Top 10 Most Richest Families in the World 2016-2017


 family Rothschild Family is richest in the world which belongs to Germany, and their estimated net worth is $2 trillion. Wealth has made the primary need of everyone’s life. Today I will tell you top 10 most richest families in the world 206-2017. You would wonder to read their worth, and we will also say about their source of income. They all belong to the royal family, the owner of international finance, generations of entrepreneurs and also a candy maker are included. All these have wealth in billion dollars, but two families have in trillion. In these some families, women are an active head of the families. Riches families also use Most expensive Jewellery brands in the world.

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10. The Cox Family, United States

10 The Cox Family, United StatesThe Cox Family transformed government access into family wealth, so their estimated net worth is 34.5 billion dollars. James Middleton Cox worked two nonconsecutive plans one is Democratic governor of Ohio and other ran a failed campaign for president in 1920. After democracy, he built a media brand and now it is the house of Cox Enterprises and the Cox;s grandsons owned this company.

9. The Arnault Family, France

9 The Arnault Family, FranceThe Arnault Family is one of famous billionaire French family, and their worth is approximately 37.7 billion dollars. Bernard Arnault is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of these luxury brands like Moet Hennessy, Louis Vuitton, and LVMH. The family also has shares in Christian Dior and his two children Delphine and Antoine are also working in the company. Antoine is a CEO of Berluti, and his daughter is Chief executive at LVMH.

8. The Bettencourt Family, France

8 The Bettencourt Family, FranceEugene Schueller was a young French-German Chemist, who developed a hair dye formula in 1909. He developed a famous cosmetics brand L’Oreal. After his death, her daughter Liliane took care of the company. She is the wealthiest women in the world and estimated. Net worth is 42.7 billion dollars. Sher has suffered from dementia, so his daughter said she was unfit to lead the company that’s why now her grandson Jean-Victor take care the business.

7. The Cargill MacMillan Family, United States

7 The Cargill MacMillan Family, United StatesWilliam Wallace Cargill is the representative head of the family which established a Cargill Inc company in 1865. Cargill MacMillan Family has owned eighty-eight percent shares of the enterprise. It is called fourteen billionaires family and after his death in 1909 it divided among his four children. Their children have developed business in food, crops and trade commodities and their estimated net worth are 45 billion dollars.

6. The Slim Family, Mexico

6 The Slim Family, MexicoThe head is the Carlos Slim Helu, who is the owner a Grupo Financiero Inbursa. It is a stock exchange company which own by Carlos Slim and his sons. Carlos Slim consider the king of Mexico and his estimated net worth is 77.1 billion dollars. Beside his stock exchange company, he also owns a Mobile company America Movil. This mobile phone company is working across Latin America and has Rod in KPN of the Netherlands and Telekom Austria. The Slim family has run three nonprofit foundations in Mexico City, which are arts, education, and health care.

5. The Mars Family, United States

mars familyOne of the richest emblem in the United States which have worth almost 80 billion dollars. The Mars company make their fortune with a candy company. Mars, Inc is the biggest private candy company which established in 1920. The owner Franklin Mars founded the company, and his son Forrest added a Mars Bar and M&Ms. Their annual income of their business is over 27.5 billion dollars.

4. Koch Family, United States

4The head of family Fred Koch is an engineer, and he established a private company in 1940 which is called Koch Industries. It is the second largest private oil refining company in the whole world. This multinational corporation also deal with ranching commodity trading, chemicals, finance, fertilizer and household items. His sons Charles and David took care of the company, and they bought out Bill and Frederick in 1983. From last two decades, the company has dealt with some legal problems. In these troubled company has paid $30 million in fine. The estimated worth of the Koch family is $89 billion dollars, and both his son are CEO of the company.

3. Walton Family, United States

3Walton family is the third richest family with capitalist structure. The worth of Walton Family is 152 billion dollars, and Sam Walton built retail shopping empire over a short period. During the 1940s and early 1950s, he works hard on many store franchise. He opened first Walmart Store in July 1962 and after this, it is called Wa-Mart Discount City in Rogers, Arkansas. This family owns the Wal Mart Store Inc. The company has a largest non-government employer in the world almost 2.1 million employees were working in 2015.

2. House of Saud, Al Saud Family, Saudi Arabia

Abed RabboIt is second richest family in the world. The estimated net worth of Al Saud family is $1.4 trillion. They have ruled over the Saudi Arabia since 1700s, and the current government has been replacing in since 1932. The oil business is the primary business of Saudi Family, and they are also involved in Politics. From 2016 Al Saud family is headed by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud.

1. The Rothschild Family, Germany

Richest Families in the WorldThe Rothschild Family is the number one richest family of the world who have worth almost $2 trillion. From the 1700s The Rothschild is associated with International banking system. Mayer Rothschild is ahead of richest German Royal family and a favored assistant and finance manager. He started his work with a business which after developed into an art and real estate. His five sons were managed local business affairs in London, Naples, Paris, and Vienna, therefore, some people say their total net worth is $500 trillion, but this is not confirmed due to secret nature of the family. This Richest family have their personal motto which is Concordia Integrity Industria means “ Harmony, Integrity, Industry.”

List of Top 10 Most Richest Families in the World 2016-2017

Sr.No Most Richest Families Estimated Net Worth
1 The Rothschild Family, Germany $2 trillion
2 House of Saud, Al Saud Family, Saudi Arabia $1.4 trillion
3 Walton Family, United States $152 billion
4 Koch Family, United States $89 billion
5 The Mars Family, United States $80 billion
6 The Slim Family, Mexico $77.1 billion
7 The Cargill MacMillan Family, United States $45 billion
8 The Bettencourt Family, France $42.7 billion
9 The Arnault Family, France $37.7 billion
10 The Cox Family, United States $34.5 billion