Top 10 Most Intelligent People With IQ Level


genius Terrence Tao is the number one Intelligent Man who has 230 IQ level in Most Intelligent People in the world. Here you will read about Top 10 Most Intelligent People in the World. Most of the people like Most Interesting People as compared to Most Intelligent ones.

The Brain is the essential and mysterious part of human body. It is a big and massive blessing from God. It is also an important part which keeps our body organ in connection, if our brain is not working properly we can’t do anything. Every person’s brain works differently. In the world, many intelligent people exist which amaze with their IQ level. They are so smart, and they take their intelligence as a gift. Half of our population have IQ scores between 90 to 110, 2.5 percent of people are mentally deficient they have under 70, 0.5 % people are near to genius and 2.5 percent have incredible IQ level. So look at this article and know about those individuals who have highest IQ level.

10. Garry Kasparov, 190 IQ level

10 Garry KasparovGarry Kasparov is the Russian Chess Wizard and made Youngest World Chess Championship after defeated the champion Anatoly Karpov. He is 22 years old and has IQ level of 190. He is a famous man who played to a draw with a chess computer in 2013. The computer can calculate three million positions per second. He has amazed the world with his 15 professional tournament victories and 11 Chess Oscars.

9. Philip Emeagwali, 190 IQ level

8 Philip EmeagwaliPhilip was born in Nigerian; he is an engineer, geologist, mathematician, computer scientist. He has 190 IQ level. He won Gordon Bell Prize in 1989, prize fro the IEEE. It is due to using of Connection Machine supercomputer to help detect petroleum fields. In the field of high-performance computing applications, Phili considers as a King. He is not famous only in his country but also popular all over the world.

8. Marilyn Vos Savant, 190 IQ level

8 Marilyn Vos SavantThe Guinness Book of World Record accepted Marilyn Vos Savant’s IQ level in 1985 which is a 190. According to, it has attested that she is the women who have highest IQ level for five consecutive years. She is an author, lecturer as well as famous Columnist for Parade magazine. A project started from magazine “ Ask Magazine” through which people can send puzzles and questions to her, and she solves and answer them. If you want to try and ask some puzzles you can visit her website.

7. Mislav Predavec, 192 IQ level

7 Mislav PredavecHe was born with the IQ level of 192; he is a Croatian math professor. Mislav is also an inventor of General IQ Society. But you think what General IQ society is? General IQ society is an incredible organization in which some of most intelligent people of the world included. Besides these, He owns a trading company, so he made his place top 10 intelligent individuals in the world.

6. Rick Rosner, 192 IQ level

6 Rick RosnerRick Rosner gifted with incredible 192 IQ level. He is well known due to done highest score on IQ tests which ever recorded. Some people said Rick is a total waste of genius power. But Rick Rosner is famous some other things; he is an American TV writer and producer. He got fame in the result of his show Chips. Rick established a satellite television with DirecTV partnership. Beside of these, he has done work as a nude model, bouncer, stripper, and roller skating waiter.

5. Christopher Michael Langan, 195 IQ level

5 Christopher Michael LanganChristopher Michael is 65 years old American autodidact who has IQ level 195 and some people say he is the smartest man in the world. He started to talk when he was six months and began to read himself when he was only three years old. He did the best score in SAT, the most interesting thing about Christopher is that  he developed a theory of mind and reality which called “Cognitive-Theoretic Model Of the Universe.”

4. Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis, 198 IQ level

4 Dr. Evangelos KatsioulisHe is one of the most intelligent person in the world with the 198 IQ level. He is well known for his brilliant test score, he has  Greek nationality and works there as a medical doctor and psychiatrist. He got degrees in medical technology, philosophy, and psychopharmacology. Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis found the World Intelligent NetWork which is an International organization of incredible IQ societies and the other organization AAAA. AAAA is a welfare organization which helps and supports gifted people from Greece. He is also good swimmer and painter.

3.Kim Ung Yong, 210 IQ level

3 Kim Ung YoungKim Ung Yong is the intelligent third person in the world who has verified IQ of 210 in the Guinness Book of World Records. He is Korean Civil Engineer and well known the master of Child Prodigy.  We can define Child prodigy as a human under the age of 10 who can produce excellent results in many domains like Mozart. He was able to speak and Understand at the age of six months and known about Korean and many other languages. That’s why when he was three years old he can read several languages in which Korean, Japanese, English, and German included.

2. Christopher Hirata, 225 IQ level

2 Christopher HirataChristopher Hirata was born with highest IQ level 225; he is an American cosmologist and astrophysicist. He was very intelligent from the childhood. Christopher Hirata won a gold medal at the International Physics Olympiad at the age of 13. In the age of 14 he started to study at the Caltech University, and when he was 16 years old, he was worked with NASA in its Mars project. Everyone amaze when to hear at the age of 22 he has done Ph.D. From Princeton University, He is teaching astrophysics at CIT California Institute of Technology.

1. Terence Tao, 230 IQ Level

Intelligent PeopleTerence Tao is the number one Intelligent person in the world who has an incredible IQ of 230. He is an Australian-born Chinese who was very genius at the age of 2.  At the age of 10, he was started to participate in International Mathematics Olympics, and 1986 won bronze. After this, he received a silver medal in 1987 and gold in 1988, so he became the youngest gold medalist in the Mathematics Olympics.

He is the expert in many fields like harmonic analysis, additive combinatorics, partial difference equations, ergodic Ramsey theory, matrix theory, and analytic number theory. He got 760 points in SAT at the age of 8 and also did Ph.D. from Princeton University when he was only 20 years old. At the age of 24, he became the youngest teacher at UCLA. With his amazing IQ 230, he received many prizes in the reward of his work such as Salem Prize in 2000, The Bocher Memorial Prize in 2002, Clay Research Award in 2003, and many others

List of Top 10 Most Intelligent People With IQ Level 2016

Sr. No Most Intelligent People
IQ Level
1 Terrence Tao 230 IQ level
2 Christopher Hirata 225 IQ level
3 Kim Ung Young 210 IQ level
4 Dr. Evangelos Katsioulis 198 IQ level
5 Christopher Michael Langan 195 IQ level
6 Rick Rosner 192 IQ level
7 Mislav Predavec 192 IQ level
8 Marilyn Vos Savant 190 IQ level
9 Philip Emeagwali 190 IQ level
10 Garry Kasparov 190 IQ level


From the above article, we conclude some people have Highest IQ level; They amaze the world with their intelligence. They got many degrees in very early age. We also conclude that Brain is the massive part of our body if it world accurately we can also amaze the world with our knowledge. Terrance Tao is the youngest member of the list who is very intelligent.