful features is that it has Pemako window through which the baby can be seen when the seat is front facing.

7 – Chico Bravo Trio System – $350

7 Chico Bravo Trio SystemIt is a professional type of stroller for a baby as it can be enlarged as the child grow with time. Further, it can be attached to a seat in the car so that the child can sit in a car with high safety and comfort. Its weight carrying capacity is 50 pounds. Many child’s things can be taken outside because it has enough space to carry baby’s things.

6 – Valco Baby Snap Duo2 – $500

6 Valco Baby Snap Duo2One of its best features is that; in this stroller, two children can be carried out at a time. It makes the life of those parents easier and comfortable having twins. The baby in this stroller can be protected in a unique way as it has two separate hoods. Further, the colors of its hood can be changed when desired, making the stroller more charming for baby.

5 – Phil and Teds Navigator – $500

5 Phil and Teds NavigatorPhil and Teds Navigator is best for a thing for those parents who love adventure. In this stroller, a seat belt is available that provides extra safety to the babies. Further, its brake is highly efficient and perfect. One of its useful features is the presence of frame lock that may release air filled tires for cushioned ride. Adjustable handle bar, plastic foot well that make cleaning easy and 5 point harness for easy adjustment are the features that make it more suitable stroller for babies.

4 – Bob Revolution – $500

4 Bob RevolutionThose parents that are active and walk with greater speed are recommended to buy this stroller because this stroller enables a baby to move with greater speed. Further, it has inflatable tires so that the stroller can be rolled easily over varied terrain, providing collapsible sports stroller with an adjustable reclining seat.

3 – UPPAbaby Vista – $730

3 UPPAbaby VistaThe front of this stroller has a full size, and one handled multi-position recline plus bassinet also provided. This stroller is one step fold. A large basket is also attached to this stroller into which a large number of baby’s things can be kept. One of the best features is that the seat of the stroller can be laid flat while the baby is sleeping.

2 – 4 Moms Origami – $850

2 4 Moms OrigamiIt is a stylish stroller and also best for because of its folding and power features. By pressing a button, it can be folded very easily. One of its most unusual features is that facility of mobile charging also provided along with it.

1 – Bugaboo Cameleon3 –  $1089

2 4 Moms OrigamiIt is the most expensive stroller of the world because of its unique features. Handlebar, folding facility, suspension system are the best features of this stroller. Further, it has a car seat, beach walkers and carries cot as well that makes the life of parents so comfortable in a sense to take babies anywhere they are going. Further, it is suitable for the children from birth to 36 months of baby’s age. The other unique features of this stroller are that it has the rain cover and under seat basket.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Strollers in the World

Sr. No. Most Expensive Strollers Price in dollars
1 Bugaboo Cameleon3 1089
2 4 Moms Origami 850
3 UPPAbaby Vista 730
4 Bob Revolution 500
5 Phil and Teads Navigalo 500
6 Valco baby Snap Duo2 500
7 Chico Bravo Trio System 350
8 Mamas and Papas Armadillo 280
9 Baby Jogger City Mini 250
10 Mountain Buggy Nano 200



From this article, it can be concluded that stroller has provided the greater opportunity to carry their babies in stroller anywhere they want. Different strollers with different features are available in market and parents can buy these strollers according to their capacity of money.