Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World Compared to GDP


10-poorest-countries-in-the-world-compared-to-gdp While we talk about Top 10 poorest countries in the World, the first thing comes up in our mind is whether poverty means having no or less money or something else. This point makes sense, but when we talk about the developing country, things changed. A country called poor when people of that country have less facilitated with the necessities. How and what a country is spending on public from total earning of the country defines the poverty ratio. We can calculate the debt rate through GDP per capita. Some countries are paying a tiny amount on general healthcare and people gross development policies. In such countries, people are suffering from hunger and diseases. A developing country is where fundamental and ethical values are the least concern than starvation. Here we are Discussing Top 10 Poorest Countries in the World That Have Lowest GPD Rate.

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10. Eritrea – GDP Per Capita – $16,329

eritrea-gdp-per-capitaA small country Eritrea is one of the poorest countries in the World ranking. GDP growth is said to improve from 3.0, 4.0, and 4.3 percent to be 7.3 and 6.8 percent in 2015 and 2016. And in next three years, it will develop more. Eritrea separated from Ethiopia in 1991, which is also a developing country of Africa. Since 1991 Eritrea and Ethiopia are facing conflicts with each other, which is the main reason for instability in the countries.

Farming small plots of land is their primary source of living. Though literacy rate is increasing still just 57% women above the age of 15 can read. The cities much developed, but decadence can still seen in remote areas. Per month salary of, National Servant’s is Increased to $2000 Nakfa, Graduates to $3500 Nakfa while a Minister’s is approximately 4000 Nakfa, their national currency.

9. Madagascar – GDP Per Capita – $1,477

madagascar-gdp-per-capitaMadagascar is a huge African, Island country, but relatively a small population. As a small population has a less workforce, so they cannot make much income for their country. Madagascar’s 21.6% or about 12,553,000 ha area covered with forest, according to FAO. The main occupations of Malagasy people are agriculture, food processing, and the mining sector is now appealing people.  Government official’s corruption under French-backed dictator Didier Ratsiraka’s rule, forced Madagascar to face the devastating economic crisis. The poor country was completely bankrupted on 1979 until 2016. A total income of an average person in Madagascar is $1.

The stock exchange rates for US Dollar to Madagascar Ariary is 3260.85. They have a lack of infrastructure more likely paved roads. That is why the sources of income are minuscule. A U.K established charity ‘Money for Madagascar’ is working to provide and fund to development projects for the betterment of necessities. Such as providing food and education to adults and children of Madagascar. Madagascar is the World’s 10th poorest country.

8. Guinea – GDP Per Capita – $1,388

guinea-gdp-per-capitaGuinea is a poor West African country. Frequent ups and downs in the political system and repeatedly economic shocks have made the country one of the poorest countries in the World. 40% of the population of Guinea is living under the poverty line. Guineans are poor though the country is rich in resources of oil, gas, gold and fertile land that produces fresh food. A search shows that 600,000 children of PNG (Papua New Guinea) are not going to school. Guineans are lacking access to education and basic healthcare services. The people of rural Guinea have their lands, where they hunt, gather, cultivate and harvest produce. They don’t consider themselves as poor.

They can buy food, clothing, shelter after selling surplus, they got from their gardens. GDP (real gross domestic product) growth is projected to average 5% over 2016-2018 which is an active development. People of Guinea are living on less than $1 or $2 per day. Franc is their local currency which is 9038.00 to $1.

7. Mozambique – GDP Per Capita – $1,208

mozambique-gdp-per-capitaSouthern African nation, Mozambique is rated as one of the poorest countries according to its GDP per capita. The reasons for Mozambique poverty lies in its history. Mozambique achieved freedom in the 20th century from Portugal. Since then it was a European colony or more likely their slaves. On the Human Development Index,  inequality and life expectancy, ranking of Mozambique is 165 out of 169. The main obstacles to development are Civil War aftermath, external debt. Workforce dependence on agriculture while of Mozambique’s land of less than 7% is arable. They are lacking social and quality health services access.

