Top 10 Richest people of America 2016-2017


rich girl In The United States, many richest people live there. Bill Gates holds the number one position who is the richest man in America. The net worth of Bill Gates is $81 billion, and mostly his source of income is Cascade company. People think that America is the country where everything is possible. If we believe that is not wrong, America has the best education and economic system. So in this article, i will tell you about World’s top 10 richest people of America who have billion of worth. Some people become rich due to their mind. These are also most intelligent people in the world.

10. Robson Walton, $39.1 billion

10Robson Walmart is one of the richest men in America; he is the son of Sam Walton. He made the chairperson of Walmart in 1992. He got his early education from the College of Wooster and done graduation from the University of Arkansas in Bachelor of Science degree, Business Administration. He married with Carolyn Funk, and they have three children. From 2008 to 2013 he has earned about $2 billion from the Walton Family Foundation and now the estimated net worth is $39.1 billion

9. Alice Walton, $39.4 billion

9 Alice WaltonShe is Robson’s Sister, and now she is 65 years old. He has estimated net worth $ 39.4 billion. He started her career in finance and became money manager of First Commerce Corporation. He also served as vice chairperson and head of all investments at Arvest Bank group. She established LIama Company which is an investment bank which deals with real estate, corporate finance, sales, and trading.

8. Michael Bloomberg, $34.9 billion

8 Michael BloombergHe is 72 years old who has a net worth of 34.9 billion. Michael Bloomberg started a business with Salomon Brothers which is a bulge-bracket Wall Street investment bank. After this, he set a new company from $10 million. And Now he is the CEO at Bloomberg L.P which is a global financial and Media Company and holds 88% shares in it. He is also the mayor of New York, and he is also billionaire at this time. The company installed 8000 terminals and expanded into Bloomberg News, Bloomberg Message and Bloomberg Tradebook. He left his position as CEO for a political career and appeared in election first time in 2001.

7. Jim Walton, $40.9

7 Jim WaltonHe is the youngest son of Sam Walton, and now he is 66 years old and one of the richest man in America. He is also the board of director of Walmart. He was a very active child in school; he remained president of the junior class and best thing he learned from school to fly a plane. He was done graduation in 1971 from the University of Arkansas and got bachelor’s degree in Business Administration Marketing.

When he joined Walmart, he started estate dealing but after four years he was made the president of Walton Enterprises. Now he is the CEO and Chairman of Avast Bank Group Inc and also an active member of Republic Party of Arkansas, and now the estimated net worth is $40.6 billion.

6. Christy and Walton Family, $41.7 billion

 Awards - InsideChristy is one of the wealthiest female in the world who is 62 years old. She is an active head of Walmart Family and has net worth 41.7 million. He was married to John T Walton and in their sons one of the founders of Walmart. Now she is working as a board member of the Walton Family Foundation. She has been the Board of Advisors for the University of Arkansas, She is also running a Non-Profit organization and gives big amount to charity

5. David Koch, $42.9 billion

David H. KochDavid Koch is 75-year-old Businessman, and he is co-owner and executive vice president of Koch Industries. In the United States, Koch industry is the second biggest private company. He is also Philanthropist, political activist, and chemical engineer. He is the brother of Charles, and he started work in Koch Industries in 1970 and after nine years he became president of the industry. He has billion of worth, and the estimated net worth is $42.9.

He gives money to many charities organizations in which Lincoln Center, Sloan Kettering, New York Presbyterian Hospital and American Museum of Natural History’s David H Koch Dinosaur Wing included. The interesting thing is that he is also a survivor of the US Air Flight 1493 crash in 1991.

4. Charles Koch, $42.9 billion

4 Charles KochCharles is the brother of David Koch; David is the executive vice president, and Charles is the chief executive officer of Koch Industries. He graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and got Bachelor of Science in General Engineering. Charles Koch received a degree in Mechanical Engineering in 1958 and 1960 Charles Koch did the second master of science in Chemical Engineering. When he joined the business of his father he became president of Rock Island Oil and Refining Company, and he gave the name of Koch industries in the honor of his president. The estimated net worth of one of the richest man in America is $42.9 billion.

3. Larry Ellison, $54.3 billion

3 Larry EllisonLarry Ellison is the third richest man in The United States who is best known for Oracle Corporation. It is an enterprise software company, and Larry is the co-founder and chief executive officer. He is 70 years old who has net worth $54.3 billion. Larry born to a single Jewish mother but his mom gave him for adoption when Larry Ellison was only nine months. In the age of 48 years, he again met with his biological mother.

In 1958 Larry Ellison graduated from Eugene Field Elementary School in Chicago. He started working for Ampex Corporation in 1970. He created Software Development Laboratories with two of his partners. After two years the company name changed to Regional Software Inc and in 1992 the name given Oracle System Corporation.

2. Warren Buffett, $72.7 billion

2 Warren BuffettWarren Buffett is 84 years old successful investor of the 20th century. He is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway and has net worth $72.7 billion. Due to his success, a name was given to him“ Wizard of Omaha” or “Oracle of Omaha.” Warren Buffett is not rich from childhood when he was a kid he sells chewing gum, Coca-Cola or weekly magazines door to door. In 1947 he graduated from Woodrow Wilson High School and after this, he joined grocery store of his father. But now he has expanded his business all over the world through the stock exchange.

1.Bill Gates, $81 billion

Richest PeopleBill Gates is the richest man in The United States as well as in the world who has estimated net worth $ 81 billion. He is an American business person, Philanthropist, investor, a computer programmer. William Henry Gates is the full name of Bill Gates; he is the chief executive as well as the founder of Microsoft. Microsoft is the world biggest computer soft wear company which c by Paul created by Allen and Bill Gates.

Bill Gates born in Seattle, he father was a lawyer and mother is one of the board members of First Interstate Bancsystem. When he was in 8 grade he took an interest in programming; he made General Electric system in BASIC. After this, he got admission at Harvard University in 1973 where he met with Allen and founded Microsoft, and we all know that this idea came to the Poker Room in Currier House at Harvard University.

What are Top 10 Richest People of America 2016-2017

Sr. No Richest People of America Estimated Worth
1 Bill Gates $81 billion
2 Warren Buffett, $72.7 billion
3 Larry Ellison $54.3 billion
4 Charles Koch $42.9 billion
5 David Koch $42.9 billion
6 Christy and Walton Family $41.7 billion
7 Jim Walton $40.9 billion
8 Michael Bloomberg $39.9 billion
9 Alice Walton $39.4billion
10 Robson Walton $34.1 billion



From the above article, we know about the richest people of America. They did work hard and make richest people of the America. In this list, most of the members are from Walmart family.