Top 10 Most Richest Muslim Countries in the World


most-richest-muslim-country There are many different regions in the world. Most of the people follow Christianity but some countries in the world where 99% people follow Islam. There are many Muslim countries in the world which are the richest all over the world, but I will discuss top 10 richest Muslim countries. The Gulf State Qatar is the richest Muslim country in the world which has GDP per capita 93,714 USD.

Gross Domestic Product GDP measures the economic value, and these countries have different rates of GDP. The government of these richest countries made some rules and regulations for the better economy. Their economy depends on their agriculture, natural gas, lubricants, and infrastructure industries. The following top 10 are the most richest countries in the world. I hope you will enjoy this article if you want to know about their strongest economy.

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10. Malaysia – GDP 15,589 USD

It is the 10th richest Muslim country in the world which has GDP per capita 15,589 dollars. Malaysia is newly industrialized market economy and open state-oriented place. The motto of Malaysia is “Unity is Strength”. The population of this country is 28,334,135 and the currency name of Malaysia Ringgit. Malaysia is the exporter of Agricultural resources, and petroleum resources. These are two main income of this country, and tourism is the third largest source of Income. It is considered one of most developed in Asia due to its infrastructure.

9. Libya – GDP 16,855 USD

libya-gdpNinth Richest Muslim Country Libya has GDP per capita 16,855 dollars. Libya also keeps a large variety of oil reserves and produces highest petroleum production in the world. The economy of Libya depends on oil sectors.The population of Libya is 5,670,688 and Dinar are currency name of Libya. Libya is the 4th highest GDP per capita in Africa after Seychelles, Equatorial, Guinea, and Gabon.

8. Turkey – GDP 16,885 USD

turkey-gdpTurkey is also fastest growing country which has population 74,724,269. The currency name is Turkish Lira(TRY), it has GDP per capita 16,885 dollars. Tourism in Turkey is also fastest growing constitutes of the Country. Some other sectors of the economy are banking, construction, petrochemicals, oil refining, and automotive. In shipbuilding, Turkey is ranked 4th in the world after China, Japan, and South Korea.

7. Bahrain – GDP 23,690 USD

Bahrain is the 7th richest Muslim state which has a population about 1,234,571. Bahraini dinar is the currency of Bahrain, and its value is very high. In the Arab world, it is also fastest growing economy country and included its name in the City of London’s Global Financial Centers Index. The country fastest growing income is due to the oil reservoirs as well as petroleum is the most exported product in Bahrain.

6. Saudi Arabia – GDP 24,434 USD

saudia-arabia-gdpSaudi Arabia is most peaceful place in all over the world where every year millions of Muslims offer Hajj. Saudi Arabia has GDP per capita 24,434 dollars. It is a wealthy country with the reservoirs of oil. 95 percent of oil accounts exported and 70 percent of government revenues.

5. Oman – GDP 21,929 USD

Oman is also one of the richest countries which have GDP per capita 28,880 dollars. The population of Oman is 2,773,479, and Official currency name is Rial. Natural Gas reservoirs are the source of income of Oman. According to 2010 survey, the estimated production of oil was 816,000 barrels per day. The government provides job to its public, so they enjoy good living standards.

4. United Arab Emirates – 43,048 USD

united-arab-emiratesThe United Arab Emirates is one of the beautiful and richest country in the world. Abu Dhabi is the capital of UAE. Every year millions of people visit this beautiful place so tourism is also its source of income. The population of the country is 54,739,999 and rate of the economy per capita are 48,222 dollars. The primary sources of revenue are Natural gas, oil, dried fish, and dates.

3. Brunei – 50,506 USD

brunei-gdpBrunei is also called state of Brunei and Adobe of Peace, and the famous motto of Brunei is Always in service with God’s guidance. Bandar Seri Begawan is the capital of Brunei. Brunei is very rich due to its extensive petroleum and natural gas fields. The population is almost 415,817, and Brunei has GDP per capita of about 50,506 dollars. This third richest Muslim state is excellent in finance, and this is also the reason of its great economy.

2. Kuwait – GDP 54,197 USD

Kuwait is the second richest Muslim country in the world. The primary source of income of Kuwait is Oil reserves, and its economy is growing day by day due to this field. In other industries, shipping, construction, and financial services are included. The banking system is very developed in Kuwait, the National Bank of Kuwait is one of biggest bank in world and largest in Arab world

1. Qatar – GDP 93,714 USD

Richest Muslim Countries
Qatar is a richest Muslim country in the world which has the population about 1.7 million. The South border of the State of Qatar is connected with Saudi Arabia and located at West of Asia. Qatar is a fastest growing country, and its rapid growth is a result of production and exports of natural gas, oil, and petrochemicals. Another reason behind the strongest economy is its excellent educational system that’s why literacy rate id very small in Qatar. In 2022 Football World Cup, Qatar will be a host as well as also in 2020 Olympics Games.

List of Top 10 Most Richest Muslim Countries in the World

Sr. No Richest Muslim Countries
Economic Status GDP in USD
1 Qatar 93,714
2 Kuwait 54,197
3 Brunei 50,506
4 United Arab Emirates 48,222
5 Oman 28,880
6 Saudi Arabia 24,434
7 Bahrain 23,690
8 Turkey 16,885
9 Libya 16,855
10 Malaysia 15,589



We conclude from the article the main source of income of these richest Muslim countries are Oil and natural gas reservoirs. The government of these countries makes some rules and regulations for their economic betterment, and I think it is very necessary and best step. Export of reservoirs also makes the strong economy of the country.