What Will Be The 10 Most Populous Cities in 2017?


most-populous-cities-in-the-world Currently most Populous city in the world is Tokyo, Japan with total population 37 million. The population is a major problem in this world today which became increase day by day. Most cities of the world are so much populated as their population is increased up to an extreme level. When we analyzed, the cities of the world on its inhabitants lived in all surrounded area outside of established city.

There are many reasons for increasing the population of a city like people like the living standard of some cities in the world and shifted there. Some are famous for business and have a great impact on economy and people go there. Heritage building and museums located in these cities which make them a tourist place which is also a reason of high population. But with increasing population these cities have the great impact on any country economy. Here is a list of top 10 most populous cities in the world now and some 2017 estimates.

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10. Lagos, Nigeria – 21,000,000

People and traffic Nigeria, May 24,2005. The African Union (AU) celebrates Africa Day on Wednesday May 25, marking the anniversary of the founding in 1963 of the Organization of African Unity, replaced in 2002 by the AU as the driving force behind the struggle for peace, democracy, development, human rights and good governance on the worlds poorest continent. REUTERS/George Esiri FOR/LA - RTRCDC7Nigeria city, Lagos is the most populous with a population about 21,000,000. It is fast growing city and largest metropolitan area in Africa. Nigeria is the economic focal point of Nigeria and produced a large portion of country GDP. Lagos has the highest standard of living in Africa. Headquarters of financial institutions, commercial banks, and major corporations are present here.

9. Sao Paulo, Brazil – 21,000,000

sao-paulo-brazilSao Paulo located in Southeastern of Brazil is the most populous among Brazil, America and in southern and western hemispheres. It is metropolis, global and municipality city and has great influence on arts, finance, commerce and economy in Latin America. The total population of the city is 21 million, and it is the home to museums and monuments. Brazil also has significant economic, cultural and political influence.

8.Karachi, Pakistan – 23,500,000

IM000339.JPGKarachi is the former capital of Pakistan and situated in Sindh province. It is the largest city in Pakistan and has 23,500,00 inhabitants. Karachi is famous as a home of trade, economic activity, industry and center of banking. It is biggest and most populated in the Muslim world and has largest urban agglomeration in the world. The City of Lights and the bride of cities also knows this city.

7. New York City, USA – 23,632,722

new-york-cityUnited States of America most populated city is New York. It is highly dense major city with 23.6 million population. New York is the most developing city in America and home of five major boroughs as Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and State land. It has a significant influence on finance, commerce, media, technology, education, entertainment, and fashion. You can say it is most populous but important financially and culturally.

6. Beijing, China – 24,900,000

beijing-chinaChina capital Beijing is including in most populous and ranked at number six on this list. This city is a hub for an expressway, railway, national highway and high-speed rail networks. Beijing has been the political center of China and most developing and prosperous city according to International financial centers development index. It is the largest Chinese city by a population which is more than 24 million.

5. Shanghai, China – 25,400,000

shanghai-chinaAnother China city included in this list due to highest population is Shanghai. It is famous for their historical landmarks and monuments and a perfect place for tourists. Shanghai act as a global financial center and world busiest container port in all over the globe. This city had great attraction for foreigners, and they prefer to visit this city. But it became populated day by day.

4. Delhi, India – 25,703,000

delhiIndia capital New Delhi has the total population more than 25 million. This city is the center of the Government of the National Capital Territory. It situated in North of India and home to tourists because of the museum and many historical sites. Delhi is largest financial and commercial city and famous for technology, hoteling, banking and media.

3. Seoul, South Korea – 26,100,000

seoul-south-koreaSouth Korea city Seoul became populated, and recently its population is 26 million. It is the world second largest metropolitan area and includes in top megacities of the world. Asia most rising and leading global city is most livable because of high life quality and fast growth. This city is the capital of South Korea, and it affects the large portion of GDP because it has a tourism industry. Seoul is included in the list of most visited cities in the world because it has many historical sites like Hwaseong Fortress, Changdeok Palace, Namhansanseong and Jongmyo Shrine.

2. Jakarta, Indonesia – 30,326,103

jakarta-indonesiaJakarta is the largest city in Indonesia and most populated urban agglomerations. Its population is more than 30 million. From few last decade, it became more developed regarding the economy. Jakarta is considered the trading port for Sunda. With large population but this city has potential to improve globally.

1. Tokyo, Japan – 37,126,000

Populous CitiesMost populous city in the world is Tokyo in respect of the urban population. Tokyo is considered the alpha + world town and has a top city regarding nightlife, quality of life and living standard. Tokyo is the world most expensive city for expatriates. Every year a lot of tourists visit this city, and it also included in world most visited cities in the world.

List of Ten Most Populous Cities in the World 2016 – 2017

Sr. No Populous Cities Country Population
1 Tokyo Japan 37,126,000
2 Jakarta Indonesia 30,326,103
3 Seoul South Korea 26,100,00
4 Delhi India 25,703,000
5 Shanghai China 25, 400,000
6 Beijing China 24,900,000
7 New York America 23,632,722
8 Karachi Pakistan 23,500,000
9 Sao Paulo, Brazil 21,000,000
10 Lagos Nigeria 21,000,000


We conclude from this article population of this world increase day by day. I agree that many things counted which enhance the population of any city. Every country government should take steps and teach the people how we control this issue. Because increased in population also increase the burden on the country,