6. Niger – GDP Per Capita – $1069

niger-gdp-per-capitaSince they achieved freedom from France in 1960, Niger is facing upheaval in the political system. Niger, due to it is an encroaching desert, fertile land and agriculture threatened. Literacy rates are lowest in the World and very less access to health care services. Diseases are widespread. Niger, with more than 140 million population, is a large country. Insurgency is breaking the backbone of the country, which has experienced in different areas of the country. Farming of sorghum, maize, millet, cassava, yams, plantains and grass weaving, carpentry,  fishing, blacksmith, Bronze and Metal Casting, cloth weaving and Palm wine tapping are the predominant occupations of Niger people. $1.25 per day is 29% of average Nigerian’s income.

5. Burundi – GDP Per Capita – $951

burundi-gdp-per-capitaThe Republic of Burundi is East-central African, small country. The poverty rate of Burundi is 66.9%. Burundi is one of the devastating and poorest countries in the World by IMF. They have faced decades of civil war and continuously facing regional conflicts till today. The 38th lowest state Per GDP figure of $2.33 billion and 5th poorest as per GDP per capita. The profession of people is agriculture, including coffee and sugar production, and cobalt and copper mining.

4. Liberia – GDP Per Capita – $934

liberia-gdp-per-capitaLiberia is the poorest African country during 4th lowest economy of the World. Liberian people relying on 70% of agriculture and 8% of the industry. Liberia is an oldest African country which became familiar in 1990 due to civil war and rebellion strikes within its neighboring country Sierra Leone. This civil war destroyed infrastructure and economy of the country. Liberia is a rich country in natural living resources but poor because of instability. The climate of the country is favorable to agriculture.

But necessary facilities of healthcare and education etc to commoners are very less. Most of the people are living under the poverty line.  111.7 children, out of 1,000 children born, die during the first year of birth.

3. Malawi – GDP Per Capita – $819

malawi-gdp-per-capitaHome of more than one million orphan children, Malawi is severely suffering from HIV Aids. A nation who has never faced a civil war in their history. Then why are they still standing in the list of the poorest countries in the World? Most of the people are earning less than a dollar per day, lacking medical attention.

They are relying on subsidies by Government every year for agriculture, fuel, health, etc. Immense reasons of poverty is having too many babies per year for such a small economic facilitated country. Some HIV tackle programs started in 2004 by their then president. Still, it is still a mourning country, because of an extremely painful life standard for people.

2. Democratic Republic of Congo – GDP Per Capita – $753

Poorest CountriesThe Democratic Republic of Congo is one of the World’s richest country in natural resources. They are having just 7% of unemployment rate, nonetheless the Incidence of poverty of Congo is 71.3%. Corruption, colonialism, slavery and Civil war in which people are rambling in, since World War II, has turned the country the second poorest country in the world. Due to this war millions of people die cause of starvation, diseases, and several million women raped.

Government revenue and assets went dramatically reduced and external debts increased. DRC has gold, diamond mines, which are owned by the foreigner. This nation has years of history of atrocities by immigrant masters. The importance of life in DRC is worthless. Due to these circumstances, the average lifespan of an ordinary person in Congo is just 37 years.

1. The Central African Republic – GDP Per Capita – $639

the-central-african-republic-gdp-per-capitaRich in natural resources like diamonds, gold, oil, and uranium, yet CAR is the World’s poorest country. Since the Central African Republic achieved independence from France in 1960, they are facing instability. C.A.R was plugged in when rebellions seized the Christian majority country. That conflict destroyed most of the national assets. 70% of the nation is living in remote areas. They are having almost zero facilities. Most of the people of C.A.R are living under the line of poverty. Forestry, agriculture, fishery, and mining are the central occupations of C.A.R’s people. People live with US$1.25 per day.

What Are Top 10 Poorest Countries As Compared to GDP

SR.No Poorest Countries
GDP-Per Capita
1 Central African Republic $639
2 Democratic Republic of Congo $753
3 Malawi $819
4  Liberia $934
5 Burundi $951
6 Niger $1069
7 Mozambique $1,208
8 Guinea $1,388
9 Madagascar $1,477
10 Eritrea $16,329


Africa as it is the largest continent by Population and area in the World, it is also the largest continent of the World because of poverty ratio in it. Sadly these top 10 poorest countries belong to Africa. None country wishes ever to be a part of this list. Africa is the home of rare species of animals and plants. It is also the home of the most unique type of people, who are still fighting for the betterment of their nation.