Top 10 Richest Countries in the World as Compared to GDP


Richest Countries The economy of the country depends on its annual income. At this time world’s most richest countries earn substantial revenue from tourism. Other reasons are oil reservoir and many others. There are some countries which have high economic value. This list is given according to GDP per Capita PPP; it means Gross national purchasing estimates derived from the different countries for PPP. It is an excellent source for determining a wealth of the country. The people remain happy in a wealthy country which fulfills their needs.

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The following are Top 10 Richest Countries in the World as Compared to GDP. In this article, you will read some description about these countries and their source of income.

10. Switzerland, GDP Per Capita – $56, 815

Switzerland is the Heaven on Earth, the most beautiful country which is the best tourist spot for its incredible beauty. Many people select this destination for their honeymoon trip because it is the best romantic place. The population of the country is almost 7.997 million. Everyone know about Swiss bank and many wealthiest people and companies have their accounts in this bank. Financial institutions and Swiss Banking are the backbones of its success.

9.The United States of America, GDP Per Capita – $57,045

The United States of America is the well-developed country which has the population over 310 million. America is one of the high country and richest as well. Washington DC is the capital of United States of America. The reason behind the success of America is its technological sector, biggest domestic automotive industry, and system of democracy which protects its intellectual property rights.

8.Hong Kong, GDP Per Capita – 57,676

Hong Kong is one of the best countries for business and mostly people visit this place for business. It has the population almost 7.155 million. A big number of tourist visit this place every year and spend a quality time with family and friends. So Tourist industry is one of the main reason behind its economic success

7. The United Arab Emirates, GDP Per Capita – $67,201

united-arab-emirates-gdpThe United Arab Emirates also included in the list of richest country in the world. The Abu Dhabi is the capital city of Dubai. The population of the United Arab Emirates is 9.2 million. Due to the oil reservoir, it has included in the list of richest country list. The United Arab Emirates has become tourist attraction place. Here is the biggest building in the world Burj Khalifa so everyone must visit this building when coming here.

6. Norway, GDP Per Capita – $67,619

norway-gdpNorway is one of the beautiful countries as well as richest which has population approximately 5.01 million. The capital of Norway is Oslo. Fishing, natural resources, and significant petroleum exploration make this country most productive. The interesting thing about Norway is is that Norway is the 3rd largest exporter of natural gas in the world, 8th largest exporter of crude oil, and 9th biggest of refined oil.

5. Kuwait, GDP (PPP) Per Capita – $71,600

kuwait-gdpKuwait is a small country and one of the richest country in the world. Kuwait has high valued currency in the world and currency name is dinar. Kuwait city is the capital of the country and it is the best place for some leisure club. According to 2012 survey, the population of the country was 3.25 million and Kuwait provides every facility of its citizen. The economic success of Kuwait is due to its oil reserves.

4. Brunei GDP Per Capita – $80,335

brunei-gdp-per-capitaBrunei is one of the wealthy country in the world and the capital of this country Bandar Seri Begawan. This secret of the economy success of Brunei is the foreign and domestic entrepreneurship, welfare measures, government regulation and village tradition. The exports of crude oil and natural gas support this country. It is the adorable country and every year many visitors visit here.

3. Singapore, GDP Per Capita – $84,821

singpore-gdpSingapore is the most attractive city and capital of Singapore city. It is the third richest country which has population 5.312 million. This luxurious city is the best place for spending vacations and leisure time. The greatest part of the income come from the tourism industry, besides of it chemical export industry, financial service sector, and its liberal economic policies are also a backbone of its economic success. Singapore has the second busiest port in the world and billions of goods export every year from this port.

2. Luxembourg, GDP (PPP) Per Capita – $94,167

luxembourg-gdpThe second richest country is Luxembourg and the capital is the Luxembourg city. The population of the country is 531,441 according to the survey of 2012. The financial sector, prudent fiscal policies, steel sectors, and dynamic industrial are the main reasons for the economic success. Banking is also one of the largest sectors of its economy.

1. Qatar, GDP (PPP) Per Capita – $146, 011

qatar-gdpQatar is at the top of the richest countries in the world. Qatar is the capital of Doha and currency name Riyal. According to 2012 survey, the population of this most prosperous nation was 2.051 million. It is a well-developed country, especially in oil exploration industry. The petroleum industry accounts for 70% of its government revenue, 85 % of its export earnings, and 60 % of its GDP. Due to its economic status, it has been selected as the host of the 2020 FIFA world cup.

List of Top 10 Richest Countries in the World and GDP

Sr. No Richest Countries in the World GDP Per Capita
1 Qatar $146, 011
2 Luxembourg $94,167
3 Singapore $84,821
4 Brunei $80,335
5 Kuwait $71,600
6 Norway $67,619
7 United Arab Emirates $67,201
8 Hong Kong $57,676
9 United States of America $57,045
10 Switzerland $56, 815



We find interesting information about top 10 richest countries in the world and reason behind increasing such wealth. We conclude that tourism industry is a big reason behind their economic success. Every year million of people visit these countries which provide them substantial revenue.