Top 10 Most Warmest Places in the World


When Summer comes, many places around the world sweat and swelter. Here check out these places that are the hottest places in the world. Here you will read about the 10 most warmest places on earth where life is difficult.

List of Top 10 Warmest Places on Earth

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10. Death Valley, United States

Death Valley Death Valley located in the Mojave desert of California. Death Valley is the driest and hottest Valley in the United States. This Place holds the world record for the highest temperature directly recorded 134 degrees F. This temperature recorded on July 10, 1913, at the Furnace Creek weather Station. In 2012 death valley break out the record of Libya and El Azizia. Therefore, this place won the award in world Meteorological Organization. When the temperature reaches 125 degrees, Death Valley’s lodges shut down.

9. Ghadames, Libya

Ghadames, LibyaThe Temperature of this place recorded 131 degrees. The 7000 people live there. Their houses made with thick walls of mud, lime and tree trunks that help protect them from blazing heat, especially in summer. The roofs of their houses are interconnected. Many of the streets are covered, allowing for increased shade, privacy, and security. The landscape resembles Star Wars’ planet Tatooine, and human habitation of the area extends back to the 6th century.

8. Dallol, Ethiopia

Dallol, EthiopiaIt situated at Dallol, in the Danakil Depression. Ethiopia holds the record of highest temperature ever recorded; that is 34.6 degrees C. In 1960 to 1966, Dallol has averaged 94 degrees Fahrenheit. Daytime te temperature rose over 100 degrees. This number is an annual average, means dallol temperature remains moderate throughout the year. Today Dallol became a ghost town, but in the 1960s, it considers a missing settlement. Afar depression where Dallol located is a volcanically active region. Therefore, heat must come to every direction here; from the sun and the ground below.

7. Timbuktu, Mali 130.1 degrees

Timbuktu, MaliTimbuktu located on the southern edge of the Sahara Desert, about 10 miles north of the Niger River. Their streets were often covered in Sand. The highest temperature recorded 130.1 degrees F. Timbuktu is one of the hottest places in the world. In the month of May, the temperature measured 108 degrees, even In December and January the temperature remain high up to 90s degree.

6. Araouane, Mali – 130 Degrees

AraouaneThat is a small village on the way to Timbuktu. 300 families call this desert place home.
The desert is completely barren and dry wind known as the Harmattan. No rainfall in this wilderness, so the Village is dependent on the caravan trade. But nowadays this trade blocks of salt from mines that sits to the north. The temperature in the summer of 1945 is 130 F.

5. Tirat Tsvi, Israel – 129 Degrees

Tirat Tsvi, IsraelThat is the hottest place in Asia. 642 population exist here. The recorded temperature of this area is 129 F in June 1942. This town sits 722 feet below sea level. Due to their hottest temperature, that city considers the largest grower of dates in Israel, with 18,000 trees.

4. Wadi Halfa, Sudan – 127 Degrees

Wadi Halfa, SudanWadi means valley in Arabic. This valley sits on the border with Egypt. In April of 1967, this city had temperature 127 degrees F. The climate of northern Sudan is extremely parched. When air reaches the edge and causes Violent dust storms known as the haboob. Unstable air forms storms in the heat of the afternoon. It produces an enormous yellow wall of sand and clay that reduce visibility to zero.

3. China, Flaming Mountains

Flaming-Mountains1These mountains are sizzling hot. These located in the Tian Shan Mountain range of Xinjiang, China. The highest temperature ever recorded 152.2 degrees.

2. Australia’s Badlands

Australia's BadlandsAustralia’s Badlandsis a Vast desert because few people live in this region. The surface temperature recorded at this place 156.7 degrees F.

1. Dasht-e Lut, Iran

Warmest Places That is the hottest place on Earth. This area is so dry; no one is around to monitor regularly temperature. In five years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009 the hottest place found in the Lut. In 2005, a temperature of 159.3 degrees F recorded.