World Top 10 Most Expensive Tea Super Taste


Expensive Tea Most expensive tea in the world is Da-Hong Pao, which has priced $1 million. Tea is the most used and selling beverages in all over the world. Tea is mostly cultivated in India, China, Sri Lanka. 3 billion tea cups served daily in this world. Different verities of tea used in the world. Different cultivation techniques used for tea harvesting. Here you will read about World Top 10 Most Expensive Tea Super Taste in the world. If you like Tea then you also like to know about Top 10 Expensive coffee brands in the world.

After water, it is second most used the drink in this world. These are the expensive top tea in the world because these have a unique flavor. Tea used in daily routine for removing tiredness. China mostly delivers the tea in all over the world. It is a cheap beverage available for every person. But these expensive drinks are not afforded by everyone. However, these expensive tea are made by the unique procedure. Have a look at these tasty beverages.

10. Tienchi Flower- $170

10 Tienchi FlowerTienchi is a Chinese product. It is known Panax Notoginseng in the labs; this name means beverages that cures. This one included in expensive tea brands in the world. The price of its one pack is $170. Tea is an antioxidant which boosts your immune system and makes it compelling. Plant of Tienchi used in the treatment of disease like insomnia, faintness, and fur rash. This tea is harvested in Yunnan province and has a refreshing mint taste.

9. Silver Tips Imperial Tea – $400

9 Silver Tips Imperial TeaSilver Tips Tea is a product of India and sold in India as 1 kilogram for $400. Tea leaves collected above 5,000 to 8,000 height of Himalayas. Factory of this tea brand located in Darjeeling state “Makaibari” India. Silver Tips tea is known because of its unique flavor and leaves color. The tea name silver also derived from its silver color leaves. It is grown in special farms, and it is cultivated in days of full moon.

8. Gyokuro Tea – $650

8 Gyokuro teaGyokuro Tea cultivated in Japan Uji Locale only. The word Gyokuro means “Dews of jewelry.” Special handling techniques required for its cultivation. Leaves are not crushed and keep away from the sun before harvesting for almost two weeks. Gyokuro tea has its unique flavor and fragrance for recognition.

7. Poo Poo Pu – Erh – $1000

7 Poo Poo PuPoo Poo Pu – Era tea name looks like a joke, but this expensive tea is not a joke. It is the Poo Poo of different insects; these insects are residents of tea leaves for their whole lives. Leaves dropped by insects and residue of insects are mixed with these tea leaves. People find its taste delicious and different from other teas. This product cultivated din Yunnan, China. Poo Poo tea is found in the form of dried leaves. It is also helpful for many diseases. You can feel fresh after taking this. It has worth to price tag of 1000 dollar for one kilogram.

6. Yellow Gold Buds – $3000

6 Yellow Gold BudsYellow Gold is cultivated in Singapore only and also available for Singapore people only. This expensive tea was grown only one day in the year. It is rare tea in the world because its expensive cultivated technique. The plant contains yellow gold buds  The hedge clippers used for cutting of leaves made of gold. The buds after cutting dried under the sun. The leaves are placed in an airtight container, where their polyphones contents released and pleasant fragrance produced. Its leaves painted with two karat gold. Two companies of Singapore made Yellow Gold Buds. Another name is Emperors of China. The price of one Kg Buds is $3000.

5. Tieguanyin Tea – $3000

5 Tieguanyia TeaTieguanyin Tea name is related to Buddhist Gods. Tea passes through many steps before packing. Tea leaves boiled many times which retain its taste and odor. When leaves are separated from the plant then undergone the cooling process, tossed and dehydrated. This expensive tea is a blend of black and green tea and emperor of all Oolong teas. It has chestnut flavor with crispy leaves appearance. This tea has price tag $3000 which is suitable for its flavor and fragrance.

4. Vintage Narcissus – $6500

4 Vintage NarcissusWuyi Oolong tea got its name from Narcissus moniker. Vintage Narcissus was introduced half a century ago and harvested in China on Wuyi and Fujian province only. Adventures are related to this tea In history that tea travel in many countries like the package carried from Wuyi then China to Singapore and its journey end its original destination China. The tea was auctioned to many times and finally it got sold with a price tag $6500.

3. Panda Dung Tea – $7000

3 Panda Dung TeaPanda Dung Tea was started grown by Chinese entrepreneur at the height of Ya’an mountain in Sichuan. They used panda feces to impregnate tea crops. The name means Panda dropping, and this is the secret of this expensive tea brand. People love this tea because of its flavor and pay the vast amount to enjoy its taste. This tea brand carries a high price tag of $7000.

2. PG Tips Diamond Tea – $1300

2 PG Tips Diamond TeaPG Tips Diamond single packet has worth $1300. A British company introduced the tea and designer diamond was used. Tea Bag paper was embossed with a diamond with a price tag $15000. 28 luxury diamonds are used in this bag. Gray Royal Tea utilized by Makibari Estate that makes it more expensive. It used for charity purposes.

1. Da-Hong Pao Tea – $1.2 million

1 Da-Hong Pao TeaDa-Hong Pao is the most expensive tea on this list. It is considered the king of all drinks in the world. It is a type of Wuyi Oolong Tea. Da-Hong Pao is used for treating disease and because of this it carries a price tag $1.2 million. Tea was used for treating the mother of Ming Dynasty Monarch and she recovered. Tea present the celebrities and important visitors. It is highly valued and rare tea in the world.

List of  Top 10 Most Expensive Tea in the World

Sr. No Tea Brand Price
1 Da-Hong Pao $1.2 million
2 PG Tips Diamond $1300
3 Panda Dung Tea $7000
4 Vintage Narcissus $6500
5 Tieguanyia Tea $3000
6 Yellow Gold Buds $3000
7 Poo Poo Pu Erh $1000
8 Gyokuro tea $650
9 Silver Tips Imperial Tea $400
10 Tienchi Flower $170


We conclude from this article that Tea is most used the drink in this world. Every area of the country has its taste of tea. Tea has many purposes like curing purposes, reduce fatigue, etc. These tea are unique in taste and flavor. Everyone in this world wishes to enjoy the taste of this expensive tea.