Top 10 Most Powerful Bombs in the World History


Powerful Bombs The first nuclear weapon detonated the Japanese City of Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945. After three days the city of Nagasaki was target the last nuclear attack in human history. Can you imagine the range of an atomic bomb? I think it is not an easy work. Nowadays every country is making most powerful atomic bombs. But here I will tell you about top 10 most powerful bombs in world history which have massive power. Many scientists were working on these nuclear technologies.

These atomic bombs killed millions of people at one time destroyed the city at a time.
The following top 10 are the most powerful bombs in the world history in which The Tsar Bomba was the strongest atomic bomb which had a blast power of 50 megatons.

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10. Hurricane Atomic Bomb

hurricane-atomic-bombHurricane was the first Uk atomic bomb which tested on 3 October 1952. It made with plutonium implosion device. Montebello Island, Western Australia was the place which used for the execution of the bomb. The maximum yield power of Hurricane Atomic Bomb was 25kt.

9. Fat Man Atomic Bomb

fat-man-atomic-bombThe name of this bomb kept according to its shape. The United States of America detonated over the Japanese city of Nagasaki on 9 August 1945. It was the second out of two most powerful atomic bomb which used in history.

Los Alamos Laboratory designed this weapon and produced during 1945-1949. The weight of the Fat Man bomb is 4670kg, length 128 inches, and diameter 60 inches. The blast power of this bomb is 21kt.

8. MK 16 Nuclear Bomb

mk-16MK-16 was the massive hydrogen bomb which built by the United States of America. It was the only Nuclear weapon in which cryogenic liquid deuterium fusion fuel used. The first drop test completed in December 1953. The diameter of the Mk-16 was 1.56 meter, 7.54-meter length, and weight  19050 kg. The blast yield was 6-8 megatons of TNT.

7. B-53 Nuclear Bomb

b-53-nuclear-bombB-53 was also the part of US inventory. It developed during the cold war with the explosion yield of 9 megatons. After the B-41 it was the most powerful nuclear bomb. This atomic bomb has two stage implosion weapon in which uranium and 95% Lithium 6  used. B-53 developed in two versions in which B53-Y1 and B53-Y2 included. LANL designed it during 1958- 1961. The weight of B-53 is 4010kg, length 3.76 meters, and diameter 1.3 meters.

6. MK-17 Nuclear bomb

MK-17 Theronuclear Bomb DisplayMk -17 was one of the most powerful bombs as well as heavy, and the weight was over 18tons. The United States also deployed it. Mk-17 was the first nuclear bomb which used in US Air Force. Almost 200 MK-17 was made in 1955 and retired from the USAF service in 1957. The estimated yield of MK-17 was 10-15 megatons.

5. MK-36 Bomb

mk-36-bombMK-36 was a massive two-stage thermonuclear bomb which designed in the 1950s. Its secondary system produces yield up to 10 megatons. The Mk-36 prepared in more advanced version MK-21 nuclear bomb. It developed in 1955 after the Castle Bravo. In 1961 all MK-36 were retired and replaced by B-41 Nuclear Bomb. The weight of this bomb is almost 1700 pounds.

4. The Ivy Mike Nuclear Bomb

ivy-mike-nuclear-bombSometimes you see a mushroom cloud, and a similar cloud also produced after the explosion of this thermonuclear device. Operation Ivy detonated it on Enewetak in the Pacific Ocean on November 1, 1952. The yield of blast power is 1.4 megatons. The length if this nuclear weapon is 6m, diameter 2m, and weight 82tons.

3. Castle Bravo

1952 FILE PHOTO - The mushroom cloud of the first test of a hydrogen bomb, "Ivy Mike", as photographed on Enewetak, an atoll in the Pacific Ocean, in 1952, by a member of the United States Air Force's Lookout Mountain 1352d Photographic Squadron. The top secret film studio, then located in Hollywood,California, produced thousands of classified films for the Depatment of Defense and the Atomic Energy Commission beginning in 1947. A 50th anniversary tribute to these "Atomic Cinematographers" and their work is planned for October 22 in Hollywood. ATOMIC - RTR7YHQThe United States developed Castle Bravo thermonuclear bomb on 1 March 1954. It is also called X-21 Shrimp and has explosion force 14.8 megatons. The first time it was tested at the Marshall Island  Bikini Atoll in 1954. The weight of the Castle Bravo nuclear bomb is 10,659kg, length 455.93 centimeters, and diameter 136.90 cm. A Ben Davin Project engineer designed this bomb on 24 February 1953.

2. B-41 Nuclear Bomb


B-41 was also called MK-14n and has a blast power 25 megatons. United States Strategic Air Command deployed this B-41 Nuclear Bomb in 1960. It is the most powerful weapon developed by the United States. B-41 Nuclear weapon was only three stage thermonuclear weapon, first had deuterium-tritium, used lithium six fuel for fusion steps. And a third is related to a secondary stage so finally fission jacket occur. The B-41 Nuclear Bomb is 12ft 4 inches long and has weight 4840kg

1. Tsar Bomba

tsar-bombTsar Bomba is the most powerful Bomb in the world which tested on October 30, 1961. The other name of this nuclear weapon is Soviet RDS-220 hydrogen bomb as well as also called because of Kina Mat. Russian Federation made it, and this bomb has 50 megatons blast yield. Detonation occurs above ground at 4km which is considered equal to the explosive power of 3800 Hiroshima bombs.

The weight of Tsar Bomb is 27,000 kg, length 8meters, and diameter 2.1 meters. This bomb contains three stages and thermonuclear weapons explode in just two steps while the third stage increases the explosive power of the thermonuclear. Russia is producing latest nuclear weapons nowadays, but Tsar Bomba is at number one.

List of Top 10 Most Powerful Bombs in the World History

SR.No Powerful Bombs
Blast Power
1 Tsar Bomba 50 megatons
2 B-41 Nuclear 25 megatons
3 Castle Bravo 14.8 megatons
4 The Ivy Mike Nuclear 10.4 megatons
5 MK-36 10 megatons
6 MK-17 Nuclear 10-15 megatons
7 B-53 Nuclear 9 megatons
8 MK-16 6-8 megatons
9 Fat Man 21kt
10 Hurricane 25kt


We conclude from this article Atomic power is most powerful technology. In the world, many powerful bombs made but in some of them have massive power and destroyed a big area.