Top 10 Most Powerful Criminals in the World


crime No Doubt the world is full of good peoples, but here some are also black sheep. They destroy the life of other people. They involved in many crimes like terrorists, killers, drug smuggling, robbery, and war criminals, etc. The crimes affect our economy as well as the infrastructure of the world. There are many criminals present in the world which involved in many evil and dangerous works. They made their organizations and destroyed innocent people.
Some of them Kill other people due to their religion. Here is a list of top 10 most powerful criminals in the world. Read this article and tell others so that everyone takes care of your beloved ones.

10. Dokka Umarov

10-dokka-umarovDokka Umarov is the leader of Caucasus Emirate who was born on 13 April 1964. He got an idea to built up Islamic Emirate in Southern Russia. Dokka Umarov included in recent wars in Chechnya during the 1990 and 2000. He began crime as the common Chechen Separatist. Dokka Umarov and his group killed 40 innocent civilians at Moscow Airport, and he became the leader of his team.

9. Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov

9-alimzhan-tokhtakhounovAlimzhan is also a big criminal who was born on 01 January 1949. He belongs to Russia and Russian Businessman. He included in many crimes like smuggling cases, arms dealing, other dangerous activities. All these crimes lead him in the list of top 10 criminals in the world.

8. Joseph Kony

8-joseph-konyJoseph is the very famous leader of the Lord’s Residence Army. He was born on August 1961 and belongs to Uganda. He has done many jobs in African countries. This dangerous group started crime when their troops replaced 200 million people by killing them. He and his group also included in other dangerous crimes like sexual harassment of young children, raping, kidnapping, and many others; he is an obnoxious face of human that’s why included in this list.

7. Felicien Kabuga

7-felicien-kabugaFelicien Kabuga was born in Rwanda on 1935. He is a famous business man and a very generous person in Rwanda. He has done murder of 40 million people and also involved in Bankrolling.

6. Matteo Messina Denaro

6-matteo-messina-denaroMatteo is famous as Boss of all Bosses. He was born on 26 April 1962 in Italy. He is involved in many hilarious acts like he murdered the Sicilian Hotel Owner who accused that he was in sleeping with the young girl on a bed. Matteo is also better known as Playboy Don and fond of expensive Porsche Sports car, Rayban Sunglasses, Rolex Watches, and Versace and young girls.

5. Omid Tahvili

5-omid-tahviliOmid Tahvili is one of the dangerous criminals in the world who belongs to a crime organization family in Canada. But this organization is an Iranian-Canadian gangster, and he is the kingpin in this organization. He was born on 31 October 1970 in Iran. He did many crimes such as stealing in telemarketing, wire fraud, and mail fraud.

4. Pedro Antonio Marin

4-pedro-antonio-marinPedro Antonio Marin is also most wanted a criminal in the world. He was born on 13 May 1930 in Columbia, and he is the leader of the terrorist organization which is called “FARC.” the primary targets of the group are Politics, economics, and military of Colombia. These terrorist are involved with murder, drug trafficking, extortion, kidnapping, and many other criminal activities.

3. James Whitey Bulger

3-james-whitey-bulgerJames Whitey Bulger has become the most wanted person on FBI’s list since 1995. He was born on 3 September 1929 in America. He did a lot of murders as well as other crimes like stealing, forgery, assaults, and much more. So now his name is shining in the list of top criminals of the world.

2. Nasir- Al- Wuhayshi

2Nasir- Al Wuhayshi is the leader of the Islamic Militant group of al-Qaida in the Arab Penisula. He is the citizen of Yemen and now included in the list of top criminals of the world. All the police forces are searching him and still he is unknown. He did most of the crimes in Saudia and Yemen.

1. Narendra Modi

most Powerful Criminals You will be amazed to know that India’s Prime Minister also included in this list. He is the 5th and current prime minister of India. Bharatiya Janta Party is well known due to Modi because he is the leader of the party. According to recently Google issue of top 10 criminals, Narendra Modi is on the top. It is because he is involved in many murders of Muslims in Gujarat. Modi participated in the incident of Samjhota Express in which he brutally burned the train and in the train Muslims of Pakistan and India included.

List of Top 10 Most Powerful Criminals in the World

Sr. No Most Powerful Criminals
1 Narendra Modi India
2 Nasir – Al- Wuhayshi Yemen
3 James Whitey Bulger America
4 Pedro Antonio Marin Columbia
5 Omid Tahvili Iran
6 Matteo Messina Denaro Italy
7 Felicien Kabuga Rwanda
8 Joseph Kony Uganda
9 Alimzhan Tokhtakhounov Russia
10 Dokka Umarov Russia



We conclude from the article that World is not only with real people, but some are also bad here who committed the crime every day. They have no fear of anything. They kill innocent humans, and some of them kill in the name of religion.