Top Ten Powerful Empires in World History All Time

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For centuries, countries have been striving to become a dominant power. For acquiring the required power, they were willing to wrangle wars for procuring an Empire. An empire is amassed for extending the state’s power to overcome the external territories. The appreciations of empire are entirely based on certain factors that are considered as important for any country. Hence, the acceptance of an empire is dependent on the extent to which population, government and economy is satisfied with it. The collection of these ingredients can make the empire strong and hence, make a kingdom great. Here is a list of Top Ten Powerful Empires in World History All Time.

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An empire is a person who rules over a large area in which people of different nationality and ethnicity live. The history is crowded with the empirical influence. Even, the government having empires was admirable as there exist several empires of the past who were the source of triumph for the country though the implementation of leadership model.

List of Top Ten Powerful Empires in World History All Time

The information representing here is aspiring to savvy the list of important empires that lasted the longest. The focal point remains the powerful empires in terms of their impact on the history and the modes with which they sculpture the political map.

 1.  The Roman Empire (27 BCE-1453)

1 the roman empire Well-known empire, Romans has been thoroughly studied in the history. It had a great hold on entire Europe for 1500 years. The reign was introduced in 27 BCE and ended 1500 years later. It was the strongest nation on the earth.

Although, it was not the long lasting and largest empire but its impact on the culture of western countries in terms of science, art, literature, language and architecture, could not be demotivated. In fact, it is mysterious to imagine that how the world would seem presently if the Roman Empire were not there centuries ago.

 2. The British Empire (1603-1997)

2 British_Empire_1897Lasted for 400 years, Britain empire had sustained its power with the recent death. In 1922 at its climax, it was spread on 13 million square miles having half a billion folks under its reign. This empire reached the global extent even in Antarctica.

As everything faces its end, the British Empire met end in 20th century. That time, everything scattered. Afterwards, Gibraltar remained in its possession that served as a gateway towards Mediterranean.

 3.  The Mongol Empire (1206-1368)

3 mongolempireThe Mongol remained in reign for 162 years. At its initial stage with the leadership of Ghengis Khan during 1163-1227, it started on minute level. Within next seventy years, it sprouted in human history as the biggest contiguous land empire. It began to stretch from Eastern Europe to Japan Sea covering nine million square miles area with the inhabitants of 100 million.

As every empire has to pass, the Mongol encountered decline in 14th century due to the political instability. The fact remains alive that Mongols had an influential effect on culture, religion and trade in Asia.

 4. The Ottoman Empire (1299-1922)

4 Ottoman_Empire_Map_1359-1856The Ottoman operated under the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent in 19th century. It is extended from the Suther borders of Holy Empire towards the Persian Gulf. Likewise, from Caspian Sea towards Algeria.

With the starting of 17th century, empire continued 32 provinces only. However, in 19th century, its dominance started to dissolve. It was so because there were tensions and disputes going on among the different Empire’s ethnic group. Moreover, the government was incapable to deal these issues. As a consequence, it was successful in building the secularist government within the world of Muslims.

 5. The Achaemenid Empire (550-330 BCE)

5 Achaemenid_Empire_MapUsually called as “Medo-Persian Empire”, this empire was extended within the ranges of Indus Valley to Libya and then to Balkans.

Replicated by Cyrus, it is now commemorated as a primary foe of Greeks while Greco-Persian wars. Later, this empire was splintered into two minor empires i.e. Seleucid Empire and Ptolemaic Kingdom. In addition, it was scattered into other minor domains. The exceptional participation was the construction of centralized administration that assisted in making efficient moves to be profitable. It appeared to serve as a future model for modern governments. Hence, it can be seen with the idea that these folks were the inventor of bureaucracy.

 6. The Umayyad Caliphate (661-750)

6 The-Umayyad-Caliphate-661750Fastest blooming, but shortest lived, Umayyad empire endured a remarkable place in the history. After the death of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), it appeared as a mechanism through which Islam was disseminated across the North Africa and Middle East. Using this mode assisted in sweeping aside every hurdle encountered in its path.

Umayyad Caliphate was recognized as the second out of the four Islamic Caliphates after Muhammad’s death. The rule was governed in the area of over face million square miles. Thus, it served as the largest empire ever seen. The result of this empire yielded the unbroken string of Muslim control. The Umayyad was regarded as a segment of Arab Golden Age of Islam by Modern Arab Nationalism.

 7. The Qing Dynasty (1644-1912)

7 QingDynastyBefore revamped as a Republic of China, Qing Dynasty came out to be the last ruling dynasty in China. This government brought an end to the imperial rule of hundred of years. Manchu Clan Aisin Gioro established Qing Dynasty in 1644. Till 18th century, it remained active and grew well. It covered the area of 5.7 million square miles comprising of Siberia, Mongolia and China.

Finally, Qing Dynasty was ignored and followed by XInhai Revolution. Currently, it is known as “Ming Dynasty”.

 8. The Spanish Empire (1492-1976)

8worldlargeThe Spanish Empire had its roots in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. For hundreds of years, it sustained as a significant economic and political power worldwide. In 15th century, its foundation was also implemented and accepted globally.

With the European dominance, Spanish rule became weak to the extent that it remained nothing but just a shadow. However, it did not end till 1970s. The principal contribution of Spanish Empire lies in the discovery of New World that was done in 1492. Further, it spread the Christianity throughout the western countries. These efforts changed the dynamics of the earth and assisted in laying the foundation of modern western era.

 9. The French Empire (1534-1962)

9 french_empire_1811The French Empire has modeled the French among the most broadly spoken language. Its rule assisted in spreading the French cuisine, culture and architecture throughout the four corners of the globe. It is mourned to know that French Empire is no more alive now. The cultural era, it was promoting, has met death.

 10.  The Mayan Empire (2000 BCE-1540CE)

Powerful EmpiresThe Mayan holds the history record for maintaining its place for long i.e. 3500 years approximately.  This span is over the twice as long as that of Roman Empire. Likewise, its tenure is 1500 years lengthy as compared to the Chinese dynasties.

Little bit is known about its demise as well as brief interaction along with Spanish. Currently, Mayans are best acknowledged for their influential pyramid like structures spread over the Yucatan Peninsula.

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