Top 10 Most Powerful Armies Expenditure by Country


most-powerful-army The United States of America is at number one that has the most powerful army in the world. Armies are essential for the defense of any country. Every country spends a significant amount of money on their armed forces. The armed forces purchase a large number of weapons every year.The Military controls the social, economic, internal and external interest and securities of the country. They fight against any terrorism. Many countries in the world have vast and powerful armies. But in these, We have Listed Top 10 Powerful Armies Expenditure by country and they have a significant number of personnel and weapons. Have a look at this article you will see how much money spend on these Armed forces.

India and Pakistan are two countries who always keep fighting with each other. We have also listed most strongest weapons of Pakistan Army as well as you can also read about the Powerful Weapons of Indian Armed Forces.

10. Germany Army – $45 Million

germany-armyGermany is a developed country and has strongest economic troops in the world. Every year Germany spent $45 million on its military. Germany is producing latest technology as well as fought in World War I and II. Germany has 183,000 active personnel and 145,000 reserve personnel. The 710 aircraft are included In German Air Force as well as 355 helicopters, 663 jets, and 408 tanks.

9. Japan Army- $49 Billion

Show of power … soldiers from the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Special Operations Forces.Japan has one of most powerful self-defense force in the world which divided into some branches like Ground self-defense force, The Japan Maritime Self-Defence Force, and Japan Airforce. The country was made the first victim of the nuclear atrocity in the World War II. The estimated budget of Japan Military is $41 billion but Japan is increasing this budget, and now It spends about $49.1 billion. Japan has 247,000 active personnel and 60,000 in reserve. The air force has 1,595 aircraft, and it is the 5th largest air force in the world, as well as the army, have 131 warships. Japan is a powerful country for peacemaking programs and another anti-missile defense program.

8. France Army – $51 Billion

france-armyFrance included in the World War II in which the were fighting against Germans. In this result they loss of economy and lives. Its army is one of best and powerful army in the world and France spend on military $51 billion. France is also fourth nuclear power in the world. The number of troops is about 202,761, and 195,770 reserve military. 257 aircraft are present in the French air force and 46 fighting helicopters.

7. Turkish Army – $18.8 Billion

turkish-armyTurkey is a Muslim state and has one of the powerful armies in the world. The Turkish Armed Forces divided into five branches Turkish Land Forces, Turkish Naval Forces, Turkish Air Forces, Turkish Gendarmerie, Turkish Coast Guard. In 1952, Turkey made a member of NATO and now stood as the second largest military force in NATO. The expenditure of the Defense Budget of Turkey is $18.8 billion. Turkey Army has around 639,551 members with 378,700 reserved personnel. The air force has 1000 aircraft and military have 16,000 land weapons. Turkey receives a big amount of support from United States, Germany, and Israel.

6. United Kingdom Army- $65 Million

141473571DK002_SOLDIERS_FROThe United Kingdom is one of developed, and expensive country in the world and they know how to defend yourself. There a 153,470 active personnel in UK military and the government spends $65 million on defense forces. The UK has one of best army in the world, and they have 936 aircraft, 89 interceptors, 343 trainer jets, 402 helicopters, and 65 fighter helicopters. It always responds to humanitarian aid as well as any aggression.

5. Indian Army- $46 Billion

indian-armyThe defense’s budget of India is $46 billion. The budget is increasing day by day because India is the aggressive nation and they want to gain power in this field. The Indian Armed Force has 1325,450 active personnel and 11,55,000 reserve personnel. India has 16,000 land vehicles, 3500 tanks, as well as 1,785 aircraft and many nuclear weapons. India is engaged in many military operations with some countries like Pakistan, China, and Sri Lanka, and Kargil.

4. South Korean Army – $34 Billion

south-korean-armySouth Korea is one of developed country and also included in the list of top 10 most powerful armies in the world in 2016. They spend a large budget on defense and their arm forces due to huge threats of war from North Korea and some other countries like China, and Japan. The defensive expenditure of South Korea is $34 billion. The number of active personnel in its arm force are 640,000 and 2,900,000 reserve personnel. These services are working under the South Korea Armed forces such as Korea army, navy, air force, and marine corps. This country has about 15,000 land weapons, 1,393 aircraft, 2,346 tanks as well as small 166 ships.

3. China Army – $147 Billion

china-armyChina is at Number 1 in having a large number of active personnel which is about 2,333,000. The country has the largest economy in a world, so it spends $147 billion on its Armed Forces. China Armed Force established on August 1, 1927, during Nanchang Uprising and China Force consists of Navy, Air Force, Ground Force, Rocket Force, and Strategic Support Force. Russian armed has 25,000 land vehicles, 2800 aircraft, and 300 nuclear weapons. China has 196 attacking helicopters and about 1770 Multiple Launch Rocket.

2. Russian Army – $76 Billion

russian-armyRussia has made Super Power in the world, and it has the second powerful army in the world. It is also a second weapons dealer after the United States. President of Russia served Russian armed force as Commander in Chief. The Armed force of Russia divided into three categories The Ground Force, The Navy, and the Aerospace Forces as well as also has two separate troops branched such as Airborne Troops, and Strategic Missile Troop. The Russia is spending $76 billion on armed forces. This second strongest army has 31,298 Armored Fighting Vehicles in which 15, 398 are fighting tanks. 1,305 aircraft included in Its Air Force and 111 fighting helicopters. The number of active personnel in Russian army are 771,000 and reserve personnel 2,000,000.

1. United States of America Army – $612 Billion

Powerful Armies ExpenditureUnited States of America is one of most developed and powerful country in the world which spends $612.5 billion on the army. The Army of USA consists over 1.4 million soldiers, 1,400,000 troops, 8,848 tanks, 41,062 vehicles, 13,892 aircraft,2,207 interceptors, 5,366 transport aircraft, 6196 helicopters, and 920 gunship helicopters. So America has one of largest and most powerful army in the world which engaged in many operations like freedom operations, the mission against terrorist and provided help in emergencies.

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List of Top 10 Most Powerful Armies Expenditure by Country

Sr.No Most Powerful Armies Expenditure
1 United States of America $612.5 billion
2 Russia $76 billion
3 China $147 billion
4 South Korea $34 billion
5 India $46 billion
6 The United Kingdom $65 million
7 Turkey $18.8 billion
8 France $51 billion
9 Japan $49 billion
10 Germany $45 million



We conclude from this article Armies are very necessary for the defense of every country in the whole world and every country has their armed forces. They secure their public and make social and economic progress healthy. Terrorism is big problem, so Armed forces are very necessary for this kind of problems